SurveyMonkey CX Alternative to enhance your customer experience

Delight your customers and earn their loyalty with the best SurveyMonkey CX Alternative.

Switch to the best SurveyMonkey CX alternative and avoid:

No phone support

Lack of customization

Stand-alone tool

Limited tool flexibility

White Labeling Surveys

Make your NPS surveys echo your brand’s image with your fonts, logo, custom domain. Share surveys from your own email address and show your credibility.

SurveyMonkey CX doesn’t offer the features to white label surveys before you share it with customers.
SurveyMonkey CX doesn’t believe in white labeling

SurveyMonkey CX white-label-less mode

SurveyMonkey CX lets you share email surveys from their designated address. The brand is present everywhere, even in the URL. Branding much?

Get customer trust by white-labeling your surveys and making it professional.
SurveySparrow offers custom domain & custom email addresses for white labeling surveys

SurveySparrow’s white-label features

SurveySparrow lets you configure survey URLs with your unique domain and share email surveys with your custom address. Brand your surveys and share it.

Why it

  • Build trust with your respondents by showing authenticity
  • Share credible surveys and prevent it from landing in spam
  • Get more responses with branded surveys

Support just a call away

Hitting a dead-end is normal while using a tool out of your zone. This is where you need a strong customer support team by your side. Resolve issues quickly, get answers swift.

SurveyMonkey CX doesn't offer phone support to its customers.

SurveyMonkey CX’s no-phone support

SurveyMonkey CX comes with chat and email support alone. The absence of phone support delays the solutions.

SurveyMonkey CX alternative SurveySparrow comes with dedicated phone support to help you with anything.

SurveySparrow’s anytime-support

This SurveyMonkey CX alternative comes with round-the-clock support to answer your questions and solve any hiccup. Give a call, and get it done.

Why it

  • Speak with real people and share your concerns
  • Get answers quick. Resolve issues quicker.
  • Don’t waste time staying on the waiting list

Pricing Plans

Let’s compare the pricing plans of SurveyMonkey CX and its best alternative, SurveySparrow.





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