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Online Surveys - An Overview

Online surveys or web surveys are popular data collection tools that help organizations collect inputs from their customers and employees. The data so collected is then studied by experts to gather crucial insights and get a comprehensive idea. The insights can be as simple as a tiny feature enhancement in an existing product, gauging the viability of an upcoming product or service, or significant as arriving at important business decisions like the improvements companies should make to reduce their employee attrition numbers. So what makes Online Surveys so popular? Attribute it to the convenience and low cost involved in creating, distributing, and collecting data using online surveys. Well then, let’s dig a little deeper and understand the real power of online surveys starting from the basics, of course!

Online Surveys- Beginner’s Guide

What are Online Surveys?

What are the types of Online Surveys?

How to create an Online Survey?

What are the advantages of Online Surveys?

Online Surveys Vs. Offline Surveys

Online Surveys - A sample

Online Surveys FAQs

What are Online Surveys?

Online Surveys are structured questionnaires used to collect data from a target audience for a specific purpose. Online Surveys can either be embedded on a company’s website as a web form or sent as a web link in an email. The data gathered from the respondents is stored in a database and can be retrieved anytime as reports for further analysis.

Since the creation, distribution, and data collection happens on the internet, online surveys are both cost-effective and highly flexible survey options.

What are the different types of Online Surveys?

Online Surveys fall into six major categories based on the purpose they are created for. For ease of understanding, we have classified them into 6 broad types:

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys: Helps analyze how likely is it for your product/service to be recommended by an existing customer. NPS gives an idea about customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: CSAT is used to measure customer satisfaction levels about a product/service, what improvements would make them happy, and better understand customers expectations.

Market Research Surveys: Gauge the market trends and analyze the viability of a product/service. Generally done before launching a product in the target market.

Post-Event Surveys: Used by event organizers to instantly measure the success/failure of an event or conference based on the attendee feedback.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Helps the HR team to engage better with their employees, measure employee pulse, get 360 feedback reviews in order to keep them satisfied & happy.

Academic Research Surveys: Employed by high school and grad students to support and validate their research/thesis with real-world, primary data.

The different types of Online Surveys.

How to create Online Surveys from scratch?

Creating online surveys is quite simple. You don’t need a Harry Potter wand to pull it off, nice and fine. There are innumerable tools available in the market that’ll help you create great online surveys from scratch. And the steps involved to create these online surveys remains the same, irrespective of the tool you decide to employ. So here you go with the basic framework to create online surveys!

Outline the objective of your feedback collection and create online surveys.
Step 1:

Identify and outline the goal of your Online Survey neatly

Identify your target audience to share online surveys.
Step 2:

Narrow-down on your Target Group or Survey Sample Set

Choose the finest online survey software with best features.
Step 4:

Choose an online survey software that fits your requirements

List the questions and create your online surveys.
Step 3:

Make a list of questions you want to ask your Target Audience

Create engaging online surveys and collect important feedback.
Step 5:

Create the online survey easily using the survey software

Share online surveys with your target audience via different channels.
Step 6:

Distribute the created online survey by sharing with TG

Steps to create Online Surveys

Congrats! You just learned how to create Online Surveys from scratch. Once your respondents answer to your survey questions, the data will get collected in the tool’s online database. You can access this in the form of reports for deep-dive analysis and to draw conclusions.

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What are the advantages of Online Surveys?

Online Surveys come with an array of advantages, the most impressive being their ease of use. Not only are online surveys easy to create, but are simple to distribute, and collect feedback as well. So here are eight key advantages that are typical to online surveys:

Quickly create online surveys that gathers data and feedback for you easily.
Quick creation

Once you have zeroed in on your survey objective, creating your online survey is pretty straightforward. Frame the questions, identify your target audience, and stitch them all together using an online survey tool.

