Payment Forms.
Securely transact

Collect payments, along with feedback. Secure & encrypted;
shed all worries.

Set-up Payment Forms and transact online easily.

Create your Order Forms.
Get Payments on the move.

Collect orders online securely using payment forms.
Collect payments for your online orders

Accept payments from your respondents using online payment forms. Include the payment question type and set-up a secure payment gateway.

Provide discounts and manage coupons in your payment forms.
Manage discounts & coupons

Provide discounts for orders and manage payments easily. Enter a coupon code and add an amount or percentage as the discount. And, that’s all it needs.

Enter a fixed or variable payment in your order forms.
Configure fixed or variable payments

Enter a fixed amount as the price or use Expressions to have a variable amount. Set up the Expression in your payment forms and then enable the option.

Provide multi-currency options in your payment forms.
Provide multi-currency options for your orders

Choose from over 13 currencies to accept payments in your online forms. USD, INR, CAD, EUR, and more. Go global.

Track your order and payment status easily.
Track your order payments

Check payment status and track payments in the reporting module. Export reports offline and keep your transactions in order.

Accept your first payment now

How to accept payments in your surveys?

In 4 quick steps

Create a survey. Add the payment question types

Integrate with your Stripe account

Share through channels & collect payments

Track payments in dashboard

What’s more to Order
Forms & Payments?

Easy set-up

Connect your Stripe account or create one. Add the payment question type. Choose the currency. Add a fixed amount or use Expressions.

Secure payment gateway

Accept payments securely. All the data is encrypted and handled by Stripe.

Automate payment reminders

Share reminder emails to partial and non-responders. Automate the process and send payment-reminders after your preferred interval.

Accept payments globally

Collect payments from customers from across the globe. Choose from over 13 currencies and make transactions hassle-free.

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