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10 Top QuestionPro Alternatives To Look For in 2024

Kate Williams

24 May 2024

8 min read

Looking for an alternative to QuestionPro? Or are you just searching for an online survey tool for your business? Whatever may be the case, this blog will surely help you.

There are certain reasons why people opt for alternatives. In this case, users usually look for QuestionPro alternatives for three main reasons. They are –

  1. Survey Design – QuestionPro, like many classic survey tools, has relatively straightforward survey designs. But better survey designs can fetch you a 40% higher response rate.
  2. Distribution Methods – The more distribution options you have, the higher your reach.
  3. Ease of Use – Enterprise software can be tough to get comfortable with. So, if you don’t need advanced logic workflows or multiple products, you’re better off picking a more accessible alternative.

With that being said, let’s have a quick look at the best alternatives you can use in spite of QuestionPro.

QuestionPro AlternativesSummaryFree VersionFree TrialPricing [Starts from*]
SurveySparrowSleek, intuitive, engaging, and cost-effective$19 per month
QualtricsAdvanced insights with a steep learning curve$1500 per year
SoGoSurveyUser-friendly but can get pricey with more features$25 per month
TypeformEngaging forms, limited customization on lower plans$29 per user per month
Google FormsFree and simple, lacks advanced features$12 per user per month
JotformGreat integrations, paid subscription needed for complexity$39 per user per month
MedalliaPowerful analytics, suited for large enterprises due to costAvailable on request
AlchemerFeature-rich, potentially overwhelming interface for newbies$55 per user per month
Zoho FormsAffordable with Zoho integration, less deep analytics$10 per user per month
FormstackEfficient workflows, premium price for higher-tier features$50 per user per month

#1. SurveySparrow

Pricing: Starts at $19/month

G2 reviews: 4.4 (1903 reviews)

homepage of SurveySparrow - one of the best online survey tool

SurveySparrow is one of the most popular online survey software, with over 80,000+ customers across the globe. It offers a range of features that make it a robust survey tool, and its recent addition – AI surveys – is only making it more advanced.

Whether you need a simple employee check-in or customer relationship management software, SurveySparrow is a great QuestionPro alternative. What’s more, we offer Case Management. This standout feature lets you tag and resolve negative feedback before it turns into lost customers. Now, let us show you an order form we created using SurveySparrow:

Donut order payment form by SurveySparrow


  • Omni-channel management of customer, employee & product experience
  • Surveys: AI, Classic, chat, embedded, video, offline, SMS, QR code
  • 200+ integrations, webhooks  & workflows
  • Support multi-language survey
  • White-labeling, personalization & rebranding
  • SurveySparrow API and mobile SDK
  • Chatbots for websites
  • Customizable template library
  • NPS software with a benchmarking tool
  • Customizable 360-degree assessments
  • Feedback ticket management
  • Automatic report generation
  • Team workspaces & user management

Comparison of Key Features Between SurveySparrow and QuestionPro

AI Surveys
360 Assessment
Omnichannel Management
Multilingual Surveys
Case Management
White Label
Offline Data Collection

#2. Qualtrics

Pricing: Starts at $1500/year for the Customer XM program
G2 reviews: 4.4 (2276 reviews)

homepage of the tool qualtrics XM
Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey tool that began as a survey software for researchers. However, with their acquisition of Clarabridge in 2021, Qualtrics has grown into a robust enterprise feedback platform. It’s a tool that helps elevate the experience on every front, making it a formidable competitor or alternative to QuestionPro.

Though it’s a worthy experience software to have, compared to its competitors, like SurveySparrow, the tool is costly. If you are interested, here are some cost-effective Qualtrics alternatives you can try.


  • Experience management software for customer, employee, brand, product & design
  • Employee engagement program
  • Drag-and-drop survey tool with ExpertReview
  • Employee pulse program
  • Product pricing &  naming research
  • Brand tracking
  • Market segmentation
  • NPS surveys
  • Text iQ analysis suite
  • 360-degree feedback
  • xFlow workflow automation
  • Research services

#3. SoGoSurvey by Sogolytics

Pricing: Starts at $25/month
Capterra ratings: 4.7 (700+ reviews)

SoGoSurvey Home Page Screenshot
Source: Sogolytics

SoGoSurvey is ideal for small and large enterprises, helping them manage and improve customer and employee experience. The tool is relatively easy to use and boasts of having the best support team in the industry.

Users highlight its user-friendly interface and diverse question types, making it one of the versatile survey tools for detailed feedback collection.

  • SoGoSurvey Features
  • Create and manage panels of respondents for targeted survey distribution.
  • 360-degree feedback feature to gather insightful feedback from employees.
  • NPS surveys
  • API integrations, making it easier to connect survey data with 3rd-party tools.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Offline Surveys

#4. Typeform

Pricing: Starts at $29/user/month
G2 reviews: 4.5 (446 reviews)

homepage of the software typeform
Source: Typeform

If an easy-to-use tool is what you want, then TypeForm might be the QuestionPro alternative you need. Like SurveySparrow, TypeForm focuses on conversational surveys, asking one question at a time. Typeform has a special feature called Logic Jump, a feature that lets you create your own survey logic.

It also offers live video surveys with answer logic and multiple-choice questions. Unlike QuestionPro, Typeform emphasizes simplicity and visual appeal. However, it is more expensive than its alternatives like SurveySparrow.


