Survey Themes

Everything from buttons, fonts, colors to themes.

Why blend in when you can stand apart?

Create stunning surveys using themes and design.

Design, style, and make your surveys look just the way you want.

Put your creative caps on

Choose your theme or create one

Take your pick from the rich collection in our themes gallery or go ahead, get creative, and make one of your own. You can also customize an existing theme and tweak it to your liking. There are separate collections for both chat surveys and conversational forms.

Choose a theme from the gallery or create one of your own.

Make the background pixel-perfect

Do you have an image that can make your survey look like a million dollars? Hit the upload image button, adjust the position, blending color option. Embed a spooky video as the background for a Halloween Quiz using video surveys. Want a background that’s color-rich? Pick the gradient option.

Perfect your survey background with an image, video, or gradient.

Go font-astic

Pick from over 20 font families we have curated for your surveys. Capture the attention of readers and engage them with your content by picking a font that speaks your brand tone. Make your surveys sway with typographic harmony!

Choose from over 20 font families and build your surveys.

Pick colors from a vibrant palette

Azure blue, wine red, or emerald green? Pick the color combination for your online surveys from a vibrant palette. Choose different colors for Questions, Answers, Background and Buttons if needed. It’s time to pick up your brush.

Choose from a vibrant color palette for questions, anwsers, buttons, and background.

Customize & style with CSS

Style your surveys to pixel perfection with CSS. Open the editor, add the codes, and click save. Make surveys exactly the way you want it to be. White-label it through and through.

Make surveys the way you want them to be using CSS Customization.

Save a ton of time. And a load of headache. Leave the humdrum to us :)

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