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Craft surveys that are interactive in nature to get pertinent data.

Create highly interactive surveys to fetch relevant data

Share surveys across different platforms to guarantee higher number of responses.

Deploy all available platforms to boost the reach of surveys

Analyze the data collected and deduce rich insights from it.

Gain valuable insights & new perspectives from the results

Set up a plan of action based on the insights gathered.

Chart a detailed plan of action based on the insights collected

Enterprise Survey Software: Step Things Up

Every day, a new business sprouts- the competition is fiercer like never before. Businesses worldwide, big or small, rely on data to ensure they are coursing in the right direction and to avoid any unseen icebergs. Customer data, market trends, competitor factors, all must be encompassed while strategizing and planning measures for a firm. Also, the best way to collect this data is by surveys! Engaging with your audience and knowing their opinions can tremendously help to bridge the gap between what you provide and what’s expected.

An enterprise survey software is designed to cater to the various data needs of businesses. It is ideal for organizations who have data collection requirements for multiple objectives and goals. Be it for market research, collecting customer feedback, or checking employee pulse; an enterprise survey software is a one-stop point for all survey related software solutions.

Does Your Business Require Enterprise Survey Software

The answer to this question lies with another question. Are important business decisions taken based on insights that are backed up by reliable data or does it come from generic solutions & gut instincts? If the answer is the former, then yes, your business definitely requires a great enterprise survey software. What are the benefits of having an enterprise survey software? Have a look!

Conceptualize, Design, Create

With an enterprise survey software, you have the full freedom to design and create surveys just like you had conceptualized it. While postal questionnaires and paper surveys offer little options when it comes to the design domain, (or if at all they do, it’s an expensive task), an enterprise survey software takes care of it all with simple clicks, ticks, and drag & drops.

Real-time Data Capture

With an enterprise survey software, you can gather data from users, real-time. As the respondents take the survey, finish it, and hit the submit button, the data is populated in the dashboard instantly. You can bid farewell to all the transcribing efforts associated with the traditional methods.

Secure Data

When you employ an enterprise survey software for collecting data, there’s less risk of losing the data and the margin of error associated is also less. Moreover, the tools come with guard features like password-protection and Secure Sockets Layer to ensure that your data is safe and sound.

Flexibility Unparalleled

Once you draft and print paper surveys and if you wish to modify anything, there’s no room for it; especially if you have published them in large volume. The option that remains is to re-print them. Picture the costs incurred in this ordeal? However, with an enterprise survey software, you can change not just the content but the design of your surveys as well.

Reach & Visibility

While it takes much time to send out postal questionnaires and paper surveys, an enterprise survey software helps you send out surveys with just a click or two. When you have to send out paper surveys to respondents individually, an online survey software lets you send them at one go, to a mass audience. Email surveys, social media, web links, the channels through which enterprise survey software promotes and boost the visibility of surveys is unmatched.

Gather Profound Insights

The Herculean task associated with traditional data collection methods lies in the analysis. Gathering the stack of forms and brooding over them, one at a time is not just effort intensive but time-consuming as well. An enterprise survey software, on the other hand, slices and dices the data at the very instant it gets populated in the reporting system.

Multi-device Compatibility

With an enterprise survey software, you can send surveys to your audience that are multi-device compatible. Thus, all that your audience requires is a tablet, desktop, or mobile to take the survey. Moreover, they can do it anytime they wish as well.

What are the features of a good Enterprise Survey Software?

We have curated the must-have features for any excellent enterprise survey software. Look out for these features in any Enterprise Survey Software:

With an enterprise survey software, draft stellar questionnaires easily.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Create Stunning Surveys

Bid farewell to boring surveys if you have an enterprise survey software that helps to build highly engaging & interactive surveys. Design surveys precisely like how you had imagined them to be. Visually-striking surveys with the right questions help to capture the attention of your audience and give them the gentle nudge to not just take the survey but complete them as well. What’s the result? Survey fatigue is out of the equation which paves the way to high survey completion rates.