Online surveys are easy to distribute across different channels to your target audience.
Effortless distribution

Online Surveys are easy to make and even easier to distribute. You can either share the link to the survey with your survey participants via email & social channels or embed the survey on your website to get visitor feedback. Simple, isn’t it?

Analyze the online survey data easily and gain rich insights.
Easy analysis

When you use online surveys to do your research, all the data gets collected in your survey software’s database. Most survey makers offer at least the basic reporting that’ll represent the collected data as easily understandable charts or tables, making your survey analysis breezy!

Online surveys are convenient and respondent-friendly.

Online surveys are time & place independent; respondents have the convenience to answer the survey when and where they prefer. A step further, online surveys offer anonymity to their respondents, making it all the more enticing to provide honest feedback in addition to improved survey completion rates.

Online surveys are very flexible to design and convenient data collection method.
Super flexible

Web-based surveys offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of design. You can tailor-make your surveys based on your specific research requirements and include multimedia components like images, audio, video, etc., and make them suitable for desktops, tablets & mobiles. Furthermore, you can make use of skip-logic and conditional branching options to make a particular subset of your Target Audience to give their feedback, when they meet specific criteria. Sounds like a real-time A/B testing? Yes, it is!

Online surveys are affordable, cost-effective alternative compared to other survey methods.
Highly cost-effective

If there’s one thing that has convinced businesses to move from traditional survey methods to online surveys, it is the cost factor. Online surveys need no paper, no printing, no telephone calls or even no travel requirements of the surveying personnel. These significantly cut down all the cost overheads.

Online surveys help you save a lot of time and brings data instantly.

Online surveys save a lot of time- yours as well as that of the survey respondents. Since all survey modules are integrated into a unified platform, the survey making and survey taking experience becomes quick and less effort-intensive.

Online surveys offer a smooth feedback collection experience.
Zero Mess

When it comes to traditional surveys, you can picture a big bunch of paper questionnaires strewn all over your desk, either to be discarded or to be stored safely in the document room. Online surveys help you to let go of all this mess by storing data in a secure online database. Go green with confidence!

Online Surveys Vs. Traditional Surveys - Which one is better?

Even before the advent of the internet, companies/brands surveyed their customers from time-to-time. They used paper, mail, in-person interview, and telephones as a survey medium. Most companies have migrated to Online Surveys- thanks to all the advantages it offers!

On the contrary, some companies are still stuck to this traditional surveying practice. Some of these corporations have conjured a list of advantages that traditional surveys offer them such as the ability to,

  • Survey non-tech savvy participants
  • Use of trained, professional interviewers
  • Read the sentiments of the survey respondent with their facial expressions
  • Random sampling options like picking up people from a mall, and the likes.

However, one can see that the advantages of online surveys clearly outrun these so-called disadvantages!

How are online surveys different from offline surveys? Find out.

Online Surveys - A sample

We’ve discussed quite a bit about Online Surveys. How about seeing an example now? Here’s a simple online survey we’ve created to help you get a hang of everything we’ve discussed so far. Sounds interesting? Try it on!



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Online Survey- FAQs

There quite a few tools that can help you to create Online Surveys. SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, SurveySparrow & GoogleForms are some of the most popular platforms used, to name a few.
Embedding an online survey on a website is quite simple. Once you complete the setup on your survey platform, you can generate the embed code and simply copy-paste it into the tag of your website code.
Conversational surveys give your target audience an improved survey experience. With a chat-like interface, the entire experience is just like having a conversation with another person, attributing to higher survey completion rates.
If the survey platform you are using, allows you to store the online surveys you’ve created, you can reuse them as and when needed. If you are using SurveySparrow, you can make use of our recurring surveys feature to schedule surveys, periodically. Click here to learn more on Recurring Surveys.
Most Online Survey software complies with the GDPR. That said, it becomes absolutely mandatory for Saas providers to protect your data including the feedback collected by your Online Surveys. You can refer their GDPR compliance document for more details. Here’s ours!

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