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The best Google Forms alternative for a remarkable survey experience.

Don’t settle for:

Outdated UI

Minimal features

Basic reports

Limited customization

Conversational survey experience

Data collection is not simple. It not only requires significant responses to be credible, but it also has to have substance. Conversational surveys are the way to obtain both, seamlessly.

Google Forms offers a dull form-filling survey experience to users.
Google Forms' dull form-filling survey experience
Google Forms’ cliched web forms

The page-long, plain surveys of Google Forms are far from engaging. Never in the new millennium have boring surveys fetched quality data.

SurveySparrow's mobile-first online surveys come with a conversational experience, making it an ideal Google Forms alternative.
SurveySparrow's conversational surveys
SurveySparrow’s conversational surveys

A Google Forms alternative that holds conversational tone in surveys and helps engage with your respondents.

Why it

  • Increase your survey response rates up to 40%
  • Provide enriched survey experience

Advanced reporting & analysis

Grasp insightful conclusions that throw light on several problem-points in your business. A fine online survey software's reporting module does this job adeptly.

Google Forms offer basic reports which is barely insightful.
Google Forms' basic reports
Google Forms’ mediocre reports

The analysis and basic reports offered by Google Forms barely provide the required insights.

SurveySparrow provides reports which are in-depth and insightful.
SurveySparrow's detailed reports & insights
SurveySparrow’s advanced reporting

SurveySparrow comes with an efficient analysis module that compares responses. Apply filters and extract precise data that allows you to get the big picture.

Why it

  • Compare survey questions and understand how they relate
  • Obtain precise data from responses by applying different filters
  • Schedule reports and receive it in your inbox at your preferred time

White-labeled surveys

Imprint your brand’s persona all over with your unique domain, personalized emails, and CSS-customized surveys.

Google Forms' doesn't offer white-labelling to brand your forms.
Google Forms without white-label features
Google Forms’ lack of white-label surveys

Google Forms leaves little room for branding your surveys, securing survey URLs with your domain, and customizing using CSS.

SurveySparrow provides the white-label feature to make surveys reflect your brand.
SurveySparrow's branding and white-label feature
SurveySparrow’s white-labeled surveys

This Google Forms alternative helps you white-label surveys with branding features, add your unique domain for surveys, and CSS-customize surveys.

Why it

  • Establish trust with your audience by showing authenticity
  • Share credible surveys and prevent them from landing in spam
  • Collect more responses with branded surveys

Conditional logic branching

The first step to get the data you are looking for is to ask the right questions. Program your surveys to ask what’s relevant to them.

Google Forms doesn't branch into questions based on relevance.
Google Forms without smart logic
Google Forms’ shortfall in logic branching

All the questions in your Google Form would be displayed to respondents — relevant or not.

SurveySparrow's logic blocks skips irrelevant questions based on logic.
Create smart surveys with SurveySparrow
SurveySparrow’s efficient logic blocks

SurveySparrow helps you create smart surveys with display logic and skip logic. Display what’s essential and skip the rest with this Google Forms alternative.

Why it

  • Display only the content that pertains to a respondent
  • Avoid asking irrelevant questions
  • Prevent survey abandonment. Get higher response rates.

Recurring surveys

Automate the process of sharing periodic surveys. Set the time, date, day, and the frequency at which you want the surveys to be sent.

Google Forms makes you manually share same surveys each time.
You've to do it yourself with Google Forms
Google Forms’ manual approach

For sharing the same surveys periodically in Google Forms, there’s no way but to manually send them out every single time.

Schedule and automate periodic surveys with SurveySparrow's recurring feature.
Automate your periodic surveys
SurveySparrow’s automation mode

This Google Forms alternative lets you automate periodic surveys. Schedule and share recurring surveys, trouble-free. Focus on tasks that need more attention by leveraging automation.

Why it

  • Avoid performing time-consuming tasks manually. Automate it.
  • Save your time by focusing on activities that require your presence.
  • Allocate your resources optimally.

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