Offline Surveys

A faltering internet connection hindering your data collection? Hello, Offline Surveys!

Offline Surveys Life Cycle

Create striking offline surveys.

Build engaging, conversational offline surveys to get quality responses

Effortlessly gather data with offline surveys.

Easily collect survey data even in the absence of internet connection

Analyze the data collected with offline surveys efficiently.

Slice and dice the data collected & gain in-depth insights

Plan and implement clever strategies based on the data.

Develop and execute actionable plans with the survey insights

What are Offline Surveys?

With the tech-age, the world has seen impressive changes and giant leaps across different domains that have made data collection efficient, swift, and cost-effective. Online surveys have, undoubtedly, changed the very fundamentals of collecting data from an audience. That being said, people generally avoid taking a survey. Imagine collecting in-person feedback from your audience when your internet connection is unstable and oscillating? Disappointment is all that will be stable there. In such cases, what you need are offline surveys. They come with the features offered by online surveys along with an added benefit- you don’t need an active internet connection.

Like a paper questionnaire, they can be taken anywhere around the globe, and all you need is a device, like a tablet. Hand it over to your respondents, let them fill it up, and you have instant data in-hand. You can employ offline surveys for:

Capturing lead info

Offline surveys are pivotal in getting and storing contact info from potential customers. Don’t miss out a single lead because you didn’t have a functioning internet connection!

Research work

Wish to get some info from a target group regarding a product or service? Set out with stunning offline surveys on your mobile device!


The primary use of offline surveys; gather feedback from customers about the experience they had after using your product or interacting with the brand.

What are the benefits of Offline Surveys?

Offline surveys come with plenty of benefits that makes it a powerful tool for data collection.

Excellent responses

Say you are collecting feedback about an event, or the dining experience the guests had at a restaurant. The best time to gather feedback is when the experience is fresh in the minds of the audience. Employing offline surveys help to collect the feedback, right away. As a result you can easily get responses that are honest & accurate.

Higher number of responses

Offline surveys combine the characteristics of online surveys along with in-person interviews. The latter helps to collect a high number of quality responses. For example, intercept surveys are conducted in malls and shopping complexes which helps to gauge the customer experience shopping with a product. Here surveyors directly approach the clients and ask for a quick review using offline surveys.

Deeper understanding

With offline surveys, you can not only get feedback instantly but also know more about your customers. The very nature of offline surveys involve interacting with people, and this goes a long way in uncovering customer satisfaction, expectations, and aspirations.

Behavioral study

Offline surveys provide the opportunity to grasp customer reactions to a product/service they just experienced. This not only helps you get accurate data but validate the responses based on their reactions!

What are the hacks to ensure the success of Offline Surveys?

Drafting up offline surveys may not be a mountain of a task; creating one that brings more than the desired results requires some clever hacks.

Capture the attention of your audience by creating stunning offline surveys.
Conversational surveys spike the completion rates
Design Visually-striking Surveys

Grab eyeballs with your offline surveys. Don’t make your customers hit the snooze button or frown their brows because of dreary offline surveys. If you wish to get quality responses and high completion rates, ensure that your offline surveys are visually stunning. Design surveys that reflect your brand persona and don’t forget to include multi-media components like GIFs, images, audios, short videos which make it engaging and interactive.

Pose only relevant questions to your audience in your offline surveys and skip the rest.
Use logic branching feature to ask what's relevant
Smart Surveys

Asking the wrong set of questions to the right people? That’s one of the biggest faux pas in the data collection world. When you pose irrelevant questions to your audience, it induces survey fatigue and a fair share of annoyance. Consequently, this leads to survey abandonment and low response rates. With features like conditional logic branching, the previous response given by the respondent decides the flow of the survey. What's irrelevant is not displayed thereby making your offline surveys smart.

Ensure that your offline surveys are precise, crisp, and not long.
Keep surveys short, crisp, and to-the-point
Keep it Short & Crisp

Offline surveys, online surveys, paper questionnaires, or any survey for that matter must contain only what’s essential and should be short & crisp. Nobody looks forward to a survey that stretches on and on. When you keep your offline surveys compact, you can expect higher response rates coupled with quality responses. This can be achieved by pitching in diverse question types that ensure your surveys get the right blend of open & closed-ended questions.

