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What are Academic Research Surveys

Whether you are a student, professional, or faculty, the procedure of carrying out studies & evaluating data in order to gain more knowledge about a subject to find answers to different questions. Once completed, the consolidated results are presented in research paper or presentation. Four key characteristics determine the quality of research:

  • Relevance
  • Impact
  • Ability to enhance knowledge

There are different methodologies for conducting academic research like gathering data from libraries, online databases, internet search engines dedicated to research works and so on. These sources provide secondary information. If you wish to get primary info in hand, the best way is academic research surveys. Once you identify from whom you can gather more knowledge about your subject under study, send out carefully drafted academic research surveys in order to gain valuable insights from it. Thus, you can validate your findings using real-world data.

5 Things You Accomplish With Academic Research Surveys

Academic research opens gates wide for knowledge to flow in. And college-level academic research is an integral part of the curriculum. Here are what you can accomplish by using academic research surveys.

Push Boundaries Beyond Textbook

Academic research helps an individual to go beyond the what their textbooks and references tell them. It exposes them to current models, the evolution of theories, the functioning of applications. These are the things that bring wisdom which a classroom or exams directly cannot provide.

Gain In-depth Knowledge About The Subject

During academic research, an individual is laser-focused on a particular topic of a subject. This helps them gain in-depth wisdom about the topic and anything related to it. Professors often engage in research work to improve the expertise in their fields.

Validate Findings With Solid Data

An academic research survey brings you data from target audience which helps you cross-examine your findings with real-world data and validate your theories.

Help To Stay Up-to-date With Current Tools & Technology

During the process of conducting research, an individual comes across the latest technologies and trending tools. This will develop their skill set and teach them about meticulous execution.

Research Helps Find Opportunities

There’s nothing you cannot find with research. Conducting academic research helps you find new opportunities like scholarships, training grants, project funding, etc.

Tips to Draft Winning Academic Research Surveys

When you draft your academic research surveys, you must leave no stone unturned to ensure that it is a massive success. So here are five tips to guarantee that is exactly what happens.

Gather valuable data by deploying interactive academic research surveys.
Conversational surveys that collects pertinent data
Engaging Questionnaires

Ensure that your academic research surveys do not make your respondents dread the idea of taking another survey. For this keep in mind these points. Have a vivid idea about what you wish to gather from your audience. Be precise in what you ask so that your research surveys do not become irritatingly long. Personalize your academic research surveys for this helps to get quality responses and also boost the completion rates.

Opt for distinct question types to get precise responses from audience.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Diverse Question Types

What you put in your academic research surveys has a catalytic role to play regarding the results and responses you receive. Ensure that your surveys strike the right balance between open-ended and closed-ended questions. Avoid placing leading questions, double-barreled, and vague question types that force respondents to give biased answers, puts them in a tight spot to give accurate answers, or even confuse them.

Pose only what's relevant to your audience in your academic research surveys.
Use logic branching feature to ask what's relevant
Conditional Logic Branching

Creating intricate and clever academic research surveys is easy if you deploy the best academic research tool that comes with a multitude of useful features. For example, the logic branching feature skips all the irrelevant questions and poses only what is relevant to your audience. This calculation is done based n the survey taker’s previous answers. When your surveys ask the right questions that pertain to your audience, you get quality answers to questions.

Share academic research surveys maximum to get high number of responses.
Share surveys to improve visibility
Share Surveys Generously

Now that you know how to create academic research surveys that fetches the best results, it is time to share them with your target audience. Profile your audience according to various demographics and share surveys with them through different channels. These can be email surveys, social media, web links, and so on. Making your academic research surveys multi-device compatible is another great hack to ensure high completion rates.

Draft Stellar Academic Research Surveys With SurveySparrow

Wondering how an academic research platform like SurveySparrow can level-up your research? Here’s how!

Sleek Dual Interface

SurveySparrow offers not just one but two user interfaces to choose from. Engage with your audience using chat-like surveys or conversational forms to get whopping survey completion rates. With survey themes, custom design your themes to create stellar academic research surveys, in no time! The sky is the boundary to what you can do with your online surveys using SurveySparrow survey software!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s academic research survey platform leaves not a single stone unturned to ensure that the questionnaires you build secure maximum visibility and reach your target audience effectively. SurveySparrow survey software supports many sharing channels such as,

  • Email surveys
  • Embed option
  • Web links
  • Social media
  • SMS option
Rich Analytic Dashboard

SurveySparrow not only helps with creating and sharing your academic research survey but analyzing the results as well. The smart dashboard furnishes you with a 360-degree perspective to uncover priceless insights from the data. In this manner, you can recognize various blindspots which were overlooked.

Online Panel

With SurveySparrow’s online panel audience, get access to qualified members belonging to diverse backgrounds. Ask the right people to get the right answers for your academic research surveys.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow offers a plethora of question types to ensure that you get accurate responses from respondents. With a host of open-ended and closed-ended question types, simple ones like star rating to complex ones like matrix type, get maximum data even with short surveys!

Building stellar academic research surveys need considerable effort to be put- if you do not have an outstanding platform by your side. However, with a tool like SurveySparrow, creating, sharing, and analyzing the results of academic research surveys is a simple walk in the park. Browse through our free survey templates that have all popular surveys for market research, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and the likes.

Happy Researching!

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