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What is a Survey Maker

A survey maker helps you build highly engaging online surveys for collecting relevant feedback that’s crucial for a business. Any organization worldwide, from a promising start-up to a Fortune 500, has taken a keen interest in knowing the input from their customers to improve and perfect their brand. When the steadfast slogan has become listening to the voice of the customer, the best survey maker is what you need to secure feedback from them.

An online survey maker has advantages that are multi-fold compared to the traditional methods of feedback collection. Moreover, if you have any second thoughts on why you must opt for a survey maker, here are five reasons why:


A great survey maker boasts of advanced features, but working with it can’t get any easier. Easily understood by anyone, you can get started with your very first survey in no time using a survey maker.

Instant Data Capture & Analysis

Every survey has an objective. The whole purpose of sending out a survey is to collect data. When traditional techniques take an excruciating amount of time to furnish you with this data, a survey maker does the job in a blink. A survey maker quickly collects all the info you need and process it into refined information that you can use. Bid adieu to all the mandatory slogging which you must do whilst employing traditional methods.

Quality of Responses

Online surveys made with a survey maker brings you responses that have much quality. A survey maker that has an elegant design and that offers diverse question types, helps you build surveys that can fetch accurate answers that are to the point. When you give more flexibility to your audience, you get better responses in hand.


Employing a survey maker opens up multi-dimensional merits when it comes to the degree of flexibility. The freedom to create surveys that fit your requirements, the flexibility for your audience to take the survey anytime they wish, customizing and personalizing your surveys for each respondent and so on are some of the advantages which only an online survey maker can offer!

High Response Rates

A survey maker helps you build and share surveys online, the latter which gives unmatched reach and visibility for your surveys. This guarantees high response rates for your surveys. In fact, a great survey maker fetches you more than 40% higher completion rates.

Domains Where a Survey Maker Finds Use

A survey maker finds a place across any and every domain in business today. No surprises, there! Where there is a need for collecting feedback, there’s a survey maker right there for you! The business world now revolves around continually improving their products/services to deliver nothing short of the best. Not just in business, a survey maker has ventured out into all spheres of life today. Let’s see what they are:

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing the pulse of your customers is quintessential for any business to flourish and succeed. So the best way to go about this is by collecting the customer feedback about your brand. A survey maker helps you ask the right questions to get the right answers. Act and improve your brand from the rich insights provided by the survey maker.

Employee Satisfaction

For any organization to become successful, a bunch of happy, engaged employees is pivotal. Thus its necessary to keep a check on how satisfied and passionate an employee feels about the organization. You can employ a survey maker that runs periodic employee surveys to collect feedback from employees to trace their beat.


A survey maker finds use in the education sphere in the form of feedback surveys and surveys for research purposes. Run academic research surveys to validate your research work using a survey maker. With a survey maker, you can collect feedback about educational institutions using:


A survey maker finds purpose in accumulating post-event feedback from participants to provide a better experience next time. Find out how well the event was conducted, the quality of the presentation, the overall value rendered and more from the attendees. A step more, collect live feedback from your attendees using offline survey application, without needing an active internet connection.

Market Research

It's a wise move to size up your market before you introduce your product or improve an existing one. Market research helps you to collect crucial information about market trends, competition, pricing and much more! Here's our free product market research template to kick-start your market research.

Survey Maker: Features that Make it Winning Investment

Although picking out a survey maker greatly depends on business requirements, here is a list of benchmark features that you must look for in an online survey maker.

Survey Maker Feature #1: Sleek Interface.
Survey Maker Feature #1: Sleek Interface

When you spend considerable time to find a great survey maker, it’s only wiser to round in on one that has a sleek interface to boast of. The UI of the survey maker can either be delightful to the audience or put them off. And the latter is the best way to make your respondents leave the survey mid-way, or even worse, at the very beginning. A great UI has significant contribution to help attain high completion rates for your surveys.

