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Top 10 Usersnap Alternatives For 2023

Kate Williams

24 February 2023

9 min read

Are you not liking the limited functionality and customizability that Usersnap offers? Have you desperately wished for a better UI and guidance from Usersnap’s end? Well, you’re not alone!

For the longest time, Usersnap was indeed a reliable customer feedback software. And rightly so – with its effortless survey building, and analytics capabilities. Truth be told, there was very little to not like about the platform. However, things have changed now, and it is debatable whether this online survey tool endured the test of time and functionality.

So, it’s only logical to branch out and explore other options. To make things easier for you, we bring to you what we think are some of the best Usersnap alternatives to look out for in 2023. Let’s get to it right away, shall we?

Top 10 Usersnap Alternatives For 2023

Without further ado, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag with these 12 Usersnap alternatives:

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. Hotjar
  3. Parlor
  4. UserReport
  5. Canny
  6. InMoment
  7. Jotform
  8. SoGoSurvey
  9. Tagado
  10. Loop
  11. Wufoo
  12. Formstack


At SurveySparrow, we aim to refine customer experiences in any way we can. And collecting user feedback is one of the prominent ways we do that.

usersnap alternatives

Let’s face it. Most customer feedback surveys fail to get people’s attention or get them excited about it, but not this tool. We don’t intend to toot our own horn, but SurveySparrow’s conversational interface is so exciting that it promises 40% more feedback response than usual, making it one of the best product and user feedback tools in the market.

Other key features:

  • Round the clock, 365 days support
  • Close the customer feedback loop with SurveySparrow’s case management
  • Reduce customer churn across channels with its conversational surveys
  • Works brilliantly as a market research tool to find new product ideas or revenue streams
  • Improve customer relationships with not just surveys but with SurveySparrow’s Feedbot, too
  • Lets you automate customer reminders to fill feedback forms
  • Personalize all customer surveys with SurveySparrow’s white-labeling feature
  • Roll out NPS surveys to identify customer pulse and sentiments

Price: The SurveySparrow team will tell you all about its pocket-friendly plans.

Sign up here to get a 14-day free trial of SurveySparrow!

#2. Hotjar

Usersnap alternatives: Hotjar

Used by giants like Adobe and Shopify, Hotjar takes a visual approach to customer feedback, that’s very fresh and intuitive. Its all-in-one solution visualizes behaviors using heat maps to help understand what your web visitors care about.

These heat maps show how users scroll, move, and click on your website. It also shows exactly how your visitors are navigating the website through visitor recordings.

Furthermore, Hotjar offers conversion funnels that help businesses understand where your visitors are dropping off, allowing them to work on it and reduce the bounce rate.

Key features:

  • Form analysis to identify fields in a survey or form where people are taking too long to fill
  • Feedback polls that illuminate the thought process behind user decisions.

Price: Hotjar comes with a free forever Basic plan with the paid ones starting from $32 per month.


Usersnap alternatives: Parlor

Next on this list is This tool supports the entire user feedback loop in one system, giving companies a single platform to gather and analyze all customer data.

Parlor syncs well with all your business tools, including live chat, ticketing systems, CRM, and existing analytics suite, allowing teams to measure results across different channels.

With this, you can prioritize feature requests and automatically close customer loops when improvements are made. A damn good tool, eh?

Key features:

  • Easy data importing facility
  • Features to run sentiment, opportunity, & friction analysis
  • Customer feedback prioritization

Price: Talk to its team to know the different prices.

#4. UserReport

Usersnap alternatives: UserReport

True to its words, UserReport is a set of flexible user feedback tools telling who your users are, and what exactly they want to achieve.

UserReport is based on two simple tools – a survey and a feedback forum. It runs as an integrated part of your website or app, enabling you to have direct interaction with users to learn who they are, what they are looking for – and how they think you and your brand can improve.

With UserReport, you’re not just collecting feedback but also performing feedback analysis, then and there. And that’s empowering for any brand.

