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Market Research Software: Today’s Data Silos

Market Research Software is the key essential to make informed business decisions. Ask us why- ever heard of Odeo? No? Alright, how about Twitter? Oh yes, isn’t it! Twitter was previously known as Odeo before its founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone decided to pivot from being a platform to create, browse, and share podcasts to a back-to-the-basics feed of information, with a renewed emphasis on news.

Another interesting trivia is that the immense success of Twitter is a result of well-laid out market research. From dodging the blunder of venturing out into the podcast space ruled by Apple to learning from existing social networks like Facebook about customer dissatisfaction, they left no stone unturned to release a product that would soon enough become a sensation worldwide. Now the blue bird tweets all day, around the globe!

What's a Market Research Software?

Market research is the process of collecting data to determine whether a particular product/service satisfies the needs of customers. With an effective market research software, it is possible to gain inestimable insights about the current market trends, competitors, spending traits of your customers, economic climate and demographics.

Before launching a product, it is crucial to find out how well it can perform. A product launched straight out of incubation, without knowing the current economic state of the market, consumer trends or about a competitor is bound to stumble and tumble.

Numerous brands have opted the market research way on their road to immense success. A product launched at the right time, with the right needs to meet consumer requirements can even replace an existing monopoly easily. Thus the capability of proper market research cannot and must not be underestimated.

Why is Market Research Software a Must-have?

Having a well-planned market research is great! But to have flawless execution, you need a great market research software. Market research involves targeting the right audience, asking them relevant questions and gathering insights from the data collected and taking actionable measures.

A Market research software is one which can aid you in every one of those crucial touchpoints. Elaborating a little more, here’s why you must have a great market research software in your pack!

1. Understand the need for your product

Is there a need for such a product in the market currently? If yes, what makes your product stand out from the existing ones. Would your customers switch from competitors to your product? These are the few questions which a market research software would help you get regarding your product.

2. Identify your target audience

Releasing your product at the wrong place for the wrong audience is bad news which can get a lot worse! Have a clear idea about who needs your product and why & if would they purchase it. A market research software capable of bringing you the right audience for your market research is like a generous icing on the cake.

3. Assess competition

When you launch your product, you would possibly be locking horns with the well-known names in the market. But don’t let your product be engulfed in the overwhelming competition which can be tough to beat. Instead, a market research software will help you analyze who is your biggest competition, how to tackle them and in future, even beat them.

4. Gauge customer trends

How can you understand what customers want from you? Simple, ask them. Easier said than done. Most often, it is a round of interrogation which happens in the form of surveys. A great market research software helps you converse with your customers effectively and collect valuable feedback. This feedback is crucial for your company. You will discover what’s amiss and what needs to be done for improvement.

5. Innovate with impact

Having data in hand is good. Having information drawn from that data is excellent. But this is not an easy task. A good market research software helps you gain in-depth views of the data you have collected as a part of the research. A feature-rich market research software can provide you the length and breadth of the entire process. Employing it well can turn things around for your brand in a blink.

Here's why Market Research Software is a must-have for any business.

Does your Market Research Software do this…?

Hold on! Before you make up your mind on market research, see what’s your answer to the questions we have below!

Does your market research software help you…

1. Identify new customers

Does your market research software help you identify potential customers? To do so, you must know who your target audience is. Who would be using your product, and would they be ready to switch from their current product to yours? An efficient online panel will help you reach the right audience which is a crucial step. When you hit the right people, this is the surefire way of having new customers on board.

2. Understand your existing customers

In the run to recruit new customers, you must not forget your existing customers. This big faux-pa was made by Coco-cola when they completely stopped the production of existing cola drink which was already loved by the public. The new coke wasn’t bad, but in the run to recruit new customers using the new formula, they completely ignored the existing customers who were loyal consumers of the old drink. Improper market research and marketing gone wrong made this one of the biggest marketing blunders in history.

3. Develop new & effective strategies

A great market research software helps you convert raw data into refined information. This will help you tremendously to identify the strengths and weak points. Use this to steer your marketing strategies and take your brand one step higher.

4. Identify new business opportunities & expansion

Market research software helps you explore the market along the length and breadth, not missing out an inch. You can locate potential points for growth and expansion of our business and add new customers to your pool.

5. Solve your biggest business challenges

The purpose of market research isn’t just finding out if your product can fight and survive in the market amidst stiff competition. It is also to learn how an existing product can be improved to make the product a customer favorite. Use your market research software to extract the best views about your biggest business challenges and blind spots. Witness your business soar to new heights.

If you answered a big NO to all the above, it’s time you left the market research software you have in hand and switched tools!

What Makes a Great Market Research Software

You saw what a good market research software could help you achieve. But what makes a great market research software anyway? There must-have qualities in a market research software which can, after your market research, leave you with a content smile and sense of immense satisfaction.

1. Identify target audience

Every step in market research is significant. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say identifying and employing target audience has an additional supporting role as well. If you get the wrong audience, all the following steps would be affected, and this has accompanying repercussions. Market research software capable of fetching you the right audience is a win-win any day. Such a market research software would provide you with an online panel of audience who will answer the questionnaire you send out for them.

2. Send out questionnaire

Asking the target audience about your product or service is what follows. Surveys are the best means for this purpose. Online via various social channels or offline using an offline survey app, prepare and send out crisp, questionnaires that are to-the-point using the market research software.

3. Collect data, create information

A great market research software helps you convert the raw data collected into quality information. This is pivotal in gathering views which is the entire purpose of the market research. A market research software should, therefore, be capable of rendering you such invaluable information.

4. Get, set, go!

Now all that remains is to take measures based on the information and insights you have in hand.

Best Market Research Software - Key ingredients of what makes a good market research software.

How can SurveySparrow be Your Market Research Software (er... Wingman)

Wondering how SurveySparrow can help you through and through as your market research software? Let us show you how:

1. Online panel audience

Our online audience panel, spread across 80 countries, can easily fetch you the apt audience for your market research. Get access to pre-screened and qualified members who can give you the best feedback you were looking for. Thus SurveySparrow solves your problem of finding the right audience for your research.

2. Dual UI platform

We are happy to inform you that you have reached the right spot looking for a market research software. Want to know why? SurveySparrow is the world’s only multi-format survey platform. We have chat-like surveys and conversational forms as well. You might wonder what’s it with chats and conversations. With a conversational interface, you can achieve up to 40% higher survey completion rates. So with SurveySparrow, you have in hand a market research software that fetches you an increased number of responses from your audience.

3. Create personalized surveys

Strike the right chord with your audience with the very first question of your survey. SurveySparrow helps you achieve this effortlessly using a broad spectrum of question types to choose from. We have features like Jump logic which will enable your audience to see only questions relevant to them. Why ask a vegan their favorite type of cheese!

4. Share abundantly

More the reach for your surveys, better are the chances of fetching a higher number of quality responses. SurveySparrow's market research software leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that this is implemented. Be it email survey, web links, social media, embedded survey or SMS share, we have ensured your surveys reach the right audience always!

5. Get the big picture

SurveySparrow is one such market research software which helps you get the big picture in totality. We have a rich dashboard which presents you with detailed analysis and reports of your research work. Charts, histograms, pie-charts; are just a few mentions we have in store for you.

Now you know the whats, whys, and hows about everything related to market research and market research software. Why don’t you hop along and become part of SurveySparrow?

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