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Think data collection is a tough row to hoe? Not with our Mobile Data Collection Tool!

Set clear objectives for mobile data collection.

Set clear objectives & expectations for mobile data collection

share questionnaires and collect data using mobile data collection.

With offline surveys, efficiently collect data even in the absence of Internet

Study the results of mobile data collection and get insights.

Analyze the data collected to gain rich insights and new perspectives

Execute actionable measures based on the insights drawn.

Take actionable measures using the insights drawn and make amends

What Is Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection or MDC, is the method of collecting data by using mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. The input, both qualitative & quantitative are compiled, and the data is analyzed and evaluated to achieve the desired outcomes. The tech-age has propelled the digital modes of data collection and these come with a plethora of advantages. Be it speed of collection process or quality of responses received, gathering data digitally has upped the game of feedback and data accumulation. With multi-device compatible surveys, all that one needs is a mobile device to collect data from potential customers and target audience with ease.

Is Mobile Data Collection Crucial

Data collection via traditional methods like paper forms and postal surveys are inherently time-consuming. Couple this with the difficulty of transcribing the results into a PC or system. Let’s not think about the error factors involved and the overall inefficiency associated with it. The value of data in business is unparalleled. Knowing precisely what your customers want helps to cleanse out of general ideas & gut assumptions and deliver what’s expected. Mobile data collection helps a business venture out directly into the field and collect data from the customers. As smartphone revolution sweeps the world, mobile applications are growing in staggering numbers making them a smart choice for business to know their customers more. Not only is employing mobile devices for data collection a convenient option, but it paves the way to interact with customers. With better interactions comes better engagements; with better engagements come better opportunities for the business to course in the right direction.

With a great mobile data collection tool, you can gather data real-time, instantly. All that you require is a mobile device with a smartly crafted questionnaire to get the best responses from your audience. These responses can be collated effortlessly, drilled-down, and analyzed.

Proven Techniques To Make Mobile Data Collection A Success

The success of any mobile data collection process involves laying out a clear blueprint first and executing it step-by-step diligently. We have curated a precise set of techniques that’ll bring you wowsome results and make your mobile data collection a hit! The first and an important step is to identify the purpose of data collection. Is it to gather feedback about a product/service from customers? Or is it to get some research inputs to find out the expectations and requirements of customers? Set clear purposes will help you get laser-focused data in hand.

Craft engaging surveys to collect data easily.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Draft Engaging Questionnaires

Once you finalize the objective, the next step is to draft the survey questionnaire using which customers give you valuable data. Ensure that you round-in on a mobile data collection tool that lets you create interactive surveys to engage better with the audience. Make visually-stunning surveys so that it captures the attention of the audience and include relevant fields and precise questions to get quality responses. Pose only what’s important, keep it short & crisp.

Opt for mobile data collection tools that helps you get data both online and offline.
Collect data, both online and offline
Online or Offline Surveys

Ensure that the mobile data collection tool you round-in on offers both online surveys and offline surveys. What if your data collection takes place in a remote location or a place where there’s no wifi or a weak internet connection? Offline surveys come to the rescue in such scenarios. Multi-device compatible surveys are the game-changers of mobile data collection. Just hop-on the data collection train with only a mobile device and your work is done!

Slice and dice data and gather new perspectives and insights.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Collect Data, Gather Insights

The mobile data collection tool you employ must come with a robust reporting module that’s capable of handling data with finesse. The data collected is useful only if you can gather powerful insights that can be game-changing for any business. With advanced filters, detailed reports, graphs, and the likes extract valuable insights and refine raw data into useful information. Gain new perspectives and identify blind spots with the results of mobile data collection.

Take measures based on the insights drawn and engage with your customers using follow-up emails.
Follow-up and engage with your audience
Act on the Data, Follow-up

The purpose of collecting data is pointless if you are unable to gather useful insights from it. Thus one must ensure that the appropriate course of action is taken based on the insights yielded by the survey results. If it’s feedback you have collected, work on the improvements and make your product or service better. Irrespective of the nature of the data collected, follow-up with your audience and thank them for their cooperation and valuable inputs.

How Can SurveySparrow Help You With Mobile Data Collection

Like it has been elucidated, mobile data collection comes with a host of advantages like ease of collection, quality of data, the flexibility offered, and more. Thus it makes a smart choice of businesses to find out what their customers think & expect from them. Having a great mobile data collection tool goes a long way in ensuring your endeavor brings nothing but results- SurveySparrow is one such tool. Ask us how? Have a look:

Multi-UI Platform

One interface is great- but what about two? SurveySparrow offers not just one but dual interfaces for users. With chat-like surveys and conversational forms, you can engage with the audience better, and the very nature of conversational surveys spike the survey completion rates. Bag the world’s first multi-UI platform as your mobile data collection tool.

Survey Themes

What if we tell you your imagination is the limit when it comes to designing your surveys? With survey themes, that’s precisely the case. The conceptualization and design of your surveys are entirely up to you! You can opt for a theme from our rich collection or go ahead to make one of your own. Make your mobile data collection successful with stunning surveys.

Third-party App Integrations

SurveySparrow offers a seamless third-party integration using webhooks and Zapier integration to help you connect with the apps you use every day. Collect the data, gain valuable insights, and movie it across different applications with ease. This is one mobile data collection tool that blends anywhere you place us!

Templates Collection

Be it market research, customer feedback, or event feedback, SurveySparrow has a rich mine of the most popular survey templates to get you started in absolutely no time. Why spend time hunting and figuring out the right questions? Leave that to us! Just browse and take your pick from our templates gallery.

Attain Rich Insights

Once you collect the data, SurveySparrow helps you analyze it at the granular level using the rich reporting system in place. Equipped with detailed reports & advanced filters, rest assured it is a breezy task to turn crude data into polished information.

Variety Of Question Types

The questions that go in your survey is equally important as the look and feel of it. Strike a balance between open-ended and closed-ended questions and make your surveys interesting. With SurveySparrow’s mobile data collection tool, you can choose from a bunch of diverse question types, from simple MCQ, star rating, opinion rating to complex matrix type, rank order and the likes.

Are you ready to get started with mobile data collection using SurveySparrow? Hit the sign-up button, draft your surveys, and get on the field, right away!

Happy Data Collection!

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