Secure your online surveys with advanced protection techniques.

Secure Surveys

Rest assured. Crafting surveys that are stunning, smart, and secure is no longer a mountain task. Keep your survey data confidential and safe.

Secure your online surveys with password protection and make it available to only select audience.

Password Protected Surveys

Make your online surveys protected and accessible to a select audience by deploying the password-protection feature. Once the password is set, the respondents are prompted to enter it as they click the survey link. Upon validation, they can access and take the survey.

Ensure your online surveys are secure using Custom SSL feature.

Custom SSL

SSL is a security protocol to establish a secure connection between the browser and an application. Secure your surveys using SSL by transferring encrypted data over the internet. Guard your custom domain URL with ‘https’ and relax!

Keep a track of the IP Addresses of your respondents.

Track IP Address

Keep a record of the IP addresses for tracking respondents and for preventing spamming. Make your data collection spotless with responses unique to each respondent. The IP addresses are tracked and noted in the Responses Section of survey reports.