Video Surveys

Be Ordinary? Or a tad extraordinary?

Improve the survey experience with Video Surveys.

Unmute video for better experience

Improve the survey experience with Video Surveys.


The first of its kind.


Upload a video as the background for your surveys.

Upload videos and add them as background for your surveys.

Customize it to your heart’s content with Custom CSS.

Customize your video surveys using CSS customization.
There’s more!

Loop videos for a smooth experience. Mute, if required.

Loop the video in your survey and mute if required.


Actually, just about anywhere.


Loop it, play it, strike it.

Survey experience

Videos have about 82% positive impact on the human mind. Double-up with conversational surveys and take that experience a notch up higher.

Survey responses

With a refreshing experience, collect actionable data. Move on to the new-age surveying.

User engagement

It’s time to stand out from the crowd. Create a lasting impression on your audience’s minds.

Brand awareness

Spread the good word about your brand with video surveys. Make them remember you!

Educating the audience

Speak volumes to your users with impactful video surveys. Embed and impart some wisdom, now!

Just for fun!

How about taking the ‘boring’ out of surveys? It’s time to move on from the dull radio buttons.

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