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Get in-depth understanding and gain new perspectives with voice of customer software.

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Voice of Customer Software: Do You Need One

The voice of customer is a methodology that has gained immense momentum across businesses worldwide. With VoC, you can extract the expectations of your customers, directly and indirectly. Market research, focus groups, email surveys, and the likes fall under direct interaction which helps to gather customer views at every touch-point while online reviews, social media helps to keep up-to-date with customer expectations and trends without much direct interaction.

A voice of customer software helps a business to plan, execute, and set up a perfect voice of customer program that contributes to business growth tremendously. Constantly monitoring customer pulse and the experience they have with your company plays a crucial role to guarantee that product and services you provide exceed their expectations. According to a study by Zendesk, 40% of customers switch to competitor products because of their reputation for providing excellent customer service and experience. It’s evident why taking care of your customers must be a top priority- a voice of customer software helps you do just that.

How To Utilize The Data Collected By Voice Of Customer Software

A voice of customer software is your wingman all the way to help you build and implement a great VoC program. A voice of customer program comprises of the following stages:

1. Set the VoC Program Objective

2. Gather Data

3. Interpret the Results

4. Enforce Measures

Implement a flawless voice of customer(VoC) program with the following steps

Setting the VoC program objective involves identifying the purpose of conducting the voice of customer program. Once the goal is set, you need to find the methods of collecting feedback; it can be done in the following ways:

  • Online Surveys
  • Live Chat
  • Focus Groups
  • In-person Interviews
  • Online Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Email Surveys

Once you collect the data, examine the responses to uncover various facets and draw crucial insights. Once you get a firm idea about what needs to be done, all you need to do is set the balls rolling to achieve it. A voice of customer software helps you through and through in every single one the steps to help you gather data that can be utilized for the following three principal purposes:

Product Enhancement

Who can better tell you the ways to improve the product than your customers who use it? With the various VoC methodologies, collect data about your product to find out what your customers like/dislike about the product.

  • Identifying the top, customer-favorite features
  • Improving the existing ones
  • Introducing new ones based on customer requirements

Smartly employing a voice of customer software helps to evolve your product into one that exceeds customer expectations and become the top-pick any day.

Improving Customer Experience

A voice of customer software helps you generate invaluable insights after drilling down on the data & feedback collected. This will help to find out if your customers are happy with the product they used and the support they received. You can also identify the areas which need immediate attention and turn the efforts along those directions. Provide the best customer experience journey to your customers. Want to know why this is important? According to the stats by NewVoiceMedia, 51% of customers will never do business with a company again after a negative experience. That is some you need to stay clear off!

Brand Marketing

With Voice of customer data, there are both positive and negative aspects you can uncover about a business. You can utilize the positive points to create a strong image for your brand. Customers are ever-ready to switch brands if it promises excellent service and experience. If your brand is known to provide a flawless customer experience, go that extra mile for customers, you can see a surge of customers on your way. With the voice of customer software, project:

  • What makes your brand superior to competitors
  • The top-notch features that make it a great pick
  • Complimentary perks of opting your brand

Choosing Your Voice Of Customer Software: Features

When there are plenty of voice of customer software available in the market, how will you round-in on the perfect one for your business? We have rounded in on the top features which any voice of customer software must offer:

Pick a voice of customer software that has a captivating survey interface.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Captivating Survey Interface

Pick a voice of customer software that has a sleek interface to boast of. Surveys are known to be mundane, but when you draft a voice of customer survey that has the right questions, expect excellent numbers regarding the completion rates. Features like conditional logic branching display what’s relevant and hide the rest. A voice of customer software that helps you build personalized VoC surveys will further spike the response rates.

Share multi-device compatible VoC surveys across various platforms
Share multi-device compatible surveys across platforms
Collect Feedback Efficiently

With the right voice of customer software by your side, simplify the task of collecting data & feedback. Multiple options to share surveys like email surveys, social media, web links, SMS option, etc, widens the reach of surveys and allows your customers to pick out a channel most convenient to them. If your voice of customer software comes with multi-device capability, then be sure that it’s a great pick. Tablet, mobile or desktop, your customers can take surveys anytime!

Integrate voice of customer software with other third-party tools efficiently.
Third Party Integrations to create a seamless workflow
Integration with Other Tools

Businesses function smoothly by employing a host of multiple tools that integrate and run together as one big unit. A stand-alone voice of customer software is of little use. Thus make sure that the software you pick has the capability to integrate with other third-party tools. Be it through webhooks or the popular Zapier integration, connect your voice of customer software with your favorite tools to create an efficient workflow.

Send out automated recurring surveys periodically with voice of customer software.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automate Recurring Tasks

A strong voice of customer program requires continuous and consistent implementation. Moreover, an essential element of it includes sending the voice of customer surveys to customers to collect feedback from them. However, repeatedly sending the same surveys wastes time and resources, not to mention the mundanity that comes along with it. Thus, pick out a voice of customer software that offers the feature of sending automated pulse surveys.

Get valuable insights using voice of customer software's rich dashboard.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Real-time Data Capture & Analysis

Needless to say, implementing a VoC program is with the aim of getting insights about customer trends, requirements, and expectations. A voice of customer software must be adept at analyzing survey results to the very granular level in order to tap valuable insights. Furthermore, your voice of customer software must capture customer data real-time, instantaneously. Waiting for results for hours makes the ordeal futile and cumbersome.

Choosing SurveySparrow As Your Voice Of Customer Software

Customers form the crux of any business, and programs like the voice of customer let to know your customers inside-out. Choosing SurveySparrow’s voice of customer software comes with abundant advantages, have a look right here!

Easy To Use Platform

SurveySparrow’s voice of customer software doesn’t make you rummage through help articles pointlessly. A systematic browse & cruise through the tool are all you need that you need to familiarize with it. With just a few ticks and clicks, you can get started with your very first surveys.

Real-time Data Capture

SurveySparrow’s voice of customer software comes with a rich dashboard that captures customer data real-time. When your respondents hit the submit button, the responses are entered in the analysis module instantly. Discover deep insights and gain new perspectives as the voice of customer software slice and dice the data.

Multi-UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s voice of customer software comes with not just one but two interfaces. With chat-like surveys and conversational forms, you can make survey-taking experience a breezy and exciting one for customers. This directly translates into higher survey completion rates and quality responses.

Recurring Surveys

Why misspend time, efforts, and resources on activities that can be automated? With the recurring survey feature, SurveySparrow’s voice of customer software lets you automate and send pulse surveys efficiently. Once you configure the survey settings- when & how frequently must the survey be sent to the audience, the software does all the job then.

Round-the-clock Support

Hit a roadblock? Have a query? Our support and assistance team is there for you, anytime you need. Reach out to us if you have any question and we are more than happy to help you out with our voice of customer software.

By gathering data and uncovering insights from it with a voice of customer software, you can discover possibilities that will better the overall experience for both present and future customers. Boost your customer retention rates, dip the churn rates and open gates for more revenue!

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