The key to a successful data collection is efficient follow-up with emails.
Engage and follow-up with audience using emails
Efficient Follow-up

Very often, the enthusiasm for data collection dies down after getting the feedback in hand. The whole process becomes worthwhile only if you take actionable measures based on the analysis. Brand enhancement and service improvement is a process that evolves continuously and needs proper follow-ups with your audience. Ensure you thank the audience for taking your offline surveys and follow-up with emails.

Where all can you use Offline Surveys?

There are a variety of use-cases where offline surveys find excellent placement.

Hotels & restaurants

Offline surveys hit the ball out of the park when it comes to collecting dining feedback from the guests at your restaurants. You can hand over the tablet to them once they finish the meal and request for quick feedback. A restaurant feedback offline survey helps to gain crucial feedback about the overall dining experience a restaurant provides.

Remote surveys

Offline surveys play a crucial role when it comes to remote data collection. For example, while conducting remote medical camps, a viable internet connection or Wi-Fi may not be available. In these cases, the feedback collection process must not face a hindrance due to the absence of the Internet. Take the mobile device, enter the patient details in your offline survey forms, and efficiently carry out the processes.

Intercept surveys

The name may not be familiar, but the process most certainly is. Haven’t you observed surveyors present outside shopping outlets and malls with a mobile device, asking for feedback? These are intercept surveys where a surveyor approaches the customers, who just had an interaction with a brand, and asks about the overall experience they had. The experience customers had is still fresh in their minds, and this helps to get accurate responses for your offline surveys.

Event surveys

Do you wish to know about the experience participants had at the event? Well, with offline surveys, you can quickly get the live feedback from the audience directly. The interaction will additionally help you understand the ways to make your event even better the next time around.

Market Research

Sizing up your target market and the target audience is always wise before introducing a new product. Useful market research not only helps you gather in-depth information about the target market, but brings to you crucial information to predict the success of a new product, or even improve an existing one. Conduct flawless market research via offline surveys and gauge the behavior traits of the target group as well.

Offline Surveys: Challenges to Overcome

Even though offline surveys combine the features of online surveys and not needing to be ‘online,’ there are still challenges to it. Offline surveys tend to be time-consuming since it involves approaching the customers directly and asking their feedback. Above all, to get the best feedback, you need to employ surveyors that are skilled and trained on how best to conduct offline surveys.

Craft The Best Offline Surveys With SurveySparrow

There are plenty of offline survey apps and tools available in the market. However, give careful consideration when you round in to make sure your surveys taste phenomenal success. Find out how SurveySparrow can help you build stellar offline surveys and elevate your data collection process.

Conversational Surveys

Tired of boring surveys? So are we! Thus with SurveySparrow, one doesn’t interrogate their audience, rather converse with them. Also, it doesn't stop there. SurveySparrow is the world’s first dual-UI platform that offers two interfaces- chat-like surveys & conversational forms. Engage with your audience like never before using the SurveySparrow’s offline survey app.

Survey Themes

The design of your offline surveys is entirely in your hands. Striking surveys help to grab the attention of your users and remove survey fatigue out of the equation. With the right offline survey software like SurveySparrow, craft surveys effortlessly that reflect your brand’s persona and image. You can browse through our themes gallery or let your imagination take the reins and create your own!

Abundant Question Types

The offline survey software you choose must offer a range of various question types so that the surveys contain the right blend of both closed and open-ended questions. With diverse types like matrix grid and rank order, you can collect more information from your users without making the surveys long.

Strong Reporting System

SurveySparrow is not just about creating engaging surveys. It makes the process of data collection meaningful by analyzing the data to yield profound insights. Gain new perspectives, get a 360-degree view, and take actions to attain the purpose of conducting the survey.

Templates Collection

SurveySparrow comes with a rich repository of the most sought-after templates across diverse domains. Be it market research, customer feedback, event feedback, or employee engagement; we’ve got it for you! Have a look around, pick your template and start instantly!

Offline surveys are a godsend when your internet connection leaves your side while collecting crucial data. Grab the right offline survey app like SurveySparrow and get started with your data gathering in no time!

Happy Data Collection!

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