Survey Maker Feature #2: App Integrations.
Survey Maker Feature #2: App Integrations

A survey maker must possess the ability to integrate with third-party tools and work seamlessly with them. An enterprise requires multiple tools to function effortlessly. Thus it is necessary for all these tools to hold hand and work as one. The best survey maker never fumbles in this aspect and effortlessly does its part of collecting feedback, charting out detailed reports, and, pinpoint the areas which require attention.

Survey Maker Feature #3: Automated Pulse Surveys.
Survey Maker Feature #3: Automated Pulse Surveys

What if your survey maker could send out pulse surveys to your customers or employees at the time and date you wish and that too automatically? Sounds too good to be true? Barely not. A great survey maker automates sending out periodic surveys thereby saving time and efforts wasted on manually doing it all! Configure the survey settings, set the time, date and day. The survey maker will take things from there.

Survey Maker Feature #4: Advanced Reporting System.
Survey Maker Feature #4: Reports & Insights

If you are conducting paper surveys, you will find a heap of paper waiting patiently for your perusal. This is exhausting, especially after the elaborate efforts of gathering the responses in the first place. A survey maker helps you get instant data in hand with detailed reports and help you get a 360-degree view in totality. Graphs, pie-charts, histogram, you name it, the survey maker has it!

Survey Maker Feature #5: Conditional Branching.
Survey Maker Feature #5: Conditional Branching

Built on complex codes, a survey maker excels in creating smart surveys that ask only relevant questions to your audience based on the answers given previously by the respondent. In this manner, you can skip asking a vegan their favorite type of cheese using conditional branching. A survey maker avoids making your audience frown with irrelevant questions which translate directly into higher response rates and quality responses.

How to Choose the Best Survey Maker

Choosing the survey maker for your business depends significantly on your requirements. We have cataloged the various facets of a survey maker, allow us to help you one step more. We have a quick survey for you to find out how much your survey maker scores! Don’t you wanna know if the survey maker you have rounded-in on falls under the list of ‘wise investments’?



Once you know what your survey maker scored, let’s see to which category they belong to:

  • 0-3: Never consider the survey maker
  • 4-6: Average survey maker. Think twice about investing in it
  • 7-8: Fairly good; definitely not the best survey maker
  • 9 & 10: You got the best survey maker. Grab it right now!

SurveySparrow as Your Survey Maker

You now know how much your survey maker has scored. Why don’t you have a look at another survey maker that scores a perfect 10 through and through. Spend a minute to read on, and you’ll know why SurveySparrow is the best Survey Maker you always wanted!

Multi-UI Platform

With SurveySparrow’s survey maker, the motto is to stop interrogating and start conversing. The survey maker has dual UI which is the world’s first and only multi-UI platform. Be it chat-like surveys and conversational forms, SurveySparrow’s survey maker fetches you whopping response rates with conversational surveys.

Recurring Surveys

Automate is the new black. Why waste time on activities that can be taken care of by your survey maker? With the recurring feature, SurveySparrow does just that. Configure your survey settings once- the survey maker sends out automated pulse surveys at your preferred time, date and day!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s online survey maker is pretty serious when it comes to sharing surveys. We are keen that your surveys receive the maximum reach and visibility. For that, we have the best survey share options neatly lined out for you:


With a vast repository of the most popular templates, SurveySparrow's survey maker has rounded in on the best questions, after thorough research, that must go in your surveys. All you need to do is have a look around and take your pick.

Rich Insights

SurveySparrow’s online survey maker is equipped with a rich dashboard that presents you with in-depth reports, graphs, charts, histograms and more to give you a wholesome view. Thus save time & efforts and collect refined information in no time!

Track Survey Performance

Find out how well your survey is performing by tracking with SurveySparrow’s survey maker. Identify the channel that promises you excellent responses and steer your strategic efforts thereby.

Simple to use

You needn’t burn the midnight oil with help articles to understand how to use our survey maker. Simple to understand and even easier to use, get started with your very first survey in no time!

Why spend another moment searching for a survey maker? SurveySparrow is right here from the start to help you get and provide the best survey experience. Hop on board!

Happy Surveying!

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