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Build stunning web forms using form makers.

Build conversational web forms with a form maker

Gather actionable data using a form maker.

Collect actionable data with your web forms using a form maker

Gather rich insights using the form maker.

Study the data collected and gather rich insights from the results

Plan out strategies using the survey insights inferred.

Devise new strategies and take better decisions from the insights

What is a Form Maker

A form maker has changed the very idea of gathering data. You ask us how? Here’s how it all started. Traditionally, people relied on postal mails and paper surveys to gather data and from an audience. Contact paper forms did the job of collecting user details while telephonic surveys and in-person interviews gathered feedback from clients. Then comes the entry of online survey software & feedback platforms. Since then the feedback collection process has observed a substantial change. 
Web forms replaced paper surveys, and online surveys took over all the existing methodologies. Now all you need is a form maker to get started with your data collection venture; it not only brings better results but is more resourceful, efficient, & swift. With a few clicks, ticks, and drag & drops, and your web form is ready!

Where all can you employ form makers?

You can use web forms created with form makers for multi-faceted purposes like:

  • In-app feedback: Getting feedback about your product by embedding feedback forms right within your app. 
Landing Pages: One of the most effective ways to increase your lead generation rates is by embedding forms in the landing pages of your website. This helps you to capture lead info and user data to recruit new customers & drive sales. 

  • Website Feedback: Embedding web forms on your website helps to collect user experience feedback from your visitors. You can use the input received to improve the website for a better experience.

Benefits of Form Maker You Must Know About

A form maker comes with a bunch of benefits that makes it a vital element of data & feedback collection. With a form maker, you can swiftly create web forms that are stunning and engaging. Right from a simple contact info form to detailed survey forms, a form maker comes with tremendous flexibility to design web forms, exactly like you want them to be. Therefore, here’s how bagging a form maker is a great move for your business.

Boost Brand Image

Form makers come with abundant design flexibility that helps to customize your web forms to match the personality of your brand. Right from the logo, fonts, and color combination, ensure your web forms reflect the brand persona. Therefore, as users come across the web forms, the brand image is embedded in their minds.

Improve Lead Generation

It is essential to collect leads and convert them into customers for a business to grow. Web forms created using form makers help to capture lead info from website visitors who reach your landing pages. Embedding web forms on the landing pages of your site can tremendously catalyze increasing the lead generation rates. As they scroll through the page, visitors can quickly fill-up the details, and you can use the data to get in touch with them.

Do it Yourself

By using a form maker, it’s easy for one to create web forms without requiring a designer or coder to do it for you. With a set of simple ticks, drag & drops, and scrolls, your web form is ready!

Efficient Resource Management

Collecting data & feedback is not an easy task. Often, the process consumes significant resources like time, capital, and manual efforts. In the long run, this would do little good for any business. However, a form maker takes immense work off your plate and takes care of all the effort-intensive jobs. 
Therefore, you can effectively manage your resources.

Look Out For These Features in Your Form Maker

If you are searching for a form maker that suits your business needs, we have rounded in on some features you can look out for.

Create smart & personalized forms using the best features of the form maker.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Smart & Personalized Forms

The form you pick must come with features like conditional logic branching and question piping that help to create smart and personalized forms. A form maker that enables you to create engaging and visually-appealing web form is a great pick. Personalizing feedback forms urges the respondents to give honest opinions. As a result, you get higher response rates and quality data.

Uncover rich insights using the form maker's robust reporting system.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Reports & Analysis

The best form creator not only helps to create stunning web forms that fetch pertinent data but also to analyze it. As a result, you can gain rich insights and gain new perspectives from the data. These insights can be employed to make better decisions that help to grow your business. In addition, devise new strategies that are backed up by solid data and improve your brand and the services you offer.

Include a host of different question type to fetch accurate responses.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Various Question Types

Including diverse question types in your forms, in addition to a great design, will immensely help to boost the response rates for your web forms. What you ask in the web forms is equally important as the way you ask them. Therefore, don’t stuff your surveys with rigid Yes/No questions. Strike the apt balance between open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Rich collection of popular templates help to get started with your surveys in no time.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Templates Collection

The form maker you choose must come with a rich collection of the most popular templates that one can readily use for creating survey forms. Consequently, you needn’t spend time figuring out the right questions that must go in your survey; the template does all the job for you! Be it customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market research, or post-event feedback!

Get The Best Form Maker- SurveySparrow

Why settle for an ordinary form maker when you can grab the best one? That’s right, after all the search, you have landed at the right place. SurveySparrow’s form maker comes with features that help to create winning web forms. Please have a look at what they are!

Build Smart, Stunning, Personalized Forms

With SurveySparrow’s form maker, you can draft web forms that are personalized,visually-appealing, and asks what’s relevant alone to the audience. How? 

  • Survey Themes: We have a gallery of themes you can pick from to make sure your surveys spells of a sleek design. Moreover, you can create themes of your own and design web forms precisely like you want- fonts, colors, images, and all of it!
  • Display Logic & Skip Logic: Suppose you are drafting a survey about fruits and the respondent gives their choice of fruit as apples. With display & skip logic, the person is then shown questions relating to apples alone. Yes, no oranges or bananas! Thus the respondent is shown what’s relevant to him based on their previous answers. This is the power of the conditional logic branching feature of SurveySparrow’s form maker!
  • Question Piping: Wouldn’t it be better if you can address your respondents by their name as they take the survey? Instead of “What are you looking for” you can ask “What brought you here, John?”. Question piping helps you do precisely this!
Embedded Forms

Embedding forms in your website help to collect site feedback and contact details or users. Similarly, lead generation information is captured by placing web forms in the landing pages of your website. Hence, embedded forms play a crucial role, altogether. This is why SurveySparrow’s form maker offers not one, but three options for embedding forms- auto-triggered, inline embed, and user-invoked. You can decide the type of option and the method of triggering these forms- automatically or after the user clicks on them!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s form maker comes with multiple sharing options like email surveys, embedded share, SMS, web links, social media, etc. As a result, when you share web forms across multiple channels, you get incredible response rates coupled with high-quality responses for your surveys.

Thus, go conversational with SurveySparrow’s form maker and get the best out of your web forms, be it for lead generation, website feedback, or customer feedback!
Happy Surveying!

Happy Surveying!

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