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Customer Feedback Lifecycle

Craft interactive customer feedback surveys.

Build engaging customer feedback surveys for high response rates

Share your customer feedback surveys generously to get quality responses.

Spread surveys to the target audience via various channels

Extract valuable insights from customer feedback data.

Extract valuable conclusions from customer feedback collected

Take actionable measures to enhance your brand with customer feedback.

Devise & execute a neat plan of action for improving business

What is Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback can be defined as the information given by your customers about how happy or unhappy they are with your product/service. Customer Feedback is very crucial to the success of your business, and it becomes imperative for you to keep your customers happy at all times. Customer Feedback can be collected in a lot of ways- a paper questionnaire, direct one-on-one with customers, online surveys, etc. Modern customer feedback software come in quite handy for businesses that prefer to do a deep dive into the collected feedback data to come up with possible solutions to improve their overall customer experience.

Step-wise Guide to Get the Best Customer Feedback

Keeping in pulse with the vibe of customers is easy with the following steps. When you venture out to collect customer feedback, here’s how you can go about it swift and easy:

  • Set the Purpose of Collecting Feedback
  • Ask Your Customers for Feedback
  • Sort the Feedback you Receive
  • Analyze the Data
  • Follow-up & Take Actionable Measures

The first step is to fix the goal of collecting customer feedback. What is it that you wish to achieve or implement with the feedback you receive? Is it to launch a new feature, improve the customer support, or get reviews about an existing product? This is crucial as the purpose helps to pick the ideal methodology to raise the feedback and the channel to reach out to your customers.

The next step is to ask your customers for feedback. Don’t interrogate with them- converse with them. There are various methods to collect customer feedback like customer feedback surveys, CSAT, NPS Survey, Email Surveys, Social Media- to name a few. Read more about it in the section, right below.

Once you collect the customer feedback, sort them into different categories. If it is related to the product you offer, your engineering team can get started once they are briefed about major & minor product bugs, enhancement of an existing feature, or request for a new feature in-demand. If it is related to customer experience and support, your sales & marketing team along with the customer success team can take it from there. Based on the methodology to collect customer feedback, you can gather data about customer interaction at a particular touch-point or their overall experience with your brand.

Analyzing the data is the next step to uncover valuable insights. These insights play an instrumental role in identifying the areas that require immediate attention and action.

Once you have gathered customer feedback data and uncovered insights, the next step is to take actionable measures to bring a positive impact. If you are going to do nothing after collecting customer feedback, the whole process turns out to be a futile endeavor.

Proven Customer Feedback Methodologies That Work Like A Charm

There are multiple methods to collect feedback, thanks to Mr. Internet who has revolutionized the world of business. Nevertheless, we have picked out the top give proven methodologies that work like a charm!

Ask the right questions and get feedback using customer feedback surveys.
Customer Feedback Surveys extracts crucial data from customers
Customer Feedback Surveys

Online surveys have changed the fundamentals of collecting feedback. However, if you need to receive quality responses and high completion rates, keep in mind the following. Make your surveys crisp and to the point and only ask what’s relevant. Opt for open-ended, diverse questions like opinion scales to get more accurate answers. Customer feedback surveys and customer satisfaction surveys help you gauge their happiness at any crucial interaction points.

Email surveys are proven methods to collect feedback effortlessly from customers.
Collect feedback effortlessly with Email Surveys
Email Surveys

Email surveys are one of the best ways to collect customer feedback. As an email isn’t public like social media, customers don’t shy away from giving candid customer feedback. Email surveys are more personal, and it is easy to strike up a conversation with your customers and engage with them better. When your customers feel valued, you can be assured that they return the favor with accurate feedback to help you improve your brand.

Get quick customer feedback using NPS surveys.
NPS metric helps you gauge customer loyalty
Net Promoter Score

NPS is the most-popular customer loyalty metric that helps an organization uncover the commitment their customers have towards the brand. NPS surveys contain a simple question or two that mainly involves an opinion scale asking the likelihood the customer has to recommend the brand to another person. An organization with a high NPS score implies they have a bunch of happy, loyal customers.

Social Media is an important method of collecting customer feedback.
Know the pulse of customers via Social Media
Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool not just to collect customer feedback but monitor their pulse & trends. People take to the social media to express their happiness as well as distress about virtually anything. This makes it a useful tool to analyze what customers expect from you. By mentions & direct comments, you can address their queries, resolve their issues, and take up their requests. Many famous brands, like Xbox, have a dedicated team to handle their social media handles. When customers know they are heard, you score!

