Features of Art Commission Form Template

More Features of Art Commission Form Template

As an agency who’s into art commissioning, must ensure that their Art Commission Form is creative and beautiful. And to make sure that you live up to the expectations, we’ve equipped this template with innumerable features. Keep reading to know more about the features.

Accept Payments

While accepting requests, accept payments in one go! That’s right. This Art Commission Order Form allows you to accept payments easily with Stripe integration. All your transactions are done using highly secured connections, thus making the entire process safe. Apart from that, this feature allows you to send payment reminders to the clients who missed it.

White-Labeled Form

Own your form as much as you own your brand. White-label your form to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. A form with your logo, brand colors, brand images and even an URL that belongs to you ensures that your clients feel comfortable and secured. And this form template allows you to do it all!

Embedded Form

This commission request form can easily be embedded on your website or emails. Turn on the inline embed feature to place your form anywhere on your website and emails. All you need to do is, generate the code, copy and paste it. Yes! It is that simple. The other technicalities are taken care by us.

Personalized Form

Connect with your clients better. Use customized parameters, variables and expressions to personalize your form. The piping feature lets you add the answer to a previous question in your current question.

Library of Question Types

Apart from the payment question type, this form is loaded with multiple other types of questions – multiple choice, date type, email, contact form and many more. Use the most appropriate type of question based on the answer you’re looking for from your client. This would reduce the time and effort required for filling up the form.

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