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How SPB Web Solutions smartly uses SurveySparrow to increase qualified prospects by 30%

Steve Bentley, CEO & Founder
Steve Bentley

CEO & Founder, SPB Web Solutions

About the Company

SPB Web Solutions was founded from the frustration that coaches' websites simply did not provide an adequate return on investment, and Steve wanted to change that.

Situated in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, SPB works with ambitious coaches in Health, Fitness and Wellness domains from around the globe, and helps them take their business to the next level by attracting profitable clients and increasing predictable recurring revenues.

Today, SPB Web Solutions is UK’s #1 online sales automation specialist for ambitious Health, Fitness and Wellness businesses.

SPB Web Solutions

SPB Web Solutions provides IT and Digital Marketing solutions to Health & Wellness Coaching Businesses.


Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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When SPB Web Solutions started generating a ton of prospects, they were stuck as they didn’t have a clear picture of how to smartly handle the growing number of prospects. They wanted to individually connect each prospect and make a decision whether they would buy SPB Web Solution’s service or not. But reaching out to a huge audience will take a lot of human effort and time.

Another problem the company faced was segregating the audience based on their responses. Again a mammoth task in front of the company! With limited resources in number, the task looked quite unachievable. So the company was in search of a software that could automate all their requirements. At the same time, the company was so much concerned about the completion rate as well.

“If you don’t qualify leads, you’re just throwing darts in the dark like an unfocused sales monkey. Moreover, it affects your performance, and wastes your time and energy.”


SPB Web Solutions started using SurveySparrow to gather necessary data from each particular prospect. Based on survey responses they started making decisions, like whether it was worth investing their time trying to sell to a particular prospect.

What exactly Steve Bentley, CEO & Founder at SPB Web Solutions, did was, he picked up the whole list of prospects and sent them a nicely curated survey via SurveySparrow’s built-in email platform. The survey asked prospects whether they were interested in a free consultation call or not. Participants who wanted to have a call were automatically segmented into a relevant audience list. Once this was done, all Steve had to do was contact the qualified prospects and seal the deal with them.

On the other hand, the company smartly used Display Logic feature in the survey by which those who weren’t interested in a free consultation call were branched to answer why they weren’t interested.

“Qualifying is all about gathering needful insights and making a good judgment. There comes SurveySparrow! SurveySparrow’s conversational style made things much easier for us to get people register for our free consultation offer. Meanwhile, it simultaneously helped us to qualify and segment applicants with ease, based on their survey responses.”


These are just a few ways how SPB Web Solutions uses SurveySparrow to qualify hot prospects. As a result of effective execution, SPB Web Solutions witnessed a 30% spike in sales-qualified prospects which drastically fostered their revenue even further.

More importantly, surveys helped SPB Web Solutions understand why disqualified prospects didn’t show up for a free consultation call, and what selling propositions were missing in company’s offering.

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