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12 Best Alchemer Alternatives in 2024

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

31 May 2024

10 min read

Do you want to know what the best Alchemer alternatives are?

Alchemer (formerly known as SurveyGizmo) is an online survey platform that helps businesses collect customer feedback. It offers superior data collection and analysis tools for enterprise businesses.

In this article, we’ve collated a list of the top 13 Alchemer alternatives you need to try in 2024.

12 Best Alchemer Alternatives in 2024

Here’s a list of all the top 13 Alchemer alternatives, feel free to jump to a section that interests you:

Alchemer Alternative #1: SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is one of the most popular online survey tools, especially for its conversational interface and its intuitive interface. The conversational experience is bound to increase the completion rates of surveys since it keeps the users engaged. Businesses should automate the process of sending surveys, something which you can do with ease here. You can send surveys to specific people based on their profile using its audience segmentation dashboard so that you are targeting the right users.

SurveySparrow Features

SurveySparrow offers integration with a lot of 3rd party apps from different categories. Some of the categories in which 3rd party integrations are available are CRM, Productivity, Marketing, Support, Analytics, Workflows, Documentation, Communication, Developer Tools, etc. Just to give you a few of the tools: Salesforce, MailChimp, Stripe, Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

SurveySparrow Pricing

SurveySparrow’s pricing plans have been updated to better serve users. With 10 plans ranging from Basic to Platform, there are options for different needs and budgets.

  • For surveys, the Basic plan starts at $19/month for personal use. The Essentials plan at $49/month is designed for small teams.
  • The Business plan at $99/month suits mid-sized businesses, while the Enterprise plan is for large organizations.
  • Under NPS + CX Suite, the CX Basic plan is priced at $199/month, with customizable options available.
  • For 360 Assessments, the Basic plan starts at $59 per assessment, and there’s an Advanced plan tailored to your scale.
  • The Platform plan is ideal for large businesses seeking customization and support.

SurveySparrow also provides a Forever Free plan with limited features and a free trial for testing the product. Sign up below to try it now. 

Alchemer Alternative #2: WPForms

It is WordPress’ official form plugin and offers a 100% mobile responsive contact form which makes it easy to create surveys.

WPForms Features

  • The drag and drop builder makes it easy for beginners to create stunning surveys. You will also be able to see the changes that you are making in real-time.
  • Their customer support is extremely friendly, and the WordPress community is easily one of the best and most helpful sets of people out there.
  • Customize your surveys and polls with the help of incredibly beautiful visuals that accentuate the attractiveness of your survey.
  • Include reCAPTCHA, Honeypot, Custom Captcha, etc. to reduce the spam completion rates.
  • It even has landing page forms.
  • Businesses can create a multi-page form if you are sending a long-form that might take up a lot of time.
  • You can even upload files onto the fields.
  • With its instant field validation feature, as soon as a respondent submits any fields with errors, it will update the user instantly.

WPForms is an easy and effective way to create an unlimited number of forms that you want to create. With its conditional logic feature, it will allow you to shield fields based on the response of a previous question. The above features are available in the free version. If you want add-ons like conditional logic, conditional notifications, custom captchas, etc., you will have to buy the premium version of the tool.

Alchemer Alternative #3: JotForm

The San Francisco-based online survey company has more than 2 million registered users and 7,000 form templates. Thanks to its highly intuitive drag and drop interface, you can