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What Are Employee Feedback Surveys

Employee Feedback occupies a predominant role in company strategies to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, job satisfaction, and the overall growth and progress of the organization. Employee feedback is the health-check for any organization to uncover the blemishes and flaws in the functioning of the company.

Whether positive or negative, it is imperative to reach out and talk to your employees and give them the conclusions of the surveys. According to the stats by Officevibe:

  • 4 out of 10 workers are actively disengaged if they get little or no feedback at all
  • 82% of employees truly appreciate getting feedback, regardless if it’s positive or negative
  • By providing meaningful feedback to employees, leaders can motivate employees to perform better, solve an issue before it gets graver, improve their engagement, increase productivity, and make the organization grow.

Types Of Employee Feedback Surveys

Employee feedback surveys can be broadly classified into the following categories:

360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is the process of employee feedback collection where an employee receives input from various sources like superiors, colleagues, reporting employees, and peers. This type of employee feedback survey gives a comprehensive, all-inclusive idea about an employee’s performance. The primary purpose is to improve the overall development of an employee.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement surveys are used with the aim of finding out how engaged the employees are in an organization. Engagement is not confined to an employee being happy or satisfied with their job. It talks about how passionate employees are about their work and how proud they feel to be a part of the organization.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational assessment surveys seek to uncover the opinions an employee has about the organization as a whole. This is crucial to identify what must be rectified as far as the functioning of the organization is concerned.

Exit Interview

Exit interview surveys are conducted with the aim of finding out the reason behind the employee leaving the company. This is useful in identifying the weak links in the company that must be rectified at the earliest. If not, then the company would face high employee turnover in the future.

Proven Tips to Make Your Employee Feedback Surveys A Success

Build not just a good but winning employee feedback survey to get actionable data from your employees. Here are some useful tips that are proven to make surveys an instant success!

Make your employee feedback surveys crisp, to-the-point, and not unnecessarily long.
Make your surveys crisp and to-the-point
Keep Surveys Crisp & Precise

When surveys are known to be mundane and boring, how can you expect good completion rates? The answer is simple- make your surveys interactive and conversational. Identify and set the objective of your employee feedback survey and ask questions that pertain to it. It is simple to get carried away and stuff a whole lot of questions that talk about multiple facets. This ultimately results in survey fatigue. Ensure that your employee feedback surveys are crisp.

Opt for different types of questions to get accurate feedback from employees.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Include Diverse Question Types

The employee feedback survey must have the right balance of open-ended and closed-ended questions. Ramming the survey with too many open-ended questions causes a reverse impact, and it wouldn’t be possible to uncover any proper insights from it. Explore diverse question types like opinion scale, matrix type, rank order, image choice type which makes the surveys not only exciting but helps you collect more information without making the surveys too long.

Ask the right questions to get the right feedback.
Make surveys smart & conversational with personalization
Make Surveys Personalized & Relevant

With an excellent employee feedback survey platform, it is possible to build surveys that are personalized for each user. The level of personalization motivates the respondents to give more candid and honest feedback. The employee feedback surveys you send must also be smart; i.e., it poses only what’s relevant to the respondents based on their previous answers. It doesn’t make sense asking the sales target and feedback about the Director of Sales to an engineer!

Pick the Right Channels to ensure maximum visibility for your surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Pick the Right Channels

If you wish to get quality responses and high response rates, you must ensure that the employee feedback surveys receive maximum reach & visibility. When you share the surveys across multiple platforms, be it email surveys, social media, web links or SMS option, it gives immense flexibility to your employees to pick a channel of their choice and complete the survey. Make your employee feedback surveys multi-device compatible. In this way, employees can take the survey across any device; a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Sample Employee Feedback Survey

Are you unsure about the questions that must go into your employee feedback surveys? Worry not, for we have a sample employee feedback survey to get you started in no time at all!



Here are some more employee survey templates:

Build Excellent Employee Feedback Surveys With SurveySparrow

Dual UI platform

SurveySparrow is the world’s first multi-format survey platform that offers dual interfaces- chat-like surveys and conversational forms. When your surveys are conversational in nature, you can achieve up to 40% higher survey completion rates. Abide by this Golden Rule when it comes to gathering employee feedback.

Platforms to Share

With SurveySparrow’s employee feedback survey platform, you can share surveys via different channels like Emails, Weblinks, Social Media, SMS, and so on. Wish to identify which channels work for the best? You can create unique weblinks that can be shared across any channel to track & pinpoint which channel has brought you, maximum responses.

Rich Dashboard to Analyze

Graphs, pie-charts, histograms, you name it we have it! With a whip-smart reporting module in hand, assembling insights from your employee feedback survey results is no longer a Herculean task you tend to dread!

Free Templates Collection

After much research, we have created for you the most sought-after templates loaded with the choicest questions that are capable of fetching you precise feedback. Be it market research, customer feedback, or event feedback, and we have got templates from different domains to help users get started with their online surveys, saving time!

Integrate & Innovate

SurveySparrow fits wherever you wish to plug us. With Webhooks & Zapier integration, you can integrate the employee feedback survey tool with any software out there. Witness your tasks rolling smoothly & completely automated!

Employee Feedback is a must-have element in your organization strategies if you wish to build a company and work culture that radiates success and prosperity. Get the best feedback using employee feedback surveys and make this process a simple walk in the park by bagging a great feedback software!

Happy Surveying!

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