The best JotForm Alternative for Conversational Surveys

Tired of jotting down on forms? Bag the best JotForm alternative. Break the monotony.

Bag a JotForm alternative with:

Obliging Support

Customization features

Engaging surveys

Actionable reports

Engaging & interactive surveys

It is incredibly difficult to collect feedback. Old-school, dull surveys make people abandon surveys midway. Turn surveys into meaningful conversations better answers.

JotForm comes with the typical form-filling experience and an outdated UI.
JotForm's jotting-down, dull survey experience
JotForm’s missable experience

The empty text fields, dry radio buttons, the dreary most/least likely questions. Still pondering over the low completion rates with JotForm’s dull forms?

SurveySparrow makes the best JotForm Alternative with its conversational surveys that fetch 40% higher response rates.
SurveySparrow's refreshing chat-like surveys
SurveySparrow’s conversational surveys

Strike up a conversation with your respondents with this JotForm alternative. Instead of thrusting forms make them stay, read, answer, and complete surveys.

Why it

  • Provide a finer survey experience
  • Increase the response rates
  • Make your surveys worth the respondent’s time

Email survey customization

Share fully customized and personalized email surveys with your audience. Embed the first survey question and get your respondents to take the survey, at once.

JotForm comes with a primitive email share leaving little scope for customization.
JotForm's age-old email surveys
JotForm’s crude emails surveys

JotForm comes with the primitive email share where you paste the survey URL and send it. This leaves no room for personalizing or customizing the emails.

SurveySparrow, the best JotForm Alternative, comes with a robust built-in email share that is customizable.
SurveySparrow's cutomizable, white-labelled email surveys
SurveySparrow’s customizable email surveys

This JotForm alternative comes with a robust built-in email share. Personalize emails with contact parameters and configurable subject & messages.

Why it

  • Get greater open rates for your email surveys
  • Make your surveys worth the respondent’s time

24-7-365 customer support

Remove any hiccup that comes your way while using the survey tool with round-the-clock customer support. Don’t waste time; get on a call, gather solutions.

JotForm comes with email-support alone making it a time-consuming process.
JotForm’s flimsy support

Jotform offers email support alone. If you need to get answers quickly, there’s no phone support currently available. Sigh!

SurveySparrow offers chat and call support anytime during the day for users.
SurveySparrow’s reliable support

Want some quick help? This JotForm alternative’s support team is just a phone call, email, or chat away. You may get even our customer support manager on line.

Why it

  • Talk to real people. Don’t stay on the waiting list
  • Solve your issues quickly
  • Don’t expend time on tutorials for an uncomplicated task

Survey report creation

Delegate all the effort-intensive tasks, like report creation, to your online survey software. Apply filters, compare responses, and tweak reports.

JotForm doesn't come with automatic report creation and makes users create reports from scratch.
JotForm's exhaustive process of creating reports from scratch
JotForm’s exhaustive report creation

JotForm’s clunky report creation module makes you wish for an alternative. Wouldn’t life have been easier if you could readily get the reports tailor-made?

SurveySparrow's in-depth reports help users to get actionable insights and conclusions making it the best JotForm alternative.
SurveySparrow's insightful reports
SurveySparrow’s filters & reports

This JotForm alternative creates detailed reports simultaneously as the responses come in. Export in different formats like PDF for quick perusal.

Why it

  • Study tailor-made reports and gain rich insights
  • Receive reports at your inbox at the scheduled time
  • Get insightful reports by filtering and comparing responses

Pricing Plans

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