Employee Feedback Software to gather effective employee feedback

Employee Feedback Software

Employee Feedback Software aids in collecting effective employee feedback to build a better workplace culture!

What is Employee Feedback?

Employee feedback is the health checkup for your organization’s work culture. An employee feedback software helps in measuring employee engagement and employee satisfaction. These are the chief methods of collecting employee feedback.

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. It is widely agreed that happy and engaged employees use a discretionary effort to work on behalf of the organization’s goals.

While the terms ‘employee engagement’ and ‘employee satisfaction' are often used interchangeably, they are in fact quite different when it comes to their definitions. The commitment that employees have towards the company is denoted by the term ‘employee engagement’. Whereas, a satisfied employee is one who is happy and content with the organization management and workplace environment.

Employee engagement is beyond the gratification and happiness of employees. An engaged employee is one who cares about the organization’s future and goals beyond the paychecks they take home or the Friday office fun.

Such enthusiasm and drive in employees are coveted by People Managers everywhere. The organization’s work culture, employee policies, and organizational values go a long way in making an engaged employee.

Why Should You Examine Your Workplace Climate?

Team environment is vital to how satisfied an employee is at work. When you’re spending 40+ hours a week at work, having a meaningful relationship with your coworkers makes a big difference in your employee experience.

Giving employees specific goals, as well as the training, tools, and resources needed to perform their job will foster employee motivation. Also, it is important to let your employees know that they have a voice in their work performance and that they have an impact on their company.

How to Build a Better
Employee Engagement Program?

Building an active employee engagement program is about making your employees start to care more about the organization and work culture. A good employee engagement program is built on trust, compassion, and a desire to be better together.

The following infographic will give you an extensive idea on how to build a better employee engagement program.

Build a good Employee Engagement Program

How To Measure Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Levels?

Satisfied employees are people who are excited to come to work, motivated to do a good job, and open to changes and collaboration. They are generally much more happier, content, and motivated at work, rather than their discontent counterparts. Moreover, they are capable of successfully collaborating with colleagues.

Engaged employees are more likely to positively spread the word about your organization as brand advocates. They are also more likely to stay at your organization for a long time, reducing employee churn.

Hence, employee satisfaction is constantly tracked to ensure that there is a healthy work culture prevalent in the organization. Installing an employee suggestion box is one way to check the employee satisfaction levels. While a rather simple initiative, it still gives employees an open channel to improve the condition of the workplace. One-on-one employee performance reviews are another way to find out if employees are satisfied at work. The hitch here is that it is not realistic to resort to regular one-on-one discussions with every employee whenever the employer needs insights on the employee engagement levels.

Employee Pulse Surveys are the most effectively used platforms to keep track of employee happiness. They can be used to hear out the opinions and concerns of the employee. Regular surveys give employees a voice to talk about their work culture without apprehension.

How to Choose the
Best Employee Feedback Software

There are a myriad of employee feedback software in the market for you to choose from. It can get a bit tricky to choose the one that best suits your requirements. As long as your requirements are met without burning a hole through your wallet, you have found your perfect employee feedback software. However, a few additional features are always a bonus.

Understand Your Requirements

This might seem like a no-brainer but a clear understanding of your requirements and priorities will help you identify the right fit. How frequently do you plan to run your employee engagement surveys? Would you rather automate the survey process and minimize the burden on HR shoulders? Do you want the surveys to be as engaging as they can get? What do you plan to do with the data? List your priorities and find the employee feedback software that will get it all done.

Higher Survey Completion Rates

Survey fatigue is very real. The percentage of people who’d leave a survey halfway is alarming and skewed answers in a hurry to get over with the survey can distort the data. It is important to keep the survey length appropriately short and engaging so as to increase the completion rates. The user interface is often overlooked while deciding on an employee feedback software. Does your finished survey look fun and appealing?

Appealing User Experience

The ease of use is more important than you think. An employee feedback software that takes you forever to learn how to use it is clearly not ideal. Also, timely support is key to the overall experience of using a survey software. Do they offer 24*7 support? Free demo and tutorials? Is the employee feedback software simple enough to understand and use?

Pocket-friendly Pricing

Depending on your company size and requirements, you may have put aside a budget for the employee engagement program. Looking for employee feedback software that offers you monthly as well as annual billing options is important. Also, refer their refund policies and support features. It is important that an employee feedback software doesn’t swallow your whole employee engagement program budget.

Options to Automate

Survey creationis way easier than getting your target group to complete it. It takes numerous reminders and prompting from the HR to make your employees take action. The more automation the software permits, the easier it is for the HR hours. Does your employee feedback software offer auto-reminders to non-survey takers? Can you automate pulse surveys to be sent out on scheduled intervals?

Benefits of Recurring Employee Surveys

Now that we have established why employee surveys are important to build and maintain an engaging work culture, let’s discuss why Employee Pulse Surveys should be scheduled regularly.

The employee engagement program in an organization is always a work in progress. Higher levels of employee engagement is always directly proportional to higher levels of productivity. Meanwhile, the disgruntled workforce is guaranteed to have subpar productivity. Understanding how the workforce perceives their jobs and company is the first step to plan an appropriate employee engagement program.

However, the satisfaction and happiness of an employee with his work at a given point oscillate depending on a number of factors. Hence, it is imperative to monitor the levels of engagement and track the same regularly to measure how effective the current employee engagement program is. Such regular monitoring also throws light into the areas that need more focus or an alternate strategy. Recurring Employee Surveys are thus integral to a healthy work culture and the HR department and promote transparency and visibility in the organization.

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