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Do You Need Data Collection Software

Data is changing the world every single data. Irrespective of the industry a business is in, or the interests it has on focus, data is an inevitable aspect of striking the right cord in the market. Be it curing a disease, an academic study, examining the market using market research, and data is the fundamental building block to anything and everything. Thus a business needs a data collection software that collects and handles information to help it grow and excel.

4 Ways Data Collection Is Crucial For Business

Wondering what the buzz is around data? In today’s world, information is a metric whose worth is incalculable. Here are four ways in which data collection is crucial for businesses.

Data Collection Helps Make Better Decisions: With data and insights, companies can get to know their target market, target audience, and customers better. This helps them make improved decisions for the business to grow.

Solve Problems: Data Collection makes it easy for companies to identify and isolate problems that are potential threats to a business. For example, customer feedback surveys help it possible for brands to determine why their customers like/dislike the product or service. This can be used to resolve issues at the earliest.

Analyze Business Performance: There are different metrics for identifying and measuring the growth of businesses. Data helps managers make smarter decisions about where to take their companies after analyzing the areas which need urgent attention.

Understand Customers & Market: Being a market leader is no easy task. However, it can be made efficient using data collection. Market research makes it possible for organizations to know their target market well while online surveys make it possible to know the pulse of customers. Thus companies can spot customer patterns and trends.

A data collection software makes all the above factors a result-oriented endeavor. However, how can you utilize data collection software to get actionable data in hand? Read on to find out.

How To Employ Data Collection Software

A data collection software can be deployed to collect data in the following three techniques:

Delphi Technique

The Delphi technique is a forecasting data collection technique where the data collector gathers information from an expert panel through email surveys sent using the data collection software or in-person interviews. Here each person is asked to give his expert opinion on the subject to get a comprehensive view of the matter. The consolidated perspective is analyzed to come to the most accurate conclusion.


  • Bring demographically scattered panel experts together
  • Structured and organized group communication method
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible & quick


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires commitment from participants
  • Lower response rates
  • Survey Method

    It is the most apparent data collection method that fetches instant data and results. The data collection software can be used to create research surveys, sent it to the target audience, and gather profound insights from it. With diverse question types comprising of open-ended & closed-ended types, the surveys adeptly bring you crisp feedback real-time, instantly.


    • Faster method
    • Cost-effective
    • Better responses and quality of answers
    • Collect a large amount of data from respondents across the globe


    • Survey fatigue
    • Poor questionnaire drafting can affect results

    Collecting information in person is probably the most personal method & practical way of gaining cooperation from respondents. It is easier to analyze and find out the thoughts of the respondent using interviews. The data collected can be fed to the data collection software which can slice and dice it.


    • Personal approach
    • Get to know the pulse of respondents easily


    • Time-consuming
    • Cost-incurring
    • Slower process

    Each method comes with its advantages and disadvantages. That being said, online surveys supersede the traditional methods of collecting data.

Must-have Features of Data Collection Software

Here are five must-have features that your data collection software must offer no matter what. Have a look at what they are:

Opt for Data Collection Software that has a sleek interface to boast of.
An appealing UI helps to engage the audience better
Sleek Interface

The data collection software you opt for must boast of an elegant interface that’s engaging. People have a natural aversion towards taking surveys and questionnaires and the best way to tackle this issue is by offering a refreshing experience to the respondents. Opt for data collection software that lets you create conversational surveys. This immediately translates into two things: greater survey completion rates and higher quality of responses.

Data Collection Software that offers diverse share options.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Options

Once you draft your surveys, its time to send them out to your respondents. However, are you planning to share it with just a channel or two? To get higher response rates for surveys, ensure that your surveys are shared via multiple channels like email surveys, web links, social media, SMS option, and more! Opt for a data collection software that offers you such diverse channels. Also, ensure they software provides the multi-device capability. This allows respondents to take surveys anywhere, anytime!

Group your audience into different categories for better sorting.
Segment your audience into various groups for ease & clarity
Audience Management

Audience management is a feature which your data collection software must offer. This feature helps you segment your respondents based on different categories. Very often, your audience would belong to diverse demographics and managing them would turn out to be a cumbersome process. Bid adieu to all the trouble with the audience management feature offered by data collection software! Achieve better visibility and easy sorting and quickly send out the right surveys to the right audience.

Analyze the data using data collection software and gain rich insights.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Reporting Module

While you are handling paper surveys, it’s time-consuming to collect the data. Once you obtain the data, you can find a stack of paper waiting impassively for your perusal. This is exhausting, especially after the painstaking efforts of gathering the responses in the first place. An online data collection software not only makes the process of collecting data effortless but analyzing it as well. With detailed reports, get a 360-degree view in totality.

SurveySparrow as Your Data Collection Software

Data collection software makes the data collection process simple. However, a great data collection software like SurveySparrow makes the process proficient and result-packed. Find out how SurveySparrow can step up your data collection game.

Multi-UI Data Collection Software

With SurveySparrow, the idea is to quit interrogating and begin conversing. The online survey software has dual UI which is the world’s first multi-UI software. With chat-like surveys & conversational forms, SurveySparrow’s data collection software summons you tremendous response rates.

Recurring Surveys

Why manually do tasks that can be automated? SurveySparrow allows you to send out cyclic surveys automatically using the recurring survey feature. With SurveySparrow’s data collection software, get work off your plate and let the tool do the job for you!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s data collection software offers a plethora of survey share options like:

  • Email surveys
  • Social Media
  • Weblinks
  • SMS share
  • Embedding surveys

Get higher completion rates than ever!

Rich Insights

SurveySparrow’s data collection software is equipped with a powerful dashboard that bestows you with accurate reports to give you a comprehensive view. Save time & lessen efforts; collect refined information in no time!

Make your data collection process a simple walk in the park with the best data collection software by your side. Turn the tables for your business and course it in the right direction with SurveySparrow!

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