Live Website Chat collects customer feedback from your visitors.
Embed live chat on website to collect customer feedback
Live Chat on Website

Embedding quick surveys on your website is a smart way of collecting customer feedback. As the visitor enters your website, you can chat with them in-person, or employ a chatbot for website to do the work for you. This helps your customers not just to give feedback, but reach out to you for any questions or issues. Keep in mind to respond to them swiftly and assure them that their case is being handled. Excellent customer support and care help to win a customer’s heart in no time!

Why Customer Feedback Is Coal-and-Ice to Your Business

Still wondering how customer feedback can turn the tables for your business? Here’s what your brand takes home from collecting customer feedback and working upon it.

Improve Product & Services

The distinct advantage offered by employing customer feedback is to improve the product & services you provide them. While market research helps to know if a new product can click with the target audience, it is only after your customers use the product that you get a better understanding of how to tweak it to tailor-fit their needs. This is because customer needs and expectations develop with time. When you know from your customers how to improve your services, you can provide them with a better experience next time around.

Measure & Improve Customer Satisfaction

A company’s growth and success will see an impressive upward curve when they have a bunch of satisfied, loyal customers. When your customers are happy, they evolve into brand advocates with time. This is the icing on the cake. Loyal customers recruit new customers, brings instead, increasing revenue, markets your brand with word-of-mouth praises, and much more! So listen to the voice of your customers and make every interaction they have with you a memorable one.

Build Your Brand’s Image

If your brand is known to listen to the voice of customers, customers easily flock in your direction. Customers are ready to switch brands for a better experience, and this makes it all the more crucial work consistently on the customer feedback you receive. Putting the customers in the center position of your business makes your customers feel valued and that you are there for them and not the money!

Improve Retention, Reduce Churn

When customers are unhappy, they leave. Period. Customer feedback is the best way to know how happy they are and the ways you can enhance the experience they have with your company. With a proper follow-up and quick solve of the issues, you can win back even the grumpiest customers out there. This directly translates into higher customer retention rates and lower churn rates.

Make Smart Business Decisions

Listening to customer feedback can help your organization to make smart business decisions that can prove to be a real game-changer. Customers are the life-support of your brand. They know best what they need and what they expect from you. Taking measures to work on the facets customer feedback points out can set your brand on the course to success and prosperity.

SurveySparrow As Your Customer Feedback Platform

Are you on the lookout for a customer feedback platform that can change the game for your business? You are in the right place then! A minute’s read and you shall know why bagging SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform can help you tremendously!

Multi-UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback tool comes with dual interfaces to choose from- conversational forms and chat-like surveys. The world’s first dual UI survey software, SurveySparrow helps you get increased survey completion rates up to 40%!

Recurring Surveys

Why spend time and efforts on the same repetitive tasks? With SurveySparrow’s recurring survey feature, you can send automated customer pulse surveys to your audience. The customer feedback software takes care of the rest once you configure when and how frequently must your surveys be delivered.

Audience Management

Sort and categorize your audience into groups using the Audience Management feature of SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform. Be it classifying them promoters, passives, and detractors or as the customers who have been followed-up, or need a follow-up, you can pick the groups and get clear visibility.

Reporting Module

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform comes with a rich dashboard to help you gain in-depth insights about customer feedback data. With real-time data capture, find out what your customer wishes to say in no time at all!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform leaves no stone unturned to ensure your customer feedback surveys receive maximum responses and gain widespread reach. With multiple share options like email surveys, web links, social media, embedded option, SMS option, pick the channel that suits your customers the best. Track the survey performance to know which channel has brought you maximum responses!

Embedded Surveys

Embed a quick customer feedback survey on your website using the embedded feature offered by SurveySparrow’s customer feedback software. You can design how your feedback widget must look like and configure when and how it must be displayed.

Free NPS Calculator

You can employ NPS surveys to collect customer loyalty data. However, wish to know your brand’s NPS score? Worry not. You can make use of our NPS calculator and find out your score!

Free Templates Collection

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform has a vast repository of the most popular to get you started with your surveys in a blink. Be it employee feedback, or CSAT, we have got it covered for you!

If you want to place your brand on top of the list, your customers must be like the Sun in the solar system- everything must revolve around them. Listen to their feedback earnestly, work on it, improve your services and see the magic! Know how you can do this effortlessly and meticulously? With a great wingman like SurveySparrow’s customer feedback platform by your side!

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