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Build interactive customer satisfaction surveys.

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Get refined customer satisfaction information from raw data.

Draw invaluable conclusions & identify blind-spots from responses

Plan effective customer satisfaction strategies.

Chart a well-structured course of action for improvement & execute it

Debugging The Customer Satisfaction Code

There’s a huge buzz that surrounds customer satisfaction in the business world, and rightly so. The product you make and the service you offer is ultimately for the customers to use. Customer satisfaction is a metric that’s used to calibrate the extent to which customers are happy with your product, the service you provide, and the overall experience they have with your brand.

If a business targets revenue, sales, growth, loyal customer base, then the first step to start is by analyzing the degree of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers bring in revenue and more customers; unhappy ones drive away both and send your brand tumbling down in no time. Thus customer satisfaction and customer feedback exert a significant influence on the roadmap of a brand.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in 4 Easy Steps

If you don’t have a customer satisfaction barometer in place today, don’t worry. The best time to start is NOW. Let’s get to these four simple & proven steps to measure customer satisfaction effortlessly.

1. Set Clear Objectives

Before anything else, it is necessary to set clear goals before you take the plunge. It would be ideal if you had a clear idea about why you wish to measure customer satisfaction-

  • Is it to get the level of customer satisfaction on the product you offer
  • Is it to measure the experience they had at various touch-points
  • Is it to identify disgruntled customers and expedite quick recovery measures

Once you have a clear about what it is that you wish to achieve by determining customer satisfaction, ask!

2. Collect Customer Satisfaction Data

There are different means to gauge customer satisfaction data like CSAT surveys, NPS surveys, social media, email surveys, live chat, online reviews and so on. Based on the touch-point and the nature of feedback data you need, you can employ any of these methods to listen to your customers. Opt for options that give you the best results and keep them all open.

3. Analyze the Results

Once you get the data, it’s time to slice & dice it and gain conclusions and new perspectives. A customer satisfaction tool can quickly help you do this. You no longer need to dread the stack of feedback forms that await you. The customer feedback software can do that job for you!

4. Take Action Right Away

Once you know what your customers think, get to action immediately. Don’t let your customers hang by a thread. When you raise an issue, and you resolve them in a blink, you win a customer for life.

Customer Satisfaction Methodologies in Vogue

You know how to measure customer satisfaction, here are some popular methodologies to gauge customer satisfaction easily.

CSAT surveys are proven customer satisfaction methodology.
Send CSAT surveys to get quick feedback
Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What better way to listen to the voice of your customers than with online surveys that have changed the very fundamentals of online data collection. With just a few clicks and ticks, you can get started with your very first customer surveys! Ensure to keep your surveys crisp and to the point. Nobody likes the sound of a lengthy survey that eats away time and patience. Keep in mind what you wish to know from your customers as it is very easy to get lost leading to question stuffing.

NPS methodology helps you measure customer loyalty swiftly.
Gauge customer satisfaction & loyalty with NPS
Net Promoter Score

NPS is the simple metric that measures customer loyalty in-depth. With a straightforward question of the likelihood of a customer recommending the brand to a friend or family, NPS is one of the best means to measure customer satisfaction. Customers refer brand nothing but the best. Thus a high NPS score implies that the organization is thriving while a poor rating means bad news. Having an excellent NPS score also means that your customer satisfaction index is perfect.

Social media is a powerful tool for gathering customer satisfaction data.
Quick polls through social media helps to assess customer satisfaction
Social Media

Social media is one of the most potent tools for uncovering customer satisfaction. People take it to the social media for expressing themselves- be it an excellent service they are delighted about, or a miserable experience that’s left a big frown. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to ensure that you address & resolve any query raised by customers. Using quick polls, comments, and posts, you can uncover customer patterns & trends with utmost ease.

Send personalized email surveys that collects candid feedback from customers.
Personalized email surveys help to gather customer satisfaction
Email Surveys

The good old emails. Emails are the best means of collecting honest responses from customers. It is easy to strike up a conversation with your customers and send them personalized messages to evaluate the level of satisfaction. Since emails aren’t public like social media, many customers wouldn’t hesitate to indulge in some candid feedback. You can ask what they feel about the product and services you offer and do quick solve for their issues.

