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What is an Online Panel

In recent times, for any business, big or small, the core strategy for success has been listening to the voice of their customers. The need to place customers at the center of all efforts and strategy, has risen from the fact that they make or break your brand. Turning away when customers voice their opinions is the quickest and easiest way for a brand or organization to taste failure- a pretty miserable one!

And so comes the need for a streamlined, disciplined approach to collecting feedback.

This is where Online Panel finds significance!

Online Panel is a collection of qualified people who are willing to participate in surveys and provide feedback for a product or service. Online panel audience is pre-screened and profiled according to the nature of the survey. And this panel play a pivotal role in research purposes- market research to be the most obvious and direct case.

Online Panel also goes by other names such as a customer advisory panel, proprietary panel or an online research panel.

Not sure what an Online Panel is? Here's everything you would like to know about an Online Panel.

Types of Online Panels

One can broadly categorize the types of Online Panels as:

1. B2B Online Panel

As businesses evolve and look to expand into new territories and increase their foothold in existing markets, they rely on data, which empowers them into that decision-making. This includes an online panel of business owners, business decision makers, and professionals who can provide highly accurate and intricate responses. This business to business online panel comprises of all segments- industries and job roles across geographies.

A B2B or a business-to-business online panel can often provide crucial insights into complex products or services across various sectors in the industry. Such an online panel would involve professionals like IT Decision Makers, HR Decision Makers., Financial Analysts, Executives and Small Business owners which makes it challenging. Thus B2B online panel audience recruited from blue-chip sources helps you to keep up with the current business dynamics worldwide, constantly.

2. B2C Online Panel

B2C or Business to Consumer online panels, on the other hand, target consumers or end users for feedback about a product or service. This revolves around a wide range of industries like Automobile, Home Decor, Travel & Leisure, Electronics, Hotel, Entertainment, etc., This type provides direct contact between businesses and their consumers and is mainly intended for making better decisions to improve brand performance.

What an Online Panel can Help you Achieve

The contribution of an online panel can provide on a business’s path to success is multifold. While companies may invest significantly to listen to their customers, most often they are unable to reach out to the right audience and get accurate insights. This is indeed a tough nut to crack- but not with the entry of online panel!

1. Provides the right audience for feedback

Identifying and picking out your target audience is crucial to fetch the correct data. Choose your audience by profiling them based on demographics like Age, Gender, Location, Ethnicity, Income, Employment, and so on. The audience is pre-screened and profiled according to the nature of your survey.

2. Obtain the desired insights fast and efficiently

An Online Panel helps identify the gap between what you provide and what the audience wants. Ask the right audience, gather accurate data. Obtain valuable insights to steer the course for brand strategies and improvement.

3. Access to pre-screened and qualified members

With an online panel, you get access to an audience who is a perfect fit for what you seek. Such panels specifically resemble the target audience for your product or service and can fetch you invaluable data.

4. Get hold of clean and accurate data

When you ask the right questions to the right people, you are bound to have the best answers in hand. In these instances, it isn’t the raw data you have in-hand, but rather refined information. Send out clean and crisp surveys which can extract pertinent data from your target audience. Questions to the point fetch answers to the point. Accurate data will give you real-time insights about market trends, consumer requirements, and customer trends.

5. Better decision-making

With refined information comes inestimable insights that can change the very fundamentals of your decision-making process. Identifying your strengths and locating blind-spots becomes a simple walk in the park. Thus discover how well your brand is faring in the market with a suitable online panel audience and what can be done to make your product bigger and better!

A great online panel enables researchers to confidently reach out to the right people for authentic survey results.

Is an Online Panel really helpful? Here's a list of advantages an Online Panel comes with.

How Online Panel Aids Your Market Research

Market research through multiple channels has become a vital aspect for companies. It has become easy, cheap and accurate with the help of technology and innovation. You can identify the gap between what you provide and what the audience wants!

A market research survey can be deemed successful only if the end-results, i.e., the study data provides the intended insights. The best way to ensure is by an online panel. An online panel consists of panelists who are extensively profiled which allows you to reach the right audience quickly.

Let’s see how market research can be executed flawlessly with the help of an online panel.

1. Understand and study the project thoroughly

Identify the key objective of the survey and the nature of the data to be collected.

2. Choose the required audience with an online panel

Choosing the right audience can be specified using online panel by profiling them based on demographics like age, gender, location, ethnicity, and employment.

3. Create surveys that capture the maximum data points

Ensure that you create a survey which has rating questions to measure expectation, satisfaction, overall experience, etc.

4. Analysis of Results

Ensure the data can be analyzed at various touch-points. Charts, cross-tabs, filters would help to interpret data which will help drive decisions.

Why SurveySparrow’s Online Panel is a Must-have!

1. Conversational Interface

A conversational experience helps to achieve an amazing response rate as taking surveys isn't dull anymore; 40% higher completion rates to be precise. So picture the combination of higher survey completion with the right audience or respondents. It can’t get any better, isn’t it?

2. Custom Panel Profiling

Partnering with brands that directly engage with business decision makers, your company can stay "current" with business dynamics in the ever-changing market. To deliver higher quality panelists for research needs, we are continually adding more partners to our reach. We partner with airline frequent flyer programs, business forums, loyalty programs, business travel resources, professional organizations and business portals to curate a validated, responsive and relevant sample across the globe. Our extensive profile covers business roles, business types, employee sizes across various industry verticals, business revenues, locations, job titles, years in business, years in the role etc,

3. Across 80 Countries

The audience of SurveySparrow’s online panel isn’t restricted only to a single country or a continent. The reach is spread far and wide, across 80 countries around the globe!

This opens gates for companies to reach out to customers of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and preferences and the insights gained thus would be inestimable!

4. Support

A roadblock, a query, a nod of approval or a frown. We are there for you through and through! A lazy Sunday or an excited Friday, our support is always present round the clock and throughout the year! So try out our online panel at once!

5. Swift and Efficient

Gain access to the right audience with SurveySparrow’s online panel. Apt questions and the right audience are jigsaw pieces which fit to give a pretty picture of valuable insights. So solve your puzzle without pondering much!

So now you have seen why an online panel is a must have when it comes to collecting feedback. Why don’t you have a tour with SurveySparrow and use our Online Panel without further ado!

We are sure you’ll be a part of our family in no time at all! Meanwhile, why don't you try out our free market research template to get started?

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