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Employee Feedback: More Than A Pat On The Back

What the term ‘Employee Feedback’ conjures is a string of sketches that involves awkward communications with managers & colleagues and feedback jargons thrown all over the place that merely floats in the air. However, employee feedback is much more than a word of praise, a pat on the back when an employee shines or blanketing them with criticisms when they fail to do so.

When done right, employee feedback plays an instrumental role in improving the engagement of employees and their overall development. It is the perfect way to see the blemishes in your business and identify the right course of action for the betterment of everybody.

Employee Feedback: Why is it Crucial

Employee feedback is crucial to your business. Period. Not convinced yet? Here are some stats for you then, conducted by Officevibe.

  • 82% of employees really appreciate receiving feedback, regardless if it’s positive or negative.
  • 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of employees with low engagement.
  • 65% of employees said they wanted more feedback.
  • With an active employee feedback system in place, your organization can achieve the following.

    Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

    When employees are happy with their job, satisfied with their performance, and loves the workplace, their productivity skyrockets and they tend to miss very few days at work. They keep the vibe of the workplace high and spirited and creates an atmosphere brimming with enthusiasm. With employee feedback, you can find out what’s troubling an employee and the ways to solve their issues. Giving constructive criticisms will help them realize how they can self-improve and develop as a professional and as an individual.

    Understand the Workplace Dynamics

    Employee feedback is the surefire way to gauge the dynamics prevailing in the workplace. It is possible to understand the equation between managers & employees and colleagues & peers using employee feedback. When there is the slightest tension identified, nip it right in the bud to avoid future conflicts. Employee feedback helps to point out the flaws in intercommunications between the workforce of an organization. You can also find out if a Manager does not appropriately treat employees or if there is any mistreatment happening with the employees.

    Reduces Employee Turnover

    When employees understand that their voice is heard and that their opinions matter, they feel valued, and employees prefer an organization that treats its workforce with utmost care and as its own. In fact, according to the stats by Officevibe, there is a noted decrease of 14.9% in the employee turnover rates in organizations that implement regular employee feedback.

    Growth Of Organization

    Employee feedback is the way to go about to bring your employees and the management on the same page. When employees are happy & engaged, the workplace thrives. As the workplace thrives, the productivity witnesses a sharp growth. This results in the overall growth of an organization.

Steps to Implement Employee Feedback System

We have rounded in on the four crucial steps to collecting employee feedback efficiently and swiftly. Follow them, and you can see results that tremendously benefits your organization.

First step of employee feedback system is to build feedback surveys.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Employee Feedback Surveys

The first step toward implementing an employee feedback system is to collect feedback from employees. The best way to go about it is using online surveys which have revolutionized the fundamentals of feedback collection. Draft interactive employee feedback surveys that contain pertinent questions to collect accurate answers from your employees. Keep in mind to avoid confusing and leading questions, use diverse question types like opinion scale, star ratings and to keep your feedback surveys crisp and to the point.

Step 2 of employee feedback system is to share feedback surveys via different channels.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share it with Employees

Make sure your employee feedback surveys are distributed via different sharing channels- be it email surveys, social media, web links, or SMS option. Ensure to opt for an employee feedback platform that offers multi-device compatible surveys. This will make your surveys accessible across different devices like mobile, tablet, or desktop. So you can collect feedback from even your frequently traveling employees. When employees have the flexibility to take the survey according to their convenience, you can witness a hike in the completion rates.

Step 3 of employee feedback system is to analyze data and make conclusions.
Slice & Dice data to gain valuable insights
Gather Useful Insights

An employee feedback platform will help you uncover crucial insights from the feedback data collected and assess the different parameters at a granular level. This is very crucial to understand the workplace health, employee engagement, and to find out the flaws in the management. If you are unable to conclude, the whole process of conducting employee feedback turns out to be futile. Gather new perspectives and get to know your employees better.

Take actionable measures to engage with your employees and boost growth of the organization.
Follow-up and engage with your employees
Engage Better and Enforce Measures

Once you gather valuable insights from the employee feedback data, the next step is to take corrective measures for improvement. Give your employees consistent, constructive criticisms and avoid bombarding them negative feedback. Don’t consider this as a one-time process; employee feedback system must be implemented consistently and meticulously. Follow-up with your employees and engage with them better. Help them in their overall development and return, they’ll help your organization grow.

Gather Employee Feedback With SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow’s employee feedback platform is built to help organizations set-up and execute a flawless feedback system. We realize that happy employees create a better place, and thus left no stone unturned in helping you build an excellent employee feedback system.

World’s First Dual UI Survey Platform

SurveySparrow’s employee feedback platform is the world’s first Multi-UI survey tool that has two interfaces to choose from- conversational forms and chat-like surveys. When you converse with your employees, witness astounding completion rates for your employee feedback surveys!

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow’s employee feedback platform offers a collection of various question types t help you get accurate employee feedback. Opinion scale, star rating, customized text input, matrix grids, image choice type, to name a few! Why bore your employees with mundane surveys!

Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s employee feedback platform comes with a sturdy reporting module that supplies comprehensive reports to give you sharp insights. Gain brand-new perspectives and take the best course of action to improve your workforce and workplace.

Automated Pulse Surveys

SurveySparrow’s employee feedback survey platform provides the recurring survey feature that automatically delivers routine, periodic surveys. Once you configure when and how frequently must the surveys be sent, the employee feedback platform does the rest of the job!

Free Templates Reporistory

Browse through our popular templates like market research, employee feedback, customer satisfaction, event feedback, etc., and find the right questions for your perfect survey!

Employee feedback drives the vibe of your workplace. When done right, it enriches your organization and employees, and when done sloppily it creates a reverse impact. Set up the best employee feedback system to ensure that your employees are happy and your company thrives!

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