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Online Survey Maker: Overview

Today, the business world faces fierce competition in all aspects; monopoly has become a thing of the past. Companies have realized that customers decide the growth and downfall of a brand; when they are happy, the business soars, when they are displeased, the business plummets.

In such a scenario, enterprises have taken it upon themselves to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their business faces minimum hiccups. So the first step in this direction is listening to the voice of the customers; keeping track of their pulse and continually improving by providing them not just a good but a great experience. This is where surveys created with the best survey maker enter the picture. An online form maker helps to build interactive surveys capable of fetching high response rates.

Online Survey Maker: Benefits

Switching from offline modes of feedback collection like postal mails, paper questionnaires, telephonic interviews and so on, to an online survey maker have opened up an entirely new dimension for feedback collection. Have a look at what they are:

Ease of Data Collection

An online survey maker helps you gather necessary data hassle-free. Surveys made with one of the best online survey tools are shared online via social media, email surveys, weblinks and the likes. This allows respondents to pick any channel and take the survey at their convenience. Employing an online survey maker has thus shown quality data being collected effortlessly and most importantly, instantly.

Increased Response Rates

Surveys are infamous for being mundane; the aversion people show towards filling up a survey is evident. However, an online survey maker changes this very concept; highly interactive & visually striking surveys capture the interest of the respondent while the flexibility offered by mobile surveys allows them to take the survey and complete it at their convenience.

Design & Branding

Online survey maker gives you complete freedom to design your surveys to suit any business requirements and boost your brand. Pick the color, fonts, layout to complement your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience with your custom logo.

Light on the Purse

An online survey maker helps you keep a check on your wallet. While traditional methods are keen on burning a mighty hole in your wallet, the investment you need to put in for an online survey maker is hugely less. Postal questionnaires incur printing cost and transportation costs coupled with effort-intensive activities like one-to-one distribution. Online survey maker is far less cumbersome, and the only thing you need to open your purse for is the online survey maker itself!

Advanced Reporting System

With an online survey maker by your side, you can bid adieu to the enormous stack of survey forms awaiting analysis. While it’s excruciatingly time-consuming to draw out conclusions from paper surveys, an online survey maker does the job in a jiffy. As the responses pour in, the online survey maker gets started with a rich dashboard and analytics system to uncover valuable insights from the survey results.

Online Survey Maker: Features to Look for

There is no shortage of a good online survey maker in the market; however, there are specific benchmark features which an online survey maker must possess. Have a look at what are the must-have features for an online survey maker:

Online Survey Maker Feature #1: Conditional Branching
Conditional Branching

The conditional branching feature in an online survey maker allows one to create smart surveys that ask intelligently. How would it be if you ask a vegan their favorite cheese? An online survey maker avoids this by asking only relevant questions to your audience based on their previous answers with the help of built-in logic blocks.

Online Survey Maker Feature #2: Recurring Survey.
Automated Surveys

For a business to work efficiently, time and efforts must be optimized. This cannot be accomplished if you have to set aside a definite time to send out the same surveys over and over again? It’s merely a process which can be automated using an online survey maker. Set up the initial survey settings; the online survey maker takes it from there to send out automated pulse surveys!

Online Survey Maker Feature #3: Reporting Module.
Reporting Module

The whole purpose of conducting a survey is to gain data about the business; uncover what’s amiss, the scope for improvement & expansion, much more! An online survey maker with a rich reporting module can furnish refined information from all the scattered survey data. Get a well-structured report of data which can give you profound insights and identify potential roadblocks.

Online Survey Maker Feature #4: Question Types
Question Types

What you ask and the way you ask in the survey are important factors deciding its success. Asking open-ended questions gives immense flexibility and room for your respondents to provide precise, accurate answers. Opt for an online survey maker that offers diverse question types like rating scale, star-rating, image choice type, MCQ and more!

Online Survey Maker Feature #5: Templates Collection.

Very often, while newly drafting a survey, rounding in on the right questions which must go in the survey can be quite a task. However, an online survey maker that has a vast collection of the most sought-after templates can simplify your job to a great extent. Furthermore, tweak the template to create the survey fitting your business requirements perfectly.

Use-cases of an Online Survey Maker

An online survey maker finds a plethora of applications across various domains. Where there is a need for feedback, you can spot the much-needed presence of an online survey maker. Let’s have a look at where an online survey maker finds essential applications.

Customer Feedback

For any business to flourish, customer satisfaction and happiness are unavoidable. For example, if you are running an online shopping site, you can seek quick feedback from them asking about their experience using an online survey maker. If they leave without a purchase, you can find out why that was the case too!

Employee Feedback

When an employee becomes a mere cog in the wheel, that organization can never taste success. Happy employees build strong companies. Keeping your employees engaged and happy should therefore not be a choice anymore! Employee Pulse Surveys made using an excellent online survey maker fetches you routine feedback to improve your work culture.


An online Survey maker finds application in the field of education as well, when it comes to gathering feedback from students, teachers and, parents about the educational institution.


In the field of marketing, an online survey maker finds use when it comes to generating leads, collecting feedback about a website, gathering the user experience about a product or software to name a few.


Finding out the quality of health care administered by a medical institution is crucial to improving the services they provide to their patients. An online survey maker comes handy when it comes to gathering feedback from patients about the medical institution, the doctors, the treatment offered by the staff and so on.


Gathering out how well an event was conducted is necessary to provide a better experience the next time around. Surveys are the finest means to find out how the participants rate the quality of the event. Thus it comes as no surprise you would need an online survey maker here as well!


Send out research questionnaires to your target audience using an online survey maker. Validate the accuracy of your research work and gain multidimensional perspectives, thus. In addition, conduct market research to gather valuable information about your target market. Size-up your market before you take the leap!

SurveySparrow as Your Online Survey Maker

Dual UI

Gone are the days when surveys were interrogative by nature; now making a conversation with your respondents is essential if you wish to get quality data and higher response rates in hand. SurveySparrow’s online survey maker offers not just one but two interfaces; chat-like surveys and conversational forms. Why settle for a single UI online survey tool when you can choose between two options.

Recurring Surveys

It’s not wise spending time on sending out the same survey over and over again when it’s a process which can be clearly automated. So SurveySparrow’s online survey maker brings to you the recurring survey feature which sends out pulse surveys periodically. All you need to do to set the survey settings once.

Reminder Emails

When you send out surveys, ensuring maximum completion rates is primary to making the entire process a success. Apart from picking out the right questions, having a great design, there's something more you can do-Reminder emails. SurveySparrow’s online survey maker classifies your audience as partial & non-respondents and sends reminder emails gently urging them to finish the survey.

App Integrations

An online survey maker must be able to blend in with the existing tools and co-exist in the integrated environment. Otherwise, you would have in hand a stand-alone online survey maker tool which is in effect a white elephant. SurveySparrow’s online survey maker fits in any environment you place us and holds hands with your favorite apps using webhooks and Zapier Integration .

So now you know what all must be kept in mind while choosing an online survey maker. Make sure to pick out an online survey maker that fits your business requirements like a jigsaw puzzle. Here’s something to get started with our online survey maker:

Happy Surveying!

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