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Trade Reference Form Template

Simplify Your Credit Assessment Process with the Trade Reference Form Template

Simplify Your Credit Assessment Process with the Trade Reference Form Template


Use Cases: Trade Reference Form Template


Credit Assessment

When a business is considering extending credit to another company or individual, this form can be used to assess the creditworthiness of the potential borrower. The form can include sections for the applicant to provide references from their trade partners, such as suppliers, clients, or other creditors, and gather data on the applicant’s financial stability. It can also include signature and agreement questions to ensure compliance with their requirements and regulations.

Vendor Selection

Businesses that work with multiple vendors or suppliers can use this form to evaluate potential vendors. When establishing contact with a new provider, they can fill this out in the first order of business. They can collect references from the vendor’s previous clients or partners, assess the quality of the vendor’s products or services, as well as their reliability and payment history, and then analyze this information using advanced analytics features.

Loan Application

Financial institutions and lenders can use this form as part of the loan application process. Borrowers can provide references from their business associates, such as suppliers, customers, or business partners, to demonstrate their ability to meet their financial obligations. Lenders can then use this information to make more informed decisions about approving or denying loan applications. Borrowers can even apply for loans using this form on the go.

Risk Mitigation

For businesses looking to minimize the risk associated with lending money or extending credit, this form can be a valuable risk assessment tool. By analyzing the information provided, businesses can identify potential red flags or areas of concern. This will help them make informed decisions about the terms and conditions of the lending arrangement, such as credit limits, interest rates, or collateral requirements.


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White Label Form

Customize this trade reference template with our builder the way you want. Change background colors, add your logo, customize the form content, and do much more. Use our advanced CSS editor to code your own background. With our custom URL feature, you can get the URL you want. When you share it with anyone, they trust you easily.

Multilingual Support

Create one form and use it across the globe. The platform supports more than 70 languages. And, you can use Google Translate to auto-translate the form in the language of your choice.

Upload Documents

Use our upload document question type to collect the necessary forms needed to maintain trade reference records. Respondents can just drag and drop the documents and you can download them directly from the dashboard.

Multiple Sharing Options

Different types of sharing options give flexibility and widen the usability of the form. You can directly share the URL, QR code, or embed it in an email, or webpage, or SMS share. You can choose the most efficient sharing option based on your needs.

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