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Top 10 Drift Competitors & Alternatives For 2024


15 January 2024

8 min read

Do you want a tool that smartly uses your brand’s content to show a visitor only what’s relevant, with the end goal of converting it into a customer?

In that case, you’re looking for a conversational marketing tool that can manage and elevate the visitor’s experience and bring sales.

Drift, with its array of solutions, does that, but not in the manner you’d like. They have some glaring flaws that make looking for Drift competitors an inevitability.

We’ve done that (and more!) here by finding alternatives that offer a plethora of solutions at affordable prices for businesses of all sizes.

Go for it, then. It’s all yours…

10 Drift Competitors You Should Definitely Check Out!

Time to let the cat out of the bag… here are 10 Drift competitors totally worth checking out;

    1. SurveySparrow
    2. Birdeye
    3. Zoho CRM
    4. FreshDesk Messaging
    5. LiveAgent
    6. Aivo
    8. SnapEngage
    9. Crisp

#1 SurveySparrow

Drift is not a perfect tool, but it’s loaded with a lot of features and solutions. Some are excellent, and some are well below expectations. So, the best Drift competitors should have a bucket-load of features, too, most of which are excellent.

Enters SurveySparrow. This omnichannel feedback solution has come a long way from being a survey tool to a complete customer experience management platform. It now takes care of the entire customer journey while collecting actionable insights along the way.

With the level of features on offer here, SurveySparrow is the most pocket-friendly Drift alternative you’ll find on this list. Let’s talk about these features to get a better idea;

  • Conversational interface- Give your surveys the conversational touch with multiple question types, custom logic (Skip & Display), and the variables feature.
  • Feedbot- SurveySparrow’s chatbot, Feedbot, is just the tool you need to massively improve customer service & support.
  • Survey types- Go classic, chat, NPS, 360° feedback, or offline with this tool.
  • Amazing Features- From 500+ templates, and multi-language surveys to answer randomization, question morphing, and multi-file upload, there’s no limit to the features you get with SurveySparrow.
  • White labeling- Make your forms match your brand with custom rebranding (Logo, CSS, Domain, Email, SSL).
  • Survey shares- Whatever platform you have in mind, SurveySparrow can share your surveys there, like on SMS, email, embed, weblink, MS Teams, Slack, QR Codes, chatbot for website, or SurveySparrow Offline survey app.
  • Powerful Automations- Give manual effort a rest with survey redirect, 4,500+ integrations, webhooks, API, and real-time reporting features of this tool.
  • Follow-ups- For critical accounts, SurveySparrow’s feedback alerts and management, response tracking, survey reminders, case management, and recurring surveys, never let you miss a beat!


Comes with a free plan to get a hang of the tool, and offers a 14-day trial on every premium plan, starting from $99 per month for businesses.

#2 BirdEye

With a 4.8/5 rating on G2, BirdEye is another all-in-one customer experience platform focusing on conversational marketing like Drift.

As the name suggests, Birdeye focuses on a bird’s eye view of the customer experience, and provides solutions, like ticketing, chat, customizable surveys, analytics, and other useful services for it.

The only issue we have with Birdeye is the price it asks for all these (and more!) features. But the quality will be there. So that’s a silver lining.

Key features include:

  • A modern dashboard that’s centered around giving a superb user experience.
  • Advanced analytics to find relevant patterns that make a difference.
  • Birdeye offers multi-purpose integrations, such as Peachtree for invoicing, to make your team’s life easier.


The cheapest Birdeye plan, providing a single location functionality, comes for $299 per month.

#3 Zoho CRM

One of the direct Drift competitors, Zoho CRM focuses on providing small to mid-sized businesses contact management, sales funnels, and omnichannel customer interaction solutions at extremely affordable prices.

It even provides forecasting and analytics as a part of its service packages. So, In totality, Zoho CRM goes above and beyond Drift and many of its alternatives, too.

When you’re using Zoho CRO, you needn’t worry about anything related to customer management, as its sales force automation, lead management, and gamification tools take care of everything. Plus, you’ll enjoy using this software more with other Zoho products in tandem.

