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Disaster Recovery Plan Questionnaire

This disaster recovery plan questionnaire can be used by companies to know the level of preparedness for recovering from unexpected disasters caused by naturally, technological failures, and human-caused incidents. The questionnaire is usually filled out by IT managers and department heads.

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Features of this Disaster Recovery Plan Questionnaire

Build a full proof recovery plan using this disaster recovery questionnaire

Benefits of this disaster recovery plan questionnaire template

Streamlined Data Collection & Management

With multiple sharing options, all the data collected from different channels will be accessible through the dashboard. You can use filters to find the data you want. When you conduct disaster recovery assessments over time, you can also see the trends through charts and graphs. You can export the responses and use them in other tools as well.

Automatic Reminders

Not everyone is interested in filling out questionnaires. Configure automatic reminders for those who have either completed the questionnaire partially, or those who have not even started. Sending reminders ensures that you get better completion rates for your questionnaire, and hence get more data on disaster recovery management.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate SurveySparrow with other tools and platforms (like CRM systems, data analysis tools, etc.), allowing for seamless data flow and management. This integration is beneficial for aligning the disaster recovery planning process with other business continuity strategies within the organization.

GDPR & HIPAA Compliance

Given the sensitive nature of data involved in disaster recovery planning, SurveySparrow ensures that the data collected through surveys is managed securely, adhering to compliance standards. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of disaster recovery plans.

How to use this template?

Step 1: Customize

Click on “Use this template” and sign up for a free account with SurveySparrow. Once your account is set up, the disaster recovery plan questionnaire template will open in the builder. Utilize the builder’s features to tailor the questionnaire to your organization's specific needs. You can edit the text, add or remove questions, and alter the design to suit your preferences.

Step 2: Integrate

SurveySparrow offers connectivity with over 20 tools and applications, enhancing your workflow management. For example, you can link the questionnaire to Google Sheets to automatically collect responses in a spreadsheet. This integration can be accessed and set up directly from the integration tab. Select the appropriate tools for your needs and connect them to streamline your data collection process.

Step 3: Share

Once your questionnaire is ready, leverage SurveySparrow’s multiple sharing options to distribute it. You can share your questionnaire via email, SMS, WhatsApp, QR code, or a direct link. Each sharing method allows you to monitor and track the responses through SurveySparrow’s dashboard.

Using these steps, you can efficiently create and manage a disaster recovery plan questionnaire that helps prepare your organization for potential disruptions.

Sample Disaster Recovery Questions

  1. What are the critical IT assets and infrastructure in your organization?
  2. How frequently are backup processes tested?
  3. What types of natural disasters is your organization most at risk for based on its geographic location?
  4. Are there any recent changes in your IT environment that might introduce new vulnerabilities?
  5. What are your organization’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)?
  6. How do these objectives align with the criticality of different business functions?
  7. Do you have a formalized IT disaster recovery plan documented?
  8. Who are the key personnel involved in disaster recovery, and what are their responsibilities?
  9. What is your communication plan in the event of a disaster?
  10. How will you communicate with employees, stakeholders, and customers during a disaster?
  11. How often is disaster recovery training provided to relevant staff?
  12. Are employees aware of their roles in the disaster recovery process?
  13. When was the last time you conducted a full-scale disaster recovery drill?
  14. What were the learnings from the most recent disaster recovery test?
  15. Do you rely on any third-party services for your disaster recovery plan?
  16. How do you assess the reliability and effectiveness of these third-party services?
  17. Does your disaster recovery plan comply with industry regulations and standards?
  18. Are there legal or regulatory implications for your data recovery and backup processes?
  19. How do you gather feedback on the effectiveness of the disaster recovery process
  20. What mechanisms are in place to update and improve the disaster recovery plan based on feedback?

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