Feedback widgets are useful tools in gathering quick feedback from users and resolve issues.
Employee feedback widgets that'll collect customer feedback
Feedback Widget

Feedback widgets are great tools for gathering quick visitor feedback. With an unobstructed, user-friendly design, you can set the feedback widget to pop-up gently asking the visitor for feedback. If there is something the user is unable to locate, or if he’s unhappy about any aspect of the website/product then you can instantly know about it. Feedback widgets not only help to assess customer satisfaction but also to capture lead information of potential clients.

Why Ignoring Customer Satisfaction Will Cost Your Business- Big Time

Customer satisfaction is like Thor’s Hammer for your business- invincible and omnipotent. So here are top reasons why you must religiously swear by customer satisfaction.

Lose Customer Treasure Trove

Loyal customers bring in a steady flow of revenue and turn into brand advocates for your product. Studies show that word-of-mouth referrals and praise is the best marketing your product can get. So what’s the result of ignoring customer satisfaction? You lose your best customers. According to studies, it about 5-10 times costlier to recruit new customers than retain existing ones. So you can picture the loss incurred when you lose customers and the ordeal involved in acquiring new ones.

Closes The Revenue Door

When you lose the customer trove, the revenue leaves the door as well. Customers try your brand, buy your brand, love your brand, and buy again! If they are unsatisfied, none of these will happen. Disregard customer satisfaction and you can witness a sharp dip in your revenue and sales.

Your Competitors Get The Last Laugh

When you don’t treat your customers nicely, they ditch your brand. Then where do they go?

Your competitors.

As Kate Zabriskie, Founder Business Training Works rightly says,

Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will.”

So why arrange the means for your customers to leave your brand and pick your competitors?

Unhappy customer= Loss of Potential Customers

Unhappy customers are your most significant source of negative marketing. According to the American Express Survey, 2011, Customers tell an average of 9 people about good experiences and tell 16 (nearly two times more) people about poor experiences. Isn’t this enough to knock your brand off the throne it comfortably sits on!

So the bright side of ignoring customer satisfaction is… NONE.

Ace Your Customer Satisfaction Game With SurveySparrow

Customer Satisfaction is not a term to be thrown around. It can turn things around for your business very easily. So grab a customer satisfaction platform that’ll help you set up and implement flawless customer satisfaction! SurveySparrow is one such platform. Read to find out why!

World's First Multi-UI Tool

SurveySparrow aims at making data collection an actionable process. To get great data, you can throw boring surveys at your audience. With a dual-UI that offers chat-like surveys & conversational forms, SurveySparrow helps you collect valuable customer satisfaction data in no time!

Recurring Surveys

Keeping up with the customer pulse is a methodical process. It can’t be done once and then forgotten. Thus it is imperative to keep your customers in the loop with periodic customer satisfaction pulse surveys and follow-up emails. Automate this very process using the recurring feature. Once you configure the survey settings, SurveySparrow sends out the surveys as per your preference.

Share Options

Extend utmost flexibility to your customers. You ask us how? By sharing your customer surveys through different channels. More the merrier! Pick the channel that offers most returns. Some of the sharing options include:

  • Email Surveys
  • Social Media
  • Weblinks
  • SMS Share
  • Embed Option
Robust Reporting Module

SurveySparrow offers a powerful dashboard that helps you uncover crucial insights from the customer satisfaction data and gain rich insights from it. Once you transform the raw data into polished information, you can identify the areas which need urgent attention.

Free Templates

SurveySparrow's free survey templates collection is sure to get half your work done in no time. With popular templates from different domains like market research, customer feedback, employee engagement, event feedback, etc., get started with your surveys, now!

Customer satisfaction is a crucial element as it aids you to resolve problems, reduce churn, increase customer retention, and identify loyal customers that can be brand evangelists.

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