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Survey App Life cycle

Create interactive inline surveys with the best survey app.

Conceptualize & create engaging online surveys to capture feedback

Share online surveys across different channels with a survey app.

Utilize multiple platforms to maximize the reach of online surveys

Analyze the survey data and gain rich insights with the survey app.

Gain inestimable insights and new perspectives from survey results


Set up a plan of action to improve business and enhance growth

What is Survey App?

Businesses, big or small, right from startup to a fully-fledged MNC rely on data to drive critical decisions and take effective strategies. These data are obtained effortlessly with the help of survey tools. Conventional methods of data collection like paper questionnaires, postal surveys, in-person interviews, etc., were time-consuming, work-intensive, and expensive. Consequently, the concept of data gathering and feedback collection didn’t gain much traction. Survey app has changed the very idea of data collection. Companies can employ the treasure trove of data to uncover crucial factors about their business, product, and services thereby driving exponential growth. Having a survey app up the sleeve makes this process efficient and smooth.

Why do businesses need a Survey App?

Survey app is beneficial for businesses in many ways. Here are six ways in which a survey app helps a business tap important data from customers and various sources.

Get product feedback

A survey app helps a business to collect feedback about their product from the customers. It is after all the customers who use the product. Therefore, knowing what they think about the product is essential for its success. With a survey app, the company can set up feedback surveys that capture the level of satisfaction and throws light on how best the product can be improved. Consequently, the product evolves in various stages and becomes a perfect fit for customers.

Gauge customer satisfaction

Survey apps help to gauge how satisfied customers are by collecting their feedback and opinions. Employing a survey right after purchase or after a customer interacts with an employee in your firm can help a business measure the customer experience.

Measure employee engagement

Survey apps help organizations to collect feedback from employees. Measure the extent of involvement among employees is essential to align the workforce with the goals and vision of the organization. In addition, engaged employees are the catalysts for building a successful organization. Customer experience will also see an advancement when employees are engaged and happy.

Perform market research

A survey app is ideal for conducting field market research. Venture out with mobile devices and survey app and collect thoughts of the audience. The survey app gathers the responses, examines it, and yields crucial insights. These are extremely important for an organization since it throws light on what’s working correctly and what’s amiss.

Understand product-market fit

Ever wondered if your product is a fit in the market you launched it in? A survey app with a product-market fit survey is all you need to understand this. You can find out the customers who love your product and the ones who are unhappy. The more your product fits the market needs, and the better is its success for reaching the top.

Capture customer data

Survey app effectively captures the preferences, likes, and dislikes. Consequently, a business can understand and know their customers better. When a company listens to the voice of their customers, it is on the path towards delivering the best experience. As a result, the brand soars to new heights.

What are the best features Survey App?

There are many survey apps available in plenty in the market. However, how do you distinguish a great one from a mediocre survey app? Here are some features that you must look out for any survey app.

An appealing UI helps to engage the audience better
Sleek Interface

Survey app that comes with an elegant interface is a great investment any day. Online surveys are known for being boring; survey abandonment is a real challenge data collectors face. Therefore, one of the surest ways to secure quality responses is by setting a nice feel to your survey with a great design and interface. Consequently, the audience gets a refreshing touch and a great user experience that translates into excellent survey completion rates.

Make online surveys accessible anywhere, anytime with multi-device compatibility feature.
Make online surveys multi-device compatible
Multi-device Compatibility

Is your survey app multi-device compatible? Does the app provide a seamless user experience across different devices? If you answered no to these questions, its time to switch survey apps. Mobile experience is gaining much attention these days. Therefore, your surveys must be compatible with different devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop. Don’t let a poor user experience ruin the chances of getting quality data or dip the survey completion rates.

Gain rich insights with the reporting module of the survey app.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Data Analysis & Reporting

Survey app that comes with a rich dashboard makes data analysis proficient and your life much simpler. Traditional methods like postal survey mails made one burn the midnight oil to get some insights from the survey responses. On the other hand, a survey app instantly captures data and stores in its dashboard. The reporting module further performs a detailed analysis and yields rich insights. Additionally, a survey app offers data security as well.

Ensure your online surveys render a truly personalized experience to each user.
Make your online surveys personalized
Personalize & Customize

Survey App helps you to add a generous pinch of personalization and customization to your online surveys. Why make your surveys boring and one-fit-for-all when you have features to make the experience truly unique and personal? With features like question piping, contact & custom params, your surveys will resemble a real-life conversation. Consequently, it reflects in the completion rates and quality of responses.

What are the benefits of Survey App?

What are the best things about having a survey app? We bring you the advantages of having a survey app.

Real-time capture of data

If you are out in the field collecting data, the survey app captures data real-time. No hassles, all you need to do is hand out your data collection device to the audience and have them take the survey. The survey app takes care of the rest.

Easy share options

Survey app offers multiple sharing methods like email surveys, web links, embedded share, SMS share, etc. Consequently, you get better visibility for your online surveys, and you can easily reach your target audience far and wide.

Analyze data anytime

The real-time reporting module of the survey app captures data instantaneously and turns the raw data into refined information in no time. With detailed reports, graphs, pie-charts, and the likes, you can examine the results anytime and track the survey performance.

On the pocket feedback

Survey app enables respondents to take the survey according to their convenience. If they are traveling or at their workbench, the survey app is ever available to receive their feedback.

Interactive surveys

Unlike conventional survey methods, a survey app helps you create a survey that’s interactive and engaging. The scope is limitless; you can incorporate multimedia elements like emoticons, images, audio, and video into surveys. Survey app has revamped the very idea of surveys.

What makes SurveySparrow the best Survey App?

Were you looking for a survey app? Not just merely a survey app, but one that fetches mighty survey completion rates, has a sleek interface to boast of, and is light on the pocket? You have arrived at the right place. Read on and find out how SurveySparrow is the best survey app you always wished to bag.

Seamless survey experience

SurveySparrow’s survey app offers a perfect survey experience across various devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop enabling respondents to experience the best survey experience. Multi-device capability takes care of adapting your online surveys to multiple devices with ease.

Diverse question types

Survey app that comes with a bunch of various question types, both open-ended and closed-ended. From MCQ, star rating, opinion scale, picture choice, matrix type, rank order, etc., the list is endless. Get more data without making your online surveys long using matrix type, rank order, and drag & drop types. Blend the right mix of questions in your online surveys with SurveySparrow.

Dual interface

Yes, you heard it right. SurveySparrow comes with not one but two interfaces- chat-like surveys and conversational forms. While chat0like surveys offer a truly messaging experience, the latter provides a smooth, conversational tone to online surveys. Get higher responses with SurveySparrow’s survey app.

Advanced reporting filters

SurveySparrow comes with a robust reporting module and advanced filters to winnow out pertinent info from the raw survey data. Apply the many filters and extract responses based survey completeness, questions & answers, respondent details, the method of share and much more!

Elevate the survey experience you provide with the finest survey app available, SurveySparrow. What are you waiting for? Sign-up and get started right away!

Happy Surveying!

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