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Free Survey Maker aids to craft & circulate winning surveys for gathering precise feedback

Craft highly engaging surveys using free survey maker that asks relevant questions to fetch precise answers.

Build interactive surveys that are a visual treat for the eyes

Free Survey Maker helps your surveys get maximum reach via different channels.

Circulate your surveys far and wide across various platforms

Free Survey Maker helps you uncover crucial insights from survey data.

Figure out what’s amiss from the survey results

Free Survey Maker helps you identify the areas which require immediate attention and needs fixing.

Take actionable measures to fix challenges & improve

Free Survey Maker: Overview

Surveys and collecting feedback have become part and parcel of businesses worldwide ever since the importance of listening to the voice of the customers has received widespread attention. Companies have taken it upon themselves to provide the best experience to their users by constantly evolving and improving using customer feedback. When it comes to collecting feedback, online survey tools have replaced the traditional methods like postal surveys, paper questionnaires, telephonic interviews and so on. A free survey maker is all you need to jump-start your feedback collection with highly engaging surveys.

Free Survey Maker: Advantages

A free survey maker comes with a host of advantages which makes it the first and obvious choice for a feedback collection technique. While traditional methods like postal surveys, paper questionnaires, telephonic surveys etc., required extensive investment in the form of money, efforts and time, a free survey maker eliminates all these hurdles to get answers for all your questions from respondents.

Craft Surveys Easily

A free survey maker gets you started on your very first survey the moment you sign up. Creating a survey with a free survey maker is no rocket science; you can choose fonts, colors, layout complementing your brand. Thus you can create a visually-appealing survey that goes along with your brand with a few clicks. Create a lasting impression on users by embedding your logo and thereby promote your brand with no extra efforts.

High Response Rates

A free survey maker gives you multiple options to share your surveys online. Email Surveys, weblinks, Social media you name it, a free survey maker has it. You can imagine the reach a survey can receive with a simple share on any social media platform. More the visibility, higher the response rates shall be.

Get Instant Feedback

Sending out a postal questionnaire needs money and efforts, not to mention the time it takes for a response to come in. It’s like watching the paint dry; incredibly mundane and long. But with a free survey maker, you get instant responses when respondents hit the submit button.

Gain Rich Insights

The picture before a free online survey maker entered the feedback collection world was not at all pretty, especially when it comes to analyzing survey responses. Sifting for data from one stack of form to another needed some serious dedication and lots of time. But a free survey maker takes all the work off your plate. When you click on the results section, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the well-laid out reports that give you detailed insights.

Reach & Visibility

While it requires one call after another to get feedback with telephonic interviews, all it takes is a click of a button to send surveys to a mass audience with a free survey maker. The reach of surveys when you employ a free survey maker is umpteen times more compared to a telephonic interview or a postal questionnaire.

Light on the Wallet

All traditional methods of feedback collection drill a big hole through your wallet enthusiastically. This isn’t the case when you opt for a free survey maker. Purchasing the survey maker is the only investment you require, but in the case of a free survey maker, even that isn’t needed.

Best Features of Free Survey Maker

Although a free survey maker may not offer you the premium features offered by its paid counterparts, there are still note-worthy features which can help you get started with your perfect survey. Have a look:

Free Survey Maker Feature #1: Captivating Interface.
Appealing Interface

If you wish to get high response rates for your survey and get the desired outcome, it is necessary to give some serious consideration to the interface of your free survey maker. So pick out a free survey maker that has an interface capable of capturing the interest of all of your respondents. You would be delighted to see the higher response rates.

Free Survey Maker Feature #2: Conditional Branching.
Conditional Branching

A distinct advantage a free survey maker has over its counterparts is the ability to ask questions smartly. Based on the previous answer given by a respondent, the free survey maker poses only relevant questions using the conditional branching feature. This offers a personalized experience to a user resulting in higher response rates and honest answers.

Free Survey Maker Feature #3: Response Management.
Response Management

A free survey maker creates detailed reports based on the survey responses to help you get a 360-degree view and find out what’s amiss. Histograms, pie-charts, bar-graphs, you name it, the free survey maker gives it all. With a free survey maker, gain knowledge about the underlying factors that drive your business and identify blind spots which have been overlooked.

Free Survey Maker Feature #4: Templates Collection.
Templates Collection

A free survey maker has a vast repository of the most popular templates, for every business domain. Be it customer feedback, employee pulse or market research, don’t spend time figuring out the right questions that must go into your survey; the free survey maker will help you there as well. Templates loaded with relevant questions get you started with creating your survey in minutes.

Score Your Free Survey Maker

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Once you know what your online survey maker scored, let’s see to which category they belong to:

  • 0-3: Never consider the survey maker.
  • 4-6: Average survey maker. Think twice about investing in it.
  • 7-8: Fairly good; definitely not the best free survey maker.
  • 9 & 10: You've got the best free survey maker. Grab it right now!

Now that you have seen how your free survey maker has performed have a look at another free survey maker that gets all your tasks done in a jiffy and bring a smile of delight on your face.

SurveySparrow: The Best Free Survey Maker

A minute is all that it takes for you to make up your mind on why SurveySparrow is the best free survey maker you must bag in a blink. Take a look at what makes SurveySparrow’s free survey maker tick!

Dual UI

Having one UI is great, but what about two? Even better, isn’t it? With chat-like surveys and online survey software, right!

Recurring Surveys

The recurring survey feature offered by SurveySparrow’s free survey maker helps you to automate periodic surveys. All you need to do is configure the initial survey settings. The free survey maker takes care of the rest. Save time and efforts, thus!

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow’s free survey maker offers you a plethora of question types to get accurate answers from your respondents. A host of open-ended questions like star rating, opinion scale, image choice type and the likes give your audience the scope to provide precise answers. Furthermore, conversational forms offer additional complex question types like matrix-type, rank order, contact form to quickly get more data with a single question.


Yet another reason why you must pick SurveySparrow’s free survey maker is due to the smooth integration capability the tool possesses. SurveySparrow offers webhooks and Zapier Integration to function with other applications and create an efficient workflow seamlessly.

A free survey maker is quintessential for any business to evolve and improve continually. So without further ado, hop onboard and use SurveySparrow’s free survey maker to fill all your survey needs! Here's something for you to get started at once:

Happy Surveying!

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