Let’s0now talk about its features;

  • A very strong focus on data security and privacy.
  • Unlimited range of features to keep your customers happy and growing.
  • You pay a lot less for the quality you get.
  • Sales tools that you’ll hardly find anywhere else.


The lowest plan comes at $14 per month for a single operator, and you get every single Zoho CRM feature for $52 per month for a single operator. That’s dirt cheap!

#4 FreshDesk Messaging

If you’re looking to find the best Drift competitors, FreshDesk Messaging’s name is bound to come. This CRM solution from FreshSales provides sales enablement technology and the CRM features that Drift is famous for.

For the sales enablement process, this tool offers personalized and automated email campaigns and lead and customer qualification features. In CRM, it offers automated chat in multiple languages, along with a live translation feature for diverse teams working globally.

The top features of this Drift alternative include;

  • FreshDesk Messaging supports channels like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp, to help users target social media platforms and mobile traffic.
  • Comes with advanced forecasting, analytics, and insights to find what’s relevant for you.
  • Offers enhanced sales processes to convert better and faster.
  • Powerful and rich marketing features focused on conversational marketing.


Has a free package including 24/5 support with chat, email, and phone. Mobile app features and support are also there. The Growth plan starts from $15 per month per operator, which includes sales sequences, WhatsApp Business integration, and a visual sales pipeline.

#5 LiveAgent

LiveAgent, formerly known as Salesforce Live Agent, is one of the best Drift competitors if you’re looking for a CRM alternative. It offers most of the typical tools like live chatbots and ticket routing, along with extra coordination tools to do the job perfectly.

It has a lot of free features that Drift obviously doesn’t, but your team needs to spend time on it to fully understand everything.

Talking about LiveAgent features, here are some;

  • A quite comprehensive free plan.
  • Great features and functionalities for small businesses.
  • An extremely simple user interface.


As we said, it offers a very comprehensive free plan, while the paid one starts from $15 per month per operator. If that’s not cheap, what is!

#6 Aivo

Aivo, famous for its conversational AI chatbot, leverages artificial intelligence to drive sales growth and omnichannel support for your customers. With big-name clients like Sony, Visa, Renault, and General Motors, Aivo has the caliber to be one of the best Drift competitors.

Quality features of this tool are;

  • It gives a unique approach to conversational marketing with native surveys and an AI-driven suggestion engine helping agents during live chats.
  • With Aivo, create 4 CX surveys to get key insights into the customer experience: NPS, CSAT, stars, and binary.
  • Great technical assistance during campaigns.
  • Aivo lets you create no-code WhatsApp campaigns for identifying new opportunities, nurturing relationships, and sending notifications to existing customers.


Get a 30-day free trial in Aivo’s Starter plan. After that, its team will inform you of the monthly or annual price, based on your requirements.


If you’re a medium to large enterprise, it’s better to go with as a Drift alternative. It’s an advanced marketing, sales and ecommerce automation software that has all of Drift’s features, if not more!

Features like customer tracking, CRM, Live Chat, email marketing, push notifications, and mobile app functionality, makes one helluva tool. Basically, it has everything you’ll need to manage, engage, and convert visitors into customers.

A few of the key features are;

  • An AI-driven knowledge base that’s always learning to give better answers and insights.
  • One of the best live chat features with redefined communication and trigger-based automation.
  • can act as a marketing, sales, support, or product tool based on your needs. Wow!
  • It offers exclusive features for different industries like eCommerce, Finance, Travel, Healthcare, Real Estate, and more.

Price is a completely premium software with a price based on your business requirements. You got to schedule a call or a demo to know it exactly.

#8 SnapEngage

A list of Drift competitors is incomplete without SnapEngage, the end-to-end customer experience management platform. It has the mission of simplifying customer conversations by providing pop-up chat support, marketing automations, and multi-channel campaigns.

Its prime features include;

  • No-code website setup for SnapEngage. Just insert the code snippet and start using it.
  • Generate team capacity reports to understand how all resources are being used.
  • A mobile-optimized experience for customers on all channels, that are, SMS, Twitter, Messenger, or WeChat.
  • SnapEngage has one of the best UI layouts of all the Drift alternatives.


