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Why sit on top of responses if you can close the feedback loop the easiest way?
Take your business to new heights with our continuous improvement platform.

Create irresistible conversational surveys

Design surveys to the last pixel, just like you imagined them with Themes.

  • Vibrant color palette to customize the Questions, Answers, Buttons
  • Diverse fonts from over 20 font-families to take your pick from
  • Classy background image to complete the look of your survey
  • CSS customization for adding a generous pinch of coding-magic
You can select from a wide range of Survey themes and create stunning surveys in minutes.

Surveys that aren’t just pretty but smart

Make smart surveys that ask only what’s relevant based on the past responses.

  • Skip logic to bypass questions when certain logic is met
  • Display logic that shows questions based on certain conditions
  • Multiple logic blocks to quickly program clever surveys
Pose relevant questions in your surveys using conditional logic branching.

Personalize. Every respondent is unique

Create personalized surveys instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ using Piping and Custom Parameters.

  • Make surveys personal by ‘Piping’ previous answers in subsequent questions
  • Use Custom params to include relevant info with custom variables
Personalize your online surveys using question piping and custom params.

Customize ‘Thank you’ page for each respondent

Display a customized results page to each respondent after evaluating results using Expressions

  • Expressions help you do calculations and compute the result
  • Multiple thank you pages to display customized results
Display customized Thank you pages to your audience.

Collect more data with diverse question types

Obtain important data without making your surveys long using a mixed bag of question types

  • Opinion scale, Star Rating
  • Text input, Date type
  • File Upload, Contact Form
  • Matrix Type
  • Rank order, Drag & Drop… and much more!
Collect more data from your audience with diverse question types.

Automate tasks, channelize workflows

Automate all repetitive tasks with recurring feature and schedule reminder emails

  • Recurring surveys to automatically schedule & share periodic surveys
  • Configure time, date, day, and frequency
  • Reminder emails to gently urge the respondents to complete the survey
  • Separate reminder emails for partial responders and non-responders
Automate surveys using the recurring feature and share reminder emails.

Share surveys for that extra reach

Share seamlessly via a wide range of channels. Instant reach and responses, guaranteed.

  • Reach your audience via Email
  • Embed feedback widgets in your website/product
  • Send Text Surveys to your audience
  • Grab feedback from your social channels
  • Enable Recurring surveys for continuous feedback
Share your online surveys with the target audience via multiple share options.

Integrate with your system and let it flow

Your process will flow when all your business tools talk to each other. Integrate like a pro.

  • Integrate using Webhooks
  • Talk to SurveySparrow with API
  • Integrate surveys with your CRM, Helpdesk, HRMs, and more using Zapier
Integrate SurveySparrow with third-party apps using Zapier, Webhooks, and API.

Get an in-depth analysis for the best insights

Monitor your survey responses, and slice and dice the data to make quick decisions.

  • Choose among the menu of charts
  • Advanced filters to narrow down important results from reports
  • Compare results with Cross Tabulation
  • Schedule Reports to get insights in your inbox
  • Export your data to slice and dice
Perform in-depth analysis using detailed reports and advanced filters.

Let your surveys reflect your brand persona neatly

We have a cool logo, and so do you. Let your surveys speak your style with custom-all.

  • Custom Domain to get an exclusive domain for your surveys
  • Custom email to share personalized emails with respondents
Make your surveys reflect your brand’s persona with Custom Domain and custom emails.

Segment your audience for clear management

Built-in audience management and custom lists are all that you need to manage flawlessly.

  • Bulk import your users with CSV Import
  • Group your audience with lists and share specific surveys
Group your respondents into various categories using audience management feature.

Use one feedback tool across the organization

Manage visibility with folders and as many sub-accounts as you please. Switch accounts, not tools.

  • Sub-accounts for each region/department
  • Manage visibility with folders
Manage multiple sub-accounts from a single login.