Offline Survey Tool

Real-time data collection, on the move.
Go internet-independent.

Where data collection never halts.

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The best offline survey tool for Android and iOS. Collect data, uninterrupted.

Set-up your offline survey tool
in 4 quick steps


Create your
SurveySparrow Account

  • Name, email address… you know, the usual. Hop over!
  • Already have an account? Awesome! Let’s get started!
Create an account in your offline survey tool to begin your feedback collection.


Create an Offline Survey

  • On your own, or choose one of our custom templates.
  • Select the ‘Offline’ mode. We’re going internet-free here!
Create crisp offline surveys using your offline survey tool.


Install the Offline App

  • Playstore or App store, just a button away.
  • Sign-in.
Install the offline survey tool from Play Store or App Store.


Move to ‘Kiosk’ mode

  • Select your survey.
  • Enable Kiosk mode. Jump-start your data collection.
Turn on Kiosk mode in your offline survey tool and collect data.

Want a detailed walkthrough?

Collect data, even in the absence of internet using offline survey tool.

Move over, Internet

You needn’t wait for the Internet now. Offline survey tools help pocket feedback anywhere, anytime.

The offline survey tool auto-syncs data when an active internet connection is established.

Auto-sync Data

Keep collecting data. When you reach back and connect to a Wi-Fi, all the data will be synced to your database.

One offline survey tool for multiple use-cases.

One-for-all Tool

Running a medical camp remotely? Or collecting guest feedback from your hotel? Be it any, offline survey tool is your best bet.

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