The best Wufoo Alternative

Conversations engage people. Get the best Wufoo alternative for conversational surveys.

Why settle for:

Clunky platform

Little scope for customization

Outdated surveys

Conversational surveys

Create surveys that have a conversational tone to it. Engage with your respondents instead of boring them and get actionable responses.

Wufoo comes with a boring survey experience and typical web forms.
Wufoo's archaic web forms
Wufoo’s mundane surveys

Wufoo offers the traditional form-filling experience with the archaic radio buttons and checkboxes. Essentially, surveys that don’t convert to response rates.

SurveySparrow's conversational surveys makes it an ideal Wufoo Alternative.
SurveySparrow's chat-like surveys
SurveySparrow’s engaging surveys

This Wufoo alternative comes with dual-mode survey experience. Converse with your audience using our chat-like surveys or conversational forms.

Why it

  • Increase your survey completion rates up to 40%
  • Provide a superior survey experience
  • Get insightful data from your audience

Mobile survey app

Collect data online or offline using mobile survey app that’s optimized for different devices. Get on-the-move feedback. Monitor your survey performance from anywhere with a tap of a button.

Wufoo currently doesn't have an mobile survey app.
Wufoo makes do with mobile-forms
Wufoo without survey app

Wufoo is yet to roll out its survey application. What if you wish to conduct surveys at a remote location?

SurveySparrow has mobile survey app available for both iOS and Android.
SurveySparrow's robust mobile survey app
SurveySparrow’s mobile survey app

This Wufoo alternative comes with a mobile survey app using which you can get data both online and offline.

Why it

  • Monitor your surveys from anywhere
  • Get feedback online or offline anywhere, anytime
  • Conduct kiosk and remote surveys efficiently

White-labelling feature

Brand your surveys and share it with your audience. Configure survey URLs with your own unique domain and show your credibility. Share email surveys from your custom email address.

Wufoo doesn't offer the white-label feature to brand surveys.
Wufoo has no white-label features
Wufoo without white-label features

Wufoo does not offer the feature to white-label your surveys with custom domain URLs. Their branding appears everywhere.

SurveySparrow comes with customer domain, custom email, and advanced CSS customization to brand your surveys, making it the best Wufoo Alternative.
SurveySparrow lets you white-label & brand surveys
SurveySparrow’s white-labeled surveys

This Wufoo alternative lets you configure survey URLs with your domain and share surveys from a custom email address of your choice.

Why it

  • Earn trust from your audience by showing authenticity
  • Share branded surveys and avoid them landing in spam
  • Collect more responses with credible surveys

Survey design and customization

Surveys that have a great design and is visually stunning helps to get greater completion rates. Don’t create surveys that make your audience hit the snooze button.

Wufoo limits users when it comes to survey design and customization.
Wufoo's limited design palette
Wufoo’s limited design options

Wufoo falls short to wow when it comes to the design flexibility of forms. To style surveys with CSS, you must upload the CSV file. Do you want to settle for the bare minimum design features?

SurveySparrow comes with wide range of design features and customization abilities to themes your surveys.
SurveySparrow's themes with umpteen design options & customization
SurveySparrow’s vast design features

Let your creative side run free. Create surveys just the way you want them and make it relevant to your every use-case with this Wufoo alternative.

Why it

  • Grab the attention of respondents first
  • Make them stay, read, answer, and complete surveys
  • Make your surveys worth their time

An all-rounder Wufoo Alternative

Actionable insights
Drive growth

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