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Build engaging surveys with 40% more response rates.

Onboard & get-started almost immediately. Easy-to-use. Zero rummagings.

Create stunning surveys using an intuitive builder rich in features.

Fluid navigation, share, & analyze in a blink

Create a survey, a beautiful one at that.

Navigate through an intuitive builder

Get the survey process in order- Build, Integrate, Share, and Results. Everything you need is just a tap away. Enjoy a complete de-cluttered survey experience with your online survey software.

Navigate easily through an intuitive builder and create surveys easily.

Pick from assorted question types

Opinion scale, matrix type, drag ‘n drop, constant sum, rank order, file upload...a myriad of question types to capture data swiftly. Create a survey and add a pinch of creativity using images, videos, emoticons, gifs, and more!

Use diverse question types in your surveys.

Design it to the last pixel

With survey themes, add life to your surveys. Design everything about your survey- background, buttons, color palette, font. Go that extra mile using CSS customization to style the surveys you create to perfection.

Design beautiful surveys using survey themes and CSS.

Make it smart & personalised

Build smart surveys by using piping logic, variables, custom params, contact params, and expressions. Use Skip & Display logic for conditionally logic-branching questions and ask only what’s relevant. Go 'human' and get higher responses.

Make surveys smart and personalised using conditional logic branching and piping.

Preview your surveys instantly

See how your survey is coming along with Live Preview as you create a survey. A dull shade or an out-of-place font? Pause and perfect it then and there. Evaluate the full survey experience before-hand and perfect it with multiple iterations.

Make changed and instantly preview your surveys.

Browse through template library

Get started with data collection instantly by choosing from our curated survey templates library. With thoroughly researched & thoughtfully prepared questions, you can instantly create and share surveys in a blink.

Browse through rich templates collection and create a survey.

Save a ton of time. And a load of headache. Leave the humdrum to us :)

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Automate surveys with recurring feature.

Configure this just once so your automated surveys will go out on schedule.

Create stunning themes for your surveys.

Design, style, and make your surveys look just the way you want.

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