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What is a Survey Bot?

Survey Bot is a chatbot that interacts with users to assist them, resolve queries, and collect data/feedback from them. The conversational nature of survey bots makes them a powerful tool to interact with users and gather their opinions & feedback. People are more likely to interact with a survey bot, and businesses can leverage the conversational nature to enhance the customer experience and profile their target audience better. A customer may frown at a lengthy survey form, but not to a friendly survey bot who pops up to collect some quick feedback.

How to set-up your Survey Bot?

How does a survey bot work? How do you create a survey bot? Even if you aren’t familiar with HTML language or don’t design like a pro, you can still go ahead and create a survey bot on your own. And, this very fact makes them powerful data collection tools.

Here are four easy steps that illustrate how you can use a survey bot for business.





1. Create your survey bot

The first step is to create your survey bot. Draft the questions you need to ask and organize the flow of the conversation. Include multimedia components like images, audio, video, emoticons to make the bot lively and human-like. Engage with your visitors, build a rapport, and gather valuable feedback from them using survey bots.

2. Embed your survey bot

Once you create your bot, the next step is to deploy it on your website or app. If you browse through, you’ll notice that the best survey bot apps in the market require no coding- the embed code is auto-generated by the platform. You just need to copy the code of the bot and paste it on your website.

3. Collect data & feedback

Once you deploy the survey bot, sit back, and relax. The bot for your website captures all data from its interaction with users. The best survey bot apps come with a robust reporting module that captures this data in real-time and stores it securely.

4. Analyze data & gain insights

The reporting module presents you with insightful reports that’ll help you make powerful deductions. Thereby, you can strategize and make intelligent decisions based on the insights brought by your survey bot app.

SurveySparrow as your Free Survey Bot

SurveySparrow has a very own free survey bot that’s interactive, engaging, and smart at collecting data. We fondly call it Feedbot. Would you like to know what makes our chatbot the best survey bot app?

Create personalized conversations

Survey bots mimics real-life conversations well due to a host of personalization & customization features. Question piping allows you to incorporate into a new question, the answer of a previous one. For example, say the survey bot collects the user’s name. With the piping feature, you can addresses the user by their name and, thereby, make the conversation more human-like. Similarly, contact-params and custom-params help to customize your bot and make it relevant to each user.

Personalize and customize your survey bot and provide a unique user experience to each customer.
Create coversational survey bots

Build smart bots with logic branching

Create an intelligent survey bot by using the conditional logic branching feature that asks only the relevant questions and skips the rest. For example, a user identified themselves as vegan. Do you want to ask them about their favorite cheese? Skip Logic helps you do precisely that. Display logic will show a particular question only if certain conditions are met. For instance, asking a coffee-addict their favorite type- a cappuccino or mocha!

Ask relevant questions alone with your survey bot using conditional logic branching.
Create a smart survey bot by using conditional logic branching feature

Design & style with themes, CSS

What if your survey bot is not just smart, but pretty as well? You can design your free survey bot with survey themes and style it to perfection by using CSS. Play around with the font, color palette, background image, and more. You can choose a theme from our Themes Gallery or go ahead create one on your own. Make your survey bots vibrant and visually stunning.

Round in on a survey bot platform that offers immense design flexibility.
Design your bot with themes and style it with CSS

Embed survey bots easily

With SurveySparrow, you can easily embed the free survey bot on your website/app using a single code snippet. Once you customize the widget, you can copy the code that’s displayed and paste it in your site/app. And that’s done. In case you want to make any customization change to your bot, don’t worry, the code gets automatically updated. You can embed the bot as a pop-up card, as a chatbot, or inline embed it even.

With easy embedding method, you can integrate survey bot in website or app easily.
Embed the survey bot easily on your website without any coding

Collect data & gain rich insights

SurveySparrow’s free survey bot comes with a robust reporting module where you can analyze the data and then gain rich insights about website visitors and the user experience. The tool instantly captures data in-real-time and generates export-ready reports. Cross-tabulate reports using the Compare feature and use Advanced Reports Filters to filter responses based on questions, answers, degree of completeness, and more.

Gain in-depth insights and reach new conclusions with reporting module of survey bot.
Analyze the data and gain actionable business insights

Create my first Survey Bot, now!

Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate your survey bot
with any app

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


What are some popular use-cases of Survey Bots?

Here are some of the popular scenarios where you can employ a survey bot.


Online shopping experience

Embed a survey bot on your em-commerce website and trigger it when a user leaves a cart or after successful payment. Decode purchase behavior of your consumers and bring in variety in your products.


Fixing medical appointments

You can employ a survey bot to collect appointment requirements from patients and schedule them for your clinic. Share a confirmation email after they submit a convenient time.


Travel booking experience

There are umpteen sites to book your travel now. However, stand out from the crowd and make your travel booking experience the best by collecting visitor feedback using a survey bot and continuously improving the experience.


Cake or T-shirt order form

Use a survey bot not just for collecting feedback but also for orders from visitors. For example, if you are running a cake shop or a T-shirt website. Get notified instantly or new orders, get all the order details in the dashboard and prioritize.


Delivery experience

Own an online delivery website or app for food or clothesline? After the delivery of the good, deploy a survey bot to know how customers liked the product and the delivery agent’s interaction as well.


Competitions & events

Got an event or business conference coming up? Or a competition like a photography contest? Employ a survey bot to receive the entries for the competition or the tickets for the event.

What are the benefits of using Survey Bots?

Extend support 24*7

Provide support to all your website visitors and customers by employing a survey bot on your website and in-app. Address their queries, alert your customer-facing teams instantly, and resolve it quickly.

Collect website feedback

Understand the experience users have on your website by using a survey bot. Was the experience fluid? Was there anything hard to locate? Is the quality of the content good? Find out.

Measure user experience

Collect feedback from users about the experience they had interacting with your brand. Take this opportunity to collect product feedback, quality of sales experience, and their willingness to recommend your brand to another person.

Generate lead information

Embed a survey bot on all significant landing pages of your website and capture lead information easily. A bot ensures you don’t miss out on even a single lead.

Gather in-app feedback

Deploy a survey bot in your product app and get instant feedback from your customers. Test the reception to a new feature that’s rolled out.

Broadcast important info/announcements

Announce any important information on your website or app by using survey bots. Consequently, you can answer any questions a user may have and extend instant support and resolution.

Now that you've seen the best ways in which you can use a free survey bot for your business, are you ready to set the ball rolling with your survey bot? Sign up with SurveySparrow and create your very first chatbot in under 10 minutes!

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