The pricing for all plans are available on a quote basis, along with a 7-day free trial.

#9 Crisp

Just because of its freemium and affordable plans, Crisp is a great alternative to Drift chat. Mind you, it’s not just a chat tool, but a complete CRM software with a help desk, knowledge bases, and analytics functionalities. Although, the UI of the platform could be better.

Some quality Crisp features are;

  • As a small business, bolster the brand presence across multiple channels with ease.
  • Crisp’s customer service chatbot builder lets you create bots that can handle tasks, such as booking meetings, query resolution, and qualifying leads.
  • Its CRM functionality lets you automate repetitive tasks that otherwise slow down the team.
  • A shared inbox for all customer queries coming from all platforms.


There’s a free forever plan, and the paid one starts from $25 per month with a 14-day free trial.


At the last comes, which is probably the best free Drift alternative for real-time customer-business interactions. The tool lets you track your website visitors in real-time to give an accurate picture of their journey, and supports over 45 languages, for absolutely nothing. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the HTML to start. Can it get better than this?!

Some top features of are;

  • Personalized customer service in real-time with absolute ease.
  • Proactive chat with your website visitors to bring them down the sales funnel.
  • Gives you widget projects to grab the visitor’s attention.
  • Powerful secured encryption for data security.


An absolutely free Drift chat alternative. Unbelievable!

Why Drift Won’t Row Your Business’ Boat?

Drift is a great tool with great functionalities, but it isn’t perfect. In fact, this tool has some shortcomings, 6 to be precise, that make looking into Drift competitors necessary. Here we look at all 6 of them;

Expensive Plans

All of the 3 plans that Drift offers are quite expensive. You’d have to request them for a quote to know the exact price, but after reading hundreds of reviews from reputed rating platforms, we can say the prices are hefty, and definitely out of the reach of new and small businesses.

The automation features, like the Qualification bot, come in the Enterprise plan, which will cost you even higher. Barring Birdeye, you’ll get the top features of all 9 Drift alternatives for far less than that.

Not A Dynamic Tool

The tools operating in the conversational marketing space must be dynamic in terms of solutions and support. Why? Because a young startup’s requirements are way different from that of an enterprise, and as such, the way they both use the platform differs massively.

This is where Drift fails. Understanding and acting on the requirements of various entities is not something it does. It has its solutions, and that’s it. How you use them is not their problem, but it is for you and your brand!

Messaging Solutions – Nada!

While understanding the different Drift solutions, it surprised us to see that this tool doesn’t support messaging channels. SMS, Whatsapp, or Facebook – Nope, Drift does not support messaging platforms at all.

For a conversational marketing tool, this is absurd, and so not right.

Single Team Structure

Unless you have an Enterprise plan with Drift, only a single team and a select few team members can use the tool. Sharing it with multiple teams for lead nurturing and campaign planning is not possible without the Enterprise plan.

However, you can do that very easily and without any fuss in any of the 10 Drift competitors we talked about.

“Average at best” Chatbot Builder

Drift is a good tool with a subpar chatbot builder. It’s a complicated builder, with very limited customization options, and costs a lot.

SurveySparrow’s Feedbot comes right at the top when you’re talking about chatbots, and other alternatives, too, offer better chatbot solutions than Drift’s.

Constant Glitches

The Drift mobile app and the website, both have their share of glitches, that are pretty constant and an annoyance for the users. Some reviews even pointed out that its chatbot has mixed up the names and profiles of recurring visitors on multiple occasions. Ant that’s a serious problem!

No More Wait…

  • 10 best conversational marketing tools that are alternatives to Drift. Done!
  • Reasons why Drift is not the tool for your business? Done!
  • Tried SurveySparrow’s customer experience solution along with its chatbot? Err… error.

Well, there’s a reason we talked about SurveySparrow in the first place. No, it wasn’t because it’s our brand, but because it has the best solution and the best team, at an extremely pocket-friendly price for your customer acquisition needs.

And since we’re done here, there’s no need to wait any longer. Our team is already waiting to kickstart your “no strings attached” free trial. Connect with them, and let’s find you the best solution!


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