  • Drag-and-drop survey creator
  • Chatbot
  • Forms, polls, quizzes, surveys & tests
  • 100+ integrations with Zapier
  • Logic Jumps
  • Unlimited forms & questions
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Action triggers
  • Customization & rebranding
  • Hidden fields
  • Templates for each survey type
  • Conversion tracking

#5. Google Forms

Pricing: $12/user/month
G2 reviews: NA

homepage of the survey software - google forms
Source: Google Forms

Our first four choices are great paid options for complex survey needs. But if your survey needs are simple, a basic online survey tool might be all you need. So, if you don’t require QuestionPro’s advanced features, a low-cost alternative would be Google Forms.

A Gmail account is all you need to access Google Forms. However, one major drawback is that it doesn’t have an easy solution for recurring surveys or 360 assessments. If you prefer the simplicity of Google Forms combined with enterprise features, we just go for more robust tools like SurveySparrow.


  • Drag-and-drop survey builder
  • User collaboration
  • Responsive UI
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Auto-visualization of responses
  • Template library
  • Data integration with Google Sheets
  • Integration with Workspace apps
  • Email sign-in
  • App script & plug-ins
  • Email notifications for responses

Though the tool is free and simple to use, it lacks certain advanced features an online survey tool must have. But, if you are looking for tools that offer advanced features at the cost of Google Forms, then here is a list of tools and (Google Form) competitors you can select from.

#6. JotForm

Pricing: Starts at $35/user/month
G2 reviews: 4.6 (1283 reviews)

Homepage of the survey software - jotform
Source: Jotform

Creating surveys from scratch is hard if you are a beginner to survey design. QuestionPro has a collection of 350 survey templates – but they are kind of bland design-wise. If these aspects matter to you, consider JotForm as an alternative to QuestionPro.

JotForm has one of the most extensive template libraries online. They include forms, card forms, approvals, tables, and PDFs. Unfortunately, none of JotForm’s price plans offers a rebranding feature. For that, you have to upgrade to a custom quote under their Enterprise tier.


  • Drag-and-drop survey builder
  • Form widgets
  • Customization & rebranding
  • PDF forms
  • Mobile-only forms
  • Pre-populated forms
  • Integration with 30+ payment gateways
  • Approval flows
  • 100+ integrations, webhooks & API
  • JotForm Tables
  • 1000+ customizable templates
  • Report Builder

#7. Medallia

Pricing: Not available
G2 reviews: 4.4 (114 reviews)

homepage of medallia
Source: Medallia

Like Qualtrics, this QuestionPro alternative has a robust batch of tools that go beyond survey software. For instance, if your organization deals with multiple consumer segments, Medallia’s AI-powered analytics feature is a good tool to help you cross-sell. Medallia is a great choice if you are looking for survey software with in-depth analytics tools.


  • Automated sampling
  • Admin suite
  • AI-powered action management
  • Health checks
  • Insights from web, mobile, app &  IoT
  • Social review & reputation management
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports
  • Text analytics
  • Churn risk scoring
  • Response integrity validation
  • Customer experience dashboard

#8. Alchemer (Formerly SurveyGizmo)

Pricing: Starts at $55/user/month
G2 reviews: 4.4 (850 reviews)

homepage of alchemer
Source: Alchemer

Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) is a comprehensive online survey tool that can go toe-to-toe with QuestionPro in terms of features, reporting, and design. While its solutions and pricing are a bit of a hotch-potch, Alchemer offers twice as many question types as Zoho Forms and Qualtrics.

Alchemer is a solid option for professional researchers and companies that survey diverse user groups. What’s more, Alchemer makes up for its minimal array of survey templates with advanced customization features.


  • 35 + question types
  • Advanced survey layout features
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Survey diagnostics & testing
  • Offline/kiosk mode
  • Bulk Edit mode
  • Raw data exports
  • 360° feedback surveys
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Panel management
  • Unlimited questions

#9. Zoho Forms

Pricing: Starts at $10/month
G2 reviews: 4.4 (71 reviews)

homepage of zoho forms
Source: Zoho Forms

If you are already a user or considering using Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms is a seamless way to collect and feed data to their CRM. For instance, you can create a chat form for your app, and it will capture the visitor data and pass it onto the CRM, where it automatically gets tagged as a lead.

Zoho Forms integrates well with other Zoho products – but not so much with external apps. These limitations are problematic if you’re not already plugged into the Zoho ecosystem.


  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Payment & order management
  • Mobile-only forms
  • Integrations & webhooks
  • Multi-page forms & subforms
  • Automated workflows for emails & approvals
  • Custom themes & CSS
  • Task assignments
  • Rebranding & custom domains
  • Analytics & custom documents
  • Field encryptions
  • Data import & export

#10. Formstack

Pricing: Starts at $50/month
G2 reviews: 4.4 (266 reviews)


If team productivity is a concern, Formstack might be the QuestionPro alternative you need. That’s because Formstack is less of a survey tool and more of a data collector, document manager and e-sign platform rolled into one. Just like SurveySparrow, Formstack also offers a no-code form builder.

Formstack can help you seamlessly collect, share, and manage data flows for remote and hybrid teams. However, they lack a live chat support system that would help walk users through the more complicated features.


  • No-code form builder
  • Contact management
  • Customer & employee workflows
  • Collaboration tools
  • Formstack productivity suite
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Document automation
  • Data analysis tools
  • E-signatures
  • Compliance tracking
  • Templates for forms, documents & signatures
  • 100+ integrations

*Features shown vary by plan. For more information, please visit the pricing pages.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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