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Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Are your customer satisfied & happy? Find out all the answers with the best Customer Satisfaction Survey Software!

Craft conversational surveys to collect customer satisfaction data.

Build engaging, conversational CSAT surveys effortlessly

Spread CSAT surveys across different channels to get great responses.

Share CSAT surveys across various platforms

Plan and take measures to improve customer satisfaction based on the insights.

Study and analyze customer satisfaction survey data

Plan and take measures to improve customer satisfaction based on the insights.

Take actionable measures to improve customer satisfaction

Do You Need A Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Any product or service is born to fulfill the needs of people. Be it a solution to make a task simpler, or to coordinate multiple tasks efficiently; there are a plethora of companies offering diverse products & services to cater to possibly every need of customers. So when what you sell revolves solely around your customers, their involvement is exceptionally crucial and beneficial. The feedbacks and comments offered by your customers on the products are a goldmine of data which you can learn a lot from.

  • Is your pricing strategy competitive?
  • How well are your employees doing on customer experience and support? Are the features offered by your products impressive?
  • What’s the reason behind a customer choosing your brand over others?

These are some important whose answers any organization must have at their fingertips. What’s the best way to get these answers?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Thus, having a customer satisfaction survey software that helps you draft engaging surveys, share it with your audience, and analyze the collected data is a wise investment any day. Find out if your customers are satisfied with your product, happy with the customer experience, whether they require a feature you are about to work on, their expectations and more using customer satisfaction survey software.

6 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Survey Software Is Quintessential

You must be wondering why owning a customer satisfaction survey software is essential. Here are six ways in which a customer satisfaction survey software helps a business scale & escalate.

Insights Into Product & Service Performance

A customer satisfaction survey software taps out crucial data about what customers think about your product and the services you offer. Are there any features needs to be improved? What are the best features they love about your brand? Is there any specific factor about the product/service which made them choose your brand over others? A CSAT software helps you get answers to all these questions in a jiffy!

Develop New Products

By using customer satisfaction survey software, you can listen to the voice of customers and identify the scope for developing new products. It’s your chance to swoop in if the customers are unhappy with their existing choices.

Enhance Customer Experience

A customer satisfaction survey software is adept in collecting the customer experience feedback from your clients. Studies show that more than 70% of customers don’t think twice about switching brand if they encounter a terrible support/ experience with a brand. All the more reason why you must ensure they have an impeccable experience with your brand. What’s the best way to know more about this? Yes, customer satisfaction surveys!

Build Brand Image

When you get a complete idea about what makes your customers happy & unhappy, it is not difficult to direct your efforts to provide a great experience. When customers feel valued, they stick to your brand. A great customer experience management helps to make your product more user-friendly, services more engaging, and to develop & maintain strong relations with them. Thus your brand can carve a niche for itself in the market with a pool of loyal and satisfied customers.

Improve Customer Retention

When your customers are satisfied & pleased, they become loyal to your brand. When customers are delighted with a product they use, naturally, they recommend it to their friends and family. Studies show that referrals and word-of-mouth reviews have a powerful impact on customer recruitment and retention. A positive recommendation can bring in a swarm of customers while a single bad review can make your brand lose both existing & potential customers. A customer satisfaction survey software helps you improve customer retention and reduce customer churn rates.

Make Informed Decisions

A customer satisfaction survey software helps to know your customers inside it. This enables you to take better decisions that are based on reliable data and not generalized norms and gut-instincts. About 90% of well-informed decisions that are made based on reliable data tend to become immensely successful, according to studies. Take the best decisions to course your business in the right direction by gathering the thoughts of customers.

How To Choose The Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Are you on the lookout for a great customer satisfaction survey software? Here are some tips we have curated to help you pick the right one that suits your business.

