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Survey Bot

Survey Bot opens doors to a lively survey experience. Provide a hassle-free user experience with our Survey Bot

How to use Survey Bot

Create a survey bot for your website/app.

Build visually stunning, conversational survey bot

Embed survey bot into your app or site easily.

Embed survey bot in your website or app easily

Collect data with the survey bot from users and customers.

Collect valuable data from users or offer assistance

Study and analyze the data collected by the survey bot.

Study the collected data and take measures to improve

What is Survey Bot?

Survey Bot is a chatbot that interacts with users and assists them, resolve queries, and collect data/feedback from them. Survey bot has gained much prominence since their approach involves engaging the user in conversations. This very behavior makes them a powerful tool to interact with users and gather their thoughts & feedback. People are more likely to interact with a survey bot and businesses can leverage the conversational nature to enhance the customer experience and profile their target audience better. A customer may frown at a long survey form, but never to a friendly survey bot who pops up to collect some quick feedback.

How to deploy a Survey Bot?

How does a survey bot work? How do you create a survey bot? There’s some good news about survey bots you must know. Even if you aren’t an HTML hunk or a designer Jedi, you can still go ahead and create a survey bot on your own. Here are four steps that illustrate how you can use a survey bot for business.

1. Create your survey bot

The first step is to create your survey bot. This includes drafting the questions you need to ask and organizing the flow of the conversation. Include multimedia components like images, audio, video, emoticons to make the bot lively and human-like. Customers will prefer a cheerful survey bot over a boring survey form and check-boxes any day.

2. Embed your survey bot

Once you create your survey bot, the next step is to deploy it in your website or app. Integrating the bot into your site is a cakewalk with the right tool. Therefore, ensure that you pick the right chatbot platform to create your survey bot.

3. Collect Data

Once you deploy the survey bot, sit back and relax. The survey bot collects and stores any data which it gathers while interacting with users. In this manner, the information is saved and entered into the reporting module of the bot.

4. Analyze data

The reporting system then analyzes the data collected by the survey bot. You can gather rich insights from the data and take actionable measures based on it.

What are the features that make a great Survey Bot?

Are you looking for a survey bot to collect data for you and do tasks? Here are the top features that make a grand survey bot.

Ensure your survey bot comes with a great interface that's appealing.
An appealing UI helps to engage the audience better
Pleasant appearance

The survey bot you round in on must come with an appealing interface. Survey bots are the way to go about when you want to collect data & feedback or assist the users in any way. Therefore, you must opt for a bot that has an elegant appearance and is in visual harmony. Consequently, you can see greater responses from users along with increased quality of data you receive.

Round in on a survey bot platform that offers immense design flexibility.
Design survey bot exactly like you want
Design flexibility

Survey bot is all about the ability to create talking online surveys. Therefore, you must be able to design and get creative with your survey bot. Right from the color combination, the fonts, the style of the chat widget, and the bot triggering options, you can create the survey bot just like you had pictured it. Would you like it to gently pop-up to the visitor, it inline embed anywhere on your website, or rather have the user invoke it themselves? The choice is yours!

Personalize and customize your survey bot and provide a unique user experience to each customer.
Make your survey bot lively & personalized
Customization & personalization

Survey bots mimic human interactions and do so in an impressive way. How is it possible? Thanks to the multitude of customization and personalization features. Question piping, custom params, contact params and so on, enable users to add a gracious amount of personalization and human-touch to survey bots. For instance, addressing the user with their first name. Would you rather fill-up a boring survey form stuffed with check-boxes or a lively bot that tickle your funny bones.

With easy embedding method, you can integrate survey bot in website or app easily.
Embed survey bot into your website/app
Easy to embed

Does your survey bot make you switch tabs to learn how to program while implementing it? Sure, learning something is new. But not when you are on the go to collect some data quickly. This is where survey bots that offer a hassle-free embed option take a clean sweep. Copy & paste the code snippet and embed the survey bot in your website or app. And it’s done!

Gain in-depth insights and reach new conclusions with reporting module of survey bot.
Advanced reporting system to gain valuable insights
Dashboard & reporting

A survey bot is not only adept in collecting data, or interactive with users; it is also capable of storing the responses so that a robust reporting module can slice and dice the data and help a business devise strategies. Therefore, you must look out for a survey bot that captures user data, stores it in a dashboard, and analyzes it in detail with a robust reporting module. Sift out refined data from the raw data you collect.

What makes SurveySparrow the best Survey Bot?

SurveySparrow has a very own survey bot that’s interactive, engaging, and smart at collecting data. We fondly call it Feedbot. Would you like to what makes our chatbot is simply the best?

Conditional logic branching

Skip logic and jump logic makes our Feedbot smart and witty. Ask us how? Based on the responses entered by a user previously, the survey bot skips irrelevant questions and displays only what pertains to a user. For example, a person identified themselves as a vegetarian. Why would you want to talk about steak and sushi to them? Conditional logic branching helps you avoid just that!

Sections to group questions

Have you got a specific set of questions you want to ask a particular group of audience? Well, we bring you the sections features. With sections, you can group a set of questions, and display it to a specific audience. In this manner, what’s irrelevant is never even shown to the respondents.

Survey Themes

What if your survey bot is not just smart, but pretty as well? Beauty with some deadly brains. You can design your survey bot with survey themes and creativity is the only thing that’s stopping you. Play around with the font, color palette, background image, and spice things up further with CSS customization.

Personalize, right away

Question piping allows you to incorporate into a new question, the answer of a previous one. For example, your survey bot starts by asking the user’s name. With the piping feature, you can include this in any of the questions following and guess what the outcome is? Your survey bot addresses the user by their name and makes the conversation more human-like. Similarly, contact-params and custom-params help to customize your bot and make it relevant to each user.

Easy Embed option

With SurveySparrow, you can easily embed the survey bot in your website/app using a single code snippet. Once you customize the widget, you can copy the code that’s displayed and paste it in your site/app. And that’s done. Integrating the survey bot is done with just two clicks when you use SurveySparrow.

Are you ready to set the ball rolling with your survey bot? Sign up with SurveySparrow and create your very first chatbot in under 10 minutes!

Happy chatting!

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