Key features:

  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Fluid UI
  • In-depth knowledge base

Price: Oh… did we tell you its best part? UserReport is a Usersnap free alternative. Yes, a completely free tool!

#5. Canny

Usersnap alternatives: Canny

Canny is a customer feedback and feature request platform to help businesses capture, analyze, prioritize, and track feedback to plan product and feature releases. It allows you to collect feedback from multiple channels to automatically organize the generated insights into a list for developing a future roadmap.

It also allows customers to post feedback directly from your website or app —making it easier for brands to prioritize the features they care about most. While Canny is a great feedback tool, everything else is a manual process here. So keep that in mind.

Key features:

  • Good collaboration options
  • Multichannel data capture
  • Efficient product road mapping

Price: This Usersnap alternative offers a great free forever plan with a lot of features, while the Growth plan for teams comes for a whopping $400 per month price tag. Go with its free plan first. If you like it, make the plunge.

#6. InMoment

InMoment is a tool that collects not just customer, but employee feedback, too. And after SurveySparrow, it is the only tool offering proper market research solutions on this list.

It also captures collective and individual customer feedback through action planning and case management tools. Your team just has to devote more time at first to understand the tool. After that… everything’s fine and dandy here!

Key features:

  • Big-data dashboards for keeping up with all customer journeys easily
  • Atool for holistic CX management
  • An efficient customer support team

Price: Available on request

#7. Jotform

When it comes to minimalism with a neat interface, Jotform is one of the best Usersnap alternatives around. It helps you customize online surveys using filters, and powerful logic, with the option to integrate it with a wide range of useful applications. Along with that, you can easily share your surveys via emails, SMS, and QR codes in just a few clicks. So cool, right?

Key features:

  • Offers mobile surveying capability
  • Lets you build employee-oriented surveys along with the usual customer feedback ones
  • A support team to help you anytime and always!

If these features aren’t enough reasons to give this customer feedback tool a try, check out our Jotform alternatives blog to look for other options.

Price: Offers a Starter pack with the Bronze plan starting from $34 per month.

#8. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey (now Sogolytics) is one of the best Usersnap alternatives that comes with some handy survey tools for survey designing, distribution, and participation while being known for offering multi-channel feedback. It helps you to create steady and individually-tailored surveys across all customer and employee touchpoints, something which Usersnap does not do.

Key features:

  • Drap-and-drop survey-designing tools
  • Pre-built templates
  • Behavior analytics
  • Data-rich customer and employee experience reports

Price: The plans for its online survey tool start from $25 per month.

#9. Tagado

Tagado is pretty unique Usersnap competitor and alternative that gathers information your customers leave across all platforms and websites into its platform, allowing you to make strategic data-based decisions quickly and efficiently.

The solution collects data, automatically organizes it, and provides detailed feedback, as well as competitor analysis. With the data gathered across platforms, you can discover new opportunities for product updates and quickly identify areas of improvement. It’s a tool definitely worth trying.

Key features:

  • Automated data segmentation
  • Demography analysis
  • Automated experience management

Price: Available on request and as per your requirements

#10. Loop

Usersnap is a tool with useful, but basic features. Live feedback collection is something completely out of its domain. And this is exactly where Loop specializes.

This customer feedback management software includes a screenshot plug-in to integrate into your website, along with an embedded forum to let visitors vote on submitted feedback that drives strategic product decisions.

It’s a unique tool in its own right!

Key features:

  • Screenshot plugin
  • Instant email notification on new feedback
  • Video for customer support for faster and personalized query resolution
  • Powerful online forums

Price: Loop offers a very attractive Starter plan that’s free, with the premium plan costing $39 per month.

#11. Wufoo

Cool name for a survey platform, right? Wufoo pretty much offers the same features as the other Usersnap alternatives on our list. But then, you may ask why we’ve included it. It’s because of the ease with which it offers these features! Wufoo is primarily used to create online polls, quizzes, and online surveys, with pretty solid features to choose from.

