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Voice Of the Customer Program: Definition, Best Practices, and How to Launch One


30 November 2023

5 min read

A Voice Of the Customer program helps you consistently deliver a better customer experience. As we enter a new era of customer experience, listening to the voices of customers is essential to compete on customer experience. Organizations with a voice of the customer program enjoy 55% greater customer retention rates and sport 292% greater employee engagement rates, according to this report.

In this article, we discuss what a VOC program is, why your company needs one, how to start a voice of the customer program, and the best practices for conducting effective voice of the customer programs.

Here’s everything we’ll cover in this article; feel free to jump to check out a section that’s relevant to you:

What is a Voice Of the Customer (VOC) program?

A voice of customer (VOC) program is a set of tools and processes that allow your business to get a deep understanding of your customers so you can improve your products and services to better suit their needs.

It’s a process in which you gather, analyze, and act on insights into your customer’s needs, preferences, and limitations. It focuses on improving the customer and product experience.

A voice of the customer program helps you answer two crucial questions such as:

  • why your customers need you and choose you over other competitors.
  • what are the needs of your customers and what you can do to help meet those needs.

Why your company needs a Voice of the customer program

Profitable, forward-thinking companies use voice of customer programs to build a brand identity and better serve their customers. 

Here are some reasons why your business needs to hear the voice of your customers:

Improved customer experience

Research shows that 74% of VOC programs are successful in helping businesses increase their levels of customer satisfaction.

Having a voice of customer program helps you connect and engage with customers at every touch point in the customer journey and improves their experience.

Improved products and services

Since VOC programs are a source of rich customer context, they help your product team build products that are a closer fit to your customer’s needs and preferences. 

Grow top-line revenue

Collecting feedback can increase upselling and cross-selling success rates by 15% to 20%, according to research by Gartner. VOC programs help you better retain your customers, resulting in higher loyalty scores, lesser churn, and an increased customer lifetime value.

Easier decision making

The feedback you collect as part of your VOC programs helps you set priorities and make meaningful decisions. You’ll have an easier time making decisions now that you have all the data you need.

Improved operations

When you truly understand what your customers want, teams can plan and execute more efficiently. 

Better resource management

VOC programs allow for better money management in that they help you allocate the right amount of resources for improving your customer experience.

Voice of the customer program

Other benefits

Having a voice of customer program allows you to:

  • spot potential brand crisis early
  • deliver personalized content
  • validate new ideas and concepts
  • customize your product or features to serve your customers best
  • get your customers to stay with you longer
  • serve your best customers with the solutions they need

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How to start a Voice of the Customer program

Define roles

Help members of each department understand their role in creating a better customer experience as a whole.

Set targets

Your employees now know how they contribute to the customer experience; the next step is to set specific targets and key performance indicators to work towards.

Collect feedback

Now that they’re aware of the specific ways in which progress will be measured, you need to start collecting feedback from your customers.

Analyze feedback

Analyze the feedback now that you’re done gathering it from your customers. Identify patterns and figure out what the majority of them feel or want.

Act on the feedback.

Respond to critical comments. Collaborate with your customers to solve their issues. Show them that you care about their needs and feelings.

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Best practices for an effective Voice of the Customer program

A multichannel approach to gathering data

An effective voice of the customer program collects feedback from multiple sources such as email, website, social media, and more. here are the methodologies used to collect data:

  • online customer surveys
  • customer interviews
  • chatbots
  • net promoter score
  • product reviews
  • focus groups
  • social channels

Plan responses

Prepare meaningful responses for all kinds of feedback, from tentative ones to angry ones. Make sure your customers feel heard.

Spread the word

Everyone in your organization needs to have access to the VOC feedback. Put together a profile of your customer and present it to the entire company or team.


The more personalized your interactions and content, the better. 70% of consumers now consider personalization a basic expectation. 

Gather both qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative and quantitative data give you different insights, even when collected from the same audience. While qualitative data gives you detailed, emotionally driven insights, quantitative surveys give you a broader view, based on hard statistical data.

Collect employee insights

Don’t forget to gather insights from your employees! There’s a good chance some of your employees know your customer’s needs better than your customers. 

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voice of the customer program

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  5. Automated Workflows: Allows automation of survey processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  6. Feedback Management: Efficiently gathers and manages customer feedback, helping to understand customer needs and preferences.
  7. Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with other business tools and platforms for seamless operations.
  8. Responsive Design: Surveys are mobile-friendly, ensuring a good user experience across all devices.
  9. Rich Reporting Features: Offers comprehensive reporting tools for in-depth analysis of survey data.
  10. High Engagement Rates: Engaging survey formats lead to higher response rates and more valuable feedback.

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Final thoughts

Voice of the customer program helps you understand your customer’s needs, opinions, and feelings and thereby improve their satisfaction. When done right, a voice of the customer (VOC) program can help optimize and improve your customer and product experience. We hope this article will help you create an effective VOC program.

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Have you got any questions on setting up a VOC program? Got any interesting best practices or tips for creating an effective VOC program? Let us know in the comment section below.

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