Feedbot gets things done for you. Easy installation,
personalization, no code tool !

Use SurveySparrow’s Feedbot to get things done, for you.

The experience bundle for your
customers & employees

Employee engagement bots for Slack & Microsoft
Teams. Drive productivity

Drive productivity via Slack & Microsoft Teams with employee engagement bots.
Conduct daily SCRUM,
weekly reflections

Conduct daily SCRUM and weekly reflections to track progress and employee performance. Embed Feedbot with simple share options. At your preferred time, in your preferred channel, Feedbot takes the update from your employees.

Measure periodic

Use Feedbot to run periodic employee NPS® and measure their loyalty and engagement with the work. Uncover the reasons behind dissatisfaction and improve employee happiness.

Run employee pulse

Stay in constant touch with the pulse of your employees. Understand their needs and resources to perform better. Empower your employees to perform better with Feedbot.

Host quick
employee polls

Got a team lunch coming up? Want to vote the star performer of the month? Run quick polls in Slack and make decisions, fair & quick.

Track employee

Set-up employee engagement bots and share it with employees periodically. Discover actively disengaged employees and resolve issues at the earliest. Feedbot pops up based on your configuration- monthly, bi-annually, or quarterly.

Check-in on employees

Conduct check-ins on your employees to resolve hiccups they face at work. Set-up 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day check-ins on your new hires and onboard them comfortably.

Build customer service bots. Collect feedback,
resolve queries, gather leads.

Why Feedbot as your survey bot?

Easy to set-up

Configure appearance,
buttons, color, and more.

& engaging

Get 40% higher response

Integrate with
any application

Notify relevant teams.
Automate workflows.

No-code embed
& share

Use the auto-generated embed
code. No HTML, here!

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