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Why You Should Perfect Your Email Survey Template

Emails have been one of the most sought-after forms of communication since the arrival of the internet. It’s one of the finest ways to reach out to people and get your idea conveyed. Hence, it comes as a no-brainer that email surveys top the list of survey share methodologies. Having the perfect email survey templates helps to get excellent:

  • Response rates
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates or CTR
  • Emails can combine multiple formats of data, like image, texts, audio, video, and present it in an impressive form. This is precisely why the email survey is the popular choice of marketers, campaigners, and organizations to gather data.  Wish to know more about how to strike gold with your email surveys? That’s what our email survey templates are here for. 

What to Include in Email Survey Templates

Communication through emails is a tough nut to crack. This is because people get to see only the subject of your email to decide if opening it is worth their time. Moreover, they come to this conclusion is a matter of nanoseconds. Having an excellent email survey template, therefore, is essential. 

Great Email Subject

Make sure that your email survey template has a great subject line that’s relevant, descriptive, and short. When the subject is interesting, respondents automatically get the urge to click on the email and find out more. Alternatively, if not appropriately phrased, the subject lines can also make respondents abandon your emails or even worse, make them end up in the Spam folder. Having an excellent subject for your email surveys thus spikes the open rates. 

Straightforward & Engaging Email Content

Once respondents open your emails, a straightforward an engaging content must greet their eyes. Keep the content in your email survey template crisp and relevant. Tell them what the survey is all about and get creative. Inform your audience how the results of the email surveys will be used. This will motivate respondents to take up the survey. 

For example, if you are gathering customer experience feedback, you can perhaps say, “Your feedback has the power to help us serve you better” or “Do tell us how you think we should improve services?” Transfer the reign into their hands and make your respondents feel powerful with your email survey template. When people feel like they can change things, there is no second thought in clicking the survey link and giving feedback. 

Time To Finish The Survey

Time is valuable. Respect the time of your respondents. Include how long the survey is going to take in the email survey template.  “We would love to hear your thoughts. Please take out 3 minutes to take this survey.” When respondents know exactly how long the survey is going to take, they can plan it accordingly. 

Visually Inviting Email Survey

Make sure you create an appealing email survey template. This captures the attention of respondents and motivates them to browse through the content and take the survey. Put an elegant design and see the results! 

Button To Take The Survey

Make your email survey template neat by providing a simple, elegant button containing the survey link. On clicking the button, the respondents can quickly take the survey.

Unsubscribe Button

You may think to have an unsubscribe link in the email survey template is counterproductive. However, this is hardly the case. Including the unsubscribe button gives a sense of freedom to respondents to opt out of emails whenever they wish. This sends out the message that you respect their preferences and likes. Respondents would love that.  

Thank Respondents

Respect the time and efforts shown by your respondents for taking the survey. Thank them for taking the survey and show them your appreciation. Your audience would instantly connect with such engagements. 

Strike Gold With Email Surveys In These 4 Simple Steps

Wish to get phenomenal success with your email surveys? Employ these five simple steps and roll out your email survey template. See the magic for yourself!

A captivating content must definitely be a part of your email survey template.
Create captivating content for email surveys
Captivating Content 

An interesting subject line and an engaging content are what must embellish your email survey template. Make compelling subject lines to make respondents open your email surveys and browse through. Give value to respondents by drafting informative content that is crisp & to the point. Getting an exceptional email survey software will help you to customize your subject lines with variables that offer a high degree of personalization.

Your email survey template must include a great design that captures the attention of audience.
Create visually-stunning email surveys
Visually Stunning Surveys

You have taken care of the content. However, what meets the eye of the respondents is the design of the email survey itself. Thus, ensure an elegant design is part of your email survey template. It would be a nice idea to A/B test your email surveys to find out which design and layout are more appealing to your audience. Having a beautiful interface for your surveys helps to capture the attention of respondents spiking the response rates.

Sharing reminder emails boost completion rates while thank you emails improves audience engagement.
Share reminder & thank you emails with audience
Reminder & Thank You Emails

When respondents take time to finish the survey and give their valuable feedback, show your appreciation by sharing thank you emails. This leads to high levels of engagement with your audience. If respondents have forgotten to take the survey, you can also schedule reminder emails. These emails gently urge the audience to undertake and complete the survey. Thus, including reminder & thank you emails in your email survey template brings you higher response rates.

What Not To Say In Your Email Survey Template: Avoid The Spam Folder

Now you know what must be included in your email survey template, but you must also know what shouldn’t be a part of your email survey template. Here are some pointers to dodge the bullet and land your email surveys in the inbox, right away.

Off-putting Subject

Avoid the mundane subject lines that have been in use for generations. Get creative and exciting! Email subject lines depend on where your emails land up- inbox or spam.

Overuse of Exclamation marks

“Take this survey before time runs out!!!!!!!” Don’t give a panic streak to your audience by overusing exclamation marks. It’s annoying, and people will hit the delete button, right away. 

Misleading Content

If your subject and content don’t match or misleads in any way, the credibility of the email is lost, then and there. All information you provide must be authentic and accurate.

Sluggish Design

A dull design is an instant deal breaker. Therefore, do some solid work on designing your email survey before sharing it. 

How SurveySparrow Can Help You Create Email Survey Templates

SurveySparrow's online survey software comes with top-notch features that help you draft the perfect email survey templates that brings you excellent:

  • Response rates
  • Survey completion rates
  • Open rates
  • CTRs

Wish to know what those features are? Read along! 

Create Personalized Email Surveys

SurveySparrow comes with custom variables that help you to configure the subject line of the email and personalize it. When you have stellar subject lines, open rates consequently see a hike. So instead of asking your audience “Please take this survey to give us your feedback” you can cleverly say, “How was your experience staying at Hotel X, John?” As for the body of the content, you can choose the custom template or embed the first question of your survey. The custom template consists of a greeting message which is configurable so that you can give a personalized feel.

Thank You Emails

With thank you emails, send out personalized thank you messages to let them know you appreciate their time & efforts for giving feedback. Increase the rapport and engagement with your respondents. 

Reminder Emails

Wish to get even better survey completion rates? That’s precisely why we have roped in the reminder email feature. Send out reminders to both partial responders and non-responders gently prompting them to take the survey. When these emails must be sent is entirely your choice! 

Free Templates Collection

Be it employee feedback, customer engagement, market research, customer feedback, or event feedback we have a rich repository of the most sought-after templates to kick-start your feedback collection in a blink. Browse through and take your pick! 

Now you know everything to draft the perfect email survey template that brings you results! Please don’t take our word, see it for yourself!

Happy Surveying! 

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