Key features:

  • Accepts payments with ease
  • Option for custom branding
  • Customize all themes and designs
  • Automated workflows
  • Custom report, and data export

Price: Wufoo’s Starter plan comes for $14.08 per month. Dirt cheap!

#12. Formstack

Formstack, with its powerful features and intriguing interface, is an amazing Usersnap alternative. And it has gained traction due to its ability to integrate with other apps seamlessly.

Key features:

  • A massive library of templates and themes
  • Easy payment collection
  • Completely customizable reports
  • Smart listing capability
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Affordable pricing options

Price: The starter plan starts at $50 per month. Try it first for free and then decide on it.

How Do User Research & Feedback Benefit Businesses?

Now that we’ve listed the top 12 Usersnap alternatives, let’s talk about user research.

There are 5 prime ways in which user research & feedback help businesses. We talk about them here:

  1. Boosts Retention: Unhappy customers find a better alternative and switch. So if you want to retain your existing customers, conduct regular research to know their changing preferences, don’t ignore their feedback, address their pain points, and improve your offerings.


  1. Product & Service Updates: A consumer feedback and satisfaction survey offers actionable information on missing elements and glitches in your offerings. This lets you update your product according to the growing and changing consumer needs.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The information obtained from feedback and satisfaction surveys is very helpful in adjusting your processes, employee training, and products to make sure customers are always being delivered the best experience.


  1. Easy Customer Acquisition: User research & feedback elicit reliable information that is helpful for your potential consumers. While honest opinions from your existing consumers help rectify issues, positive reviews attract new customers.


  1. New Opportunities: Genuine feedback identifies untapped, new business opportunities that can bring more revenue. Such feedback and research are probably the best way to find and capitalize on exciting opportunities before any of your competitors will.

5 Survey Best Practices You Must Know About!

Surveys are tricky. Why? It either charms people so much that they end up giving all details you need, or frustrates them enough to leave your survey in between. Hence, it’s crucial to design surveys that people can relate to and acknowledge every time.

We’ve got 5 best practices to help you ace the survey game! Here we go:

Follow A Brand Image

If you and your team have put great effort and time into creating a strong brand image, it should reflect in your surveys, too. Basically, that brand image should remain the same, whether it’s your website, emails, or forms. Otherwise, people get confused and don’t connect well.

So, while choosing pictures, colors, and fonts for your survey, think about whether it goes in line with your brand image. If not, keep searching for a better option. No need to rush.

Use Different Fields

No matter what your business is, visitors, come to your website for different things. A simple “Your comment” field on surveys won’t work in knowing what they’re up to. Design surveys to generate fields based on the response to an initial question (SurveySparrow lets you do that with ease!). This way, you keep the visitor’s attention and let them know their interests matter.

Remove Repetitions

Experience. Thinking about the kind of customer experience you wish to deliver is an essential part of the survey-building process. Because streamlining the survey-filling experience goes a long way in getting quality data collected. So, if you think you can remove a step or a field from the survey, do it. It’ll make the entire process faster and much more engaging.

The Right Tone

Just like the brand imagery, it’s always best to match your form’s tone with that in your website and social accounts. This uniformity allows respondents to connect with you better and on a deeper level. And that translates into better responses!

Specify the “hook”

Initially, the better the hook in your surveys, the better the responses are, both in terms of quality and volume. This hook can be a reward, a one-on-one conversation, or a relevant piece of information. But whatever it is, it’s crucial to specify it right at the start. Don’t let the audience guess on this one.

Summing It Up

Usersnap is something anybody can use, yet not perfect. While it will certainly take your most basic survey needs, if you want to scale, it will disappoint you! With its poor US, dearth of useful customizations, and tricky integrations, Usersnap sure is a letdown, and you can do better without it, especially with these 12 alternatives.

We hope our list of Usersnap alternatives helped you choose a customer feedback software that checks all boxes. Though every such tool has its own set of features, you should choose based on your business goals because that’s what really matters!

If you’re still considering, you can always check out SurveySparrow’s website. We promise to take care of your survey needs like none other. Danke!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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