Pick a customer satisfaction survey software that boasts of a sleek interface.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Sleek Interface

The customer satisfaction survey software you choose must come with an elegant interface that’s captivating and which can fetch high completion rates. The tool must offer conditional logic branching feature to create smart surveys that pose only relevant questions to customers. The software must also come with features to create personalized surveys. The customer satisfaction survey software is an excellent pick if it enables you to design your surveys as well.

Make use of diverse sharing channels to maximize the reach of surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Survey Share Methods

Online surveys are infamous for being mundane. But this can be changed if you have the right customer satisfaction survey software by your side. While conversational surveys help you get fantastic completion rates, another way to get great responses is by sharing surveys across different media like emails, social media, web links, embedded methods, SMS, etc. As respondents get the flexibility to pick a channel convenient to them, you can see whopping completion rates.

Send pulse surveys automatically using customer satisfaction survey software.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Share Automated Surveys

It is essential to understand that measuring customer satisfaction is not a one-time process. It has to be implemented continuously for seeing great results. Thus sending periodic CSAT surveys is a significant task in the ‘To-do’ list. But why waste time repeatedly sending out the same surveys? It’s undoubtedly a waste of time, efforts, and resources. Pick a customer satisfaction survey software that automates the process of sending periodic surveys. Work smart & get high returns.

Slice & dice data using the customer satisfaction survey software.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Dashboard & Reporting

Merely collecting customer feedback is not enough. Analyzing it to uncover crucial factors is vital. The customer satisfaction survey software you pick must come with a robust reporting system that helps to study the data in great detail. The tool’s dashboard must be capable of turning raw data into refined information to help one get a comprehensive idea about customer feedback. Deploy these insights and set up a plan of action to improve your product and services.

Integrate your customer satisfaction survey software with other third-party tools.
Third Party Integrations to create seamless workflow
Integration Feature

The customer satisfaction survey software you opt for must come with the feature to integrate with third-party applications. Very often, business requires data to be pushed from one application to another. The syncing between these apps is essential for the company to function efficiently. Having a stand-alone survey tool falls short, thus. With features like webhooks and Zapier integration, it is easy to integrate one tool with another. Make sure your customer satisfaction survey software has this feature.

SurveySparrow As Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

SurveySparrow can help you gather and measure customer satisfaction meticulously and swiftly. Wish to find out how SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software can help your business? Read to find out more.

Sleek Dual Interface

SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software comes with not just one but two interfaces to create conversational surveys. They are:

  • Chat-like surveys
  • Conversational forms

Engage your audience with stunning surveys by using our survey themes and get up to 40% increased response rates.

Recurring Surveys

SurveySparrow offers the recurring survey feature which helps to send out pulse surveys automatically. Once you set how frequently and when the CSAT surveys must be sent, the customer satisfaction survey software takes care of it. Send customer pulse surveys periodically to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Survey Share Options

SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software offers diverse sharing channels to ensure your surveys reach your surveys in multiple ways. With email surveys, web links, social media share, embedded share, SMS option, your customers get a variety of choices to take the survey. This translates into higher completion rates.

Robust Reporting Module

SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software is equipped with a brilliant dashboard that analyzes the data at a granular level. With detailed reports, graphs, pie-charts, and more you can get a comprehensive view of the results. Advanced filters help you sort questions based on highly specific criteria that help you put together the data from multiple answers and get the big picture.

Skip & Display Logic

With the conditional logic branching feature offered by SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software, pose only relevant questions to your audience and skip the rest. This reduces the chances of survey abandonment and survey fatigue. Skip logic and display logic takes into account the responses given by customers previously to pose the next set of questions. Thus you get high-quality feedback.

Free Templates

SurveySparrow comes with a rich collection of free survey templates from different spheres. Be it market research, customer feedback, employee engagement, or post-event feedback; we've it for you!

Create highly personalized surveys with SurveySparrow’s customer satisfaction survey software and collect pertinent information from your customers. Improve customer satisfaction and enhance the experience they have with you!

Happy Surveying!

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