Schedule and send automated pulse surveys easily with an enterprise survey software.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

Tired of repeatedly doing the same mundane chores? That’s exactly why you must opt for an enterprise survey software that helps you to automate tasks wherever possible. Why spend time and energy on sending the same survey over and over again when the survey tool can do it for you? Once you set when and how often the surveys must be sent, the tool can take things from there. Sit back and see the responses pouring in. Get periodic feedback, follow-up, and improve customer engagement.

Make your surveys personalized to fetch high quality data and more responses.
Personalize surveys and receive quality responses
Degree of Personalization

Would you be impressed with generalized, one-fit-for-all emails or surveys? This is why it is essential to hunt for an enterprise survey software that helps you bring a great deal of personalization into your surveys. Features like conditional logic branching and question piping help to achieve this. In this manner, each of your respondents feels the survey is created exclusively for them. When you respect the time and efforts spent by the audience by posing what's relevant alone, it reflects in the higher number of responses.

Make use of all platforms available to share your surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Survey Share Options

The enterprise survey software you opt for must come with a host of sharing options to ensure that your surveys receive broad reach and maximum visibility. As a result, you can get more diverse responses and a higher amount of quality data. Email surveys, web links, social media, SMS option, embed option, more the channels to share your surveys, better it is. Need mobile data collection? Go for enterprise survey platform that offers offline surveys.

Why should you choose SurveySparrow as your Enterprise Survey Software?

SurveySparrow is the best Enterprise Survey Software that'll cater to all your survey requirements. Wish to know how SurveySparrow can offer the complete enterprise survey solutions for your business? A minute's read is all that you need to find out!

Dual-UI Enterprise Survey Tool

SurveySparrow comes with not just one, but dual interfaces make stellar surveys. With conversational forms and chat-like surveys, gathering data and feedback from your audience is breezy! The world’s first multi-UI survey software, SurveySparrow helps you garner up to 40% increased survey completion rates!

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow comes with a bunch of distinct question types to ensure you get accurate feedback from your audience. From simple star rating to complex matrix type, make your surveys crisp, short, and relevant. Opt for the right blend of open-ended and closed-ended questions with SurveySparrow’s enterprise survey software.

App Integrations

An enterprise survey software that allows integration with other third-party applications must be under your consideration. A stand-alone survey software is of little use. A business requires multiple applications to coordinate and function seamlessly. SurveySparrow offers the webhooks and Zapier integration to achieve precisely this!

Smart Logic

SurveySparrow offers conditional logic branching features like jump logic and display logic to show only the relevant questions to your respondents. Why waste their time by asking irrelevant questions? It would be like asking a vegetarian their favorite steak! Based on the previous answers given by respondents, only pertinent questions are put forth.

Detailed Reports & Insights

SurveySparrow’s helps you not only collect data but analyze it in detail as well. There’s a rich dashboard in place which furnished accurate reports and graphs to help you get a wholesome view. With various advanced filtering options, it is possible for you to get the data you are looking for quickly.

Recurring Surveys

Still wasting time sending the same surveys periodically? Allow us to do it for you. With SurveySparrow’s enterprise survey software, you can automate sending pulse surveys by using the recurring survey feature. The tool sends out surveys at the time and frequency you have configured. Whether it is to get customer feedback periodically or to know the pulse of your employees, recurring surveys come to the rescue!

Share Options

With SurveySparrow’s enterprise survey software, you can employ multiple sharing options like Email Surveys, Web links, Embedded Forms, Social Media, SMS, and the likes. Make your surveys accessible to your audience through not just one but many channels!

Free Templates Collection

SurveySparrow has a vast collection of the most sought-after survey templates, from different spheres, to help you get started with surveys in no time. Be it employee feedback, market research, or CSAT, and we have got it for you!

Searching high and low for an enterprise survey software that fits your requirements like a perfect puzzle? You are at the right place!

Happy Surveying!

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