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10 Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Contacting Us’ in Your Forms

Kate William

8 November 2023

7 min read

An ROI of 293.66%

Yes, Brazilian company Klickpages got an increased ROI of 293.66% by using a thank you page in its lead capture forms. So, for every $1 of investment, Klickpages got a return of almost $2.94. Multiply that by 1,00,000 and you’ll see the real impact.

The impact of a simple ‘thank you for contacting us’ page.

Klickpages is just one of the examples of what form success messages do for a business. But we don’t want to talk about success stories here. We want to deliver something more useful, and 10 ways to say ‘thanks’ at the end of a form is how we’ll do that. 

Find a great spot to read, and use this article however and wherever you want to.

3 Components Of A ‘Thank You For Contacting Us’ Page

Typically, a ‘thank you for contacting us’ page comes at the very last of a feedback form or landing page. But you can start with such a page or include it in the middle, too. It works just fine.

As for the components of this page, we have 3 different aspects:

Confirmation Message:

The very first thing this page should do is to confirm that a respondent or user’s action was successful. That is, the data given in this page are stored successfully.

So after a survey or sign-up process, when a ‘thank you for contacting us’ page loads up, a straightforward message like “Thank you for valuable input” or “Thank you for signing up” should come. If a new order is placed, a message like “We received your order” confirms it.

Next Steps:

The second vital component to include are the next steps and how to proceed with it. Example: Informing a user about a link sent to his/her email to activate the account, or the link to categories with 50% and above discounts, or instructions about a quick sign-in process to get a $50 Amazon gift card for free.

Your instructions don’t have to be lengthy – they just need to be clear, precise and action-worthy. 

Call-to-Actions (CTAs):

The final component is an effective call-to-action (CTA) to move your users onto a desired step in your sales/customer journey. Adding a persuasive CTA could make the world of difference in terms of your ROI and prospect conversions.

Note: Survey tools like SurveySparrow lets you create multiple ‘Thank You’ pages for different user types. It’s a great way to sign off on a personalized note. You can try it for free.

Bring your creative instincts out here to literally compel users into doing what you want them to. It’s easier said than done, but not as hard as you think 🙂 

10 Eye-Catchy Ways To Say ‘Thank You For Contacting Us’!

Well, remember the last time you submitted a survey, form, or a sign-up page, and got a sad message post-submission? It must’ve not felt good. 

It’s time to change that with these 10 eye-catching ways to say ‘thank you for contacting us’. Use them all! 

#1. You’re Awesome

When you tell someone they’re awesome, they’ll absolutely love it, especially when they’ve spent time giving you feedback or signing up to your website. Here’s how you can do that while saying a Thank You! 

Thanks for being awesome! First of all, thank you for contacting us.

We received your message and our team has already started working on it. If the inquiry is urgent, it’s best to use the number listed below to talk to our team. Otherwise, we’ll reply by email asap.

Talk to you soon, and thanks again for being awesome!

[Your Company]

#2. You’re Making Us Better

Every feedback is a chance for your company to get better. Make sure you’re telling customers that at the end of a feedback form. Here’s how:

Thank you for contacting us. You’re helping us make [Your Company] better! We couldn’t be more grateful for your feedback. Your opinion matters, is hugely appreciated, and we’ll take that into consideration to make our offerings better.

Going forward, don’t think twice before writing to use with any ideas or suggestions. We totally want that from you!

Thank you once again,

[Your Company]

#3. Dear Valuable Customer

Each customer of yours is valuable to you, right? But are you telling that to customers? If not, here’s the simplest yet an effective way to do it.  

Dear [Your Company] customer, Thank you for reaching out! You are an invaluable part of everything we do here. And we’re absolutely thrilled to hear from you.

Be it your suggestions, ideas, or even criticism, our inbox is always waiting for your messages, so talk to us like you have today any time and often.


#4. We Were Waiting… 

When you are waiting for customer feedback and it arrives, shouldn’t you express gratitude to your respondents? Start by telling them you were waiting. Or else, just use this:

It’s so good to hear from you. We were waiting for your feedback and it’s much appreciated. Thank you for your effective participation.

You know, we always love hearing from our customers, whether it’s negative or positive feedback. Your opinion has been received well and we’ll take it into consideration in our future sprints.

Our goal is to make [Your Company] the perfect platform for your needs, and as such, your feedback is invaluable to us. Thank you for finding time for it.

We’ll stay in touch, The Customer Care @[Your Company]

#5. Our Superheroes Are On It! 

The ‘thank you for contacting us’ pages are certainly one of the best ways to get vividly creative. After focusing on responding to a feedback or sign-up form, customers would really love it if you can make them smile or laugh with your creativity. 

We tried our hands at it. Let us know if it made you 😀

Hey, thanks for contacting us. Our team of superheroes are wearing their capes right away to go work on your feedback.

Truth be told, they are the invisible force behind our smooth operations and satisfied customers. Not just feedback, but with complaints and questions, too, our superheroes are here to make your day better.

We don’t know what godly power they possess, but you’ll get a reply from them before first light tomorrow😮.

Wait for it!

[Your Company]

#6. Help’s On The Way! 

Showing customers or respondents the urgency with which you’re handling a query or feedback always leaves a good impression. Utilize it with this particular way of messaging:

Thank you for contacting us, [Customer Name]. Help is on the way! Don’t panic! Our team of Customer Care specialists is already working on your request and we will be back in the shortest time possible (but no later than 24 hours!).

If your issue is urgent, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our web chat or at [Your Company Phone Number]. We really appreciate your patience, and we’re working to improve your experience with us.

Good day!

[Your Company]

#7. Get The Coupon  

When you’re a new business, the best way to collect feedback or boost sign-ups is by giving some incentive, preferably your product coupons. That way, respondents get something tangible for the time they’ve invested for your brand. 

As the popularity rises, you start getting more organic feedback, but coupons are a great way to start. Here’s the message you can use;:

Your coupon (code) is on its way! Please check your email to find it! Before you use the coupon, kindly check this page to see how you can best apply it. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [Your Company Contact Email Address].

Thank you for your valuable time and opinion.

Make the best use of the coupon!

[Your Company]

#8. Here Are The Next Steps…

This one comes useful when customers have signed to get to the next step. For example: A course where customers have arrived at the landing page and your team is tasked to guide them about the next steps. 

Here’s how you say ‘Thank you’ and talk about the next steps in that case:

You want the [Course Name/Product Name]? Here are the next steps: Check your email for confirmation. If you cannot find the confirmation email in your inbox, kindly search for it in your Spam box (and make sure to mark our address as “not spam” so you can receive further information about your request).

Provide us with any details you may want to add to your initial message by replying to the aforementioned email.

Please don’t hesitate to attach any files you might deem helpful in your situation. We will come back to you with a reply within 24 hours. Your patience is much appreciated!

Thank you for contacting us, [Your Company]’s Customer Support/Sales team

#9. Stay In Touch 

This ‘thank you for contacting us’ message comes after your team has successfully resolved a customer query or complaint. You thank them for giving your organization an opportunity to get better with their query, and ask them to stay in touch for future feedback or market research campaigns.

Additionally, you can gently ask them about their overall query resolution experience with your brand. 

Here, use this:

Happy to see you satisfied. We’re happy to be in touch/ We are always very happy to hear from you time and again! Like with this query, your requests give us an opportunity to get better, and we totally appreciate that.

A Customer Care representative is always here for you. Meanwhile, feel free to check our Knowledge Base, FAQ page, and blog for more information! 🙂

Before we go, please rate your overall query resolution experience on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being highest.

#10. Download Ready! 

Last up, if your target audience has signed up for a specific download, like an eBook, whitepaper, or a webinar, leaving a Thank you with a ‘your download is ready’ message is crucial. Here’s how you should frame the message:

Your download is ready! Thank you for your interest in our whitepaper/ eBook! Please check your email to download it and we truly hope it will prove useful in your endeavors!

Thank you for contacting and showing trust in us again.

[Your Company]

The Little-Used Weapon – Form Success Messages

Yes, form success messages or Thank You pages, even though prevalent, are still a little-used weapon for increasing ROIs. Businesses often include such a message just for the sake of it.

What they don’t realize is its power to compel respondents into moving to the next stage in the sales funnel. Especially if the preceding survey, landing page, or sign-up process has influenced a user positively, and he/she wants to take an action, but just needs a nudge for it. 

By implementing these 10 ways, you can raise the standard of your ‘thank you for contacting us’ page from a boring one to something that’s an ROI and sales booster! 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to get quality customer insights, get more sales or social media followers, a form success message or a Thank You page will reap handsome rewards. So, if you need pre-built pages on it that comes after a survey or a form, our team’s here 24/7 to find the best fit for your brand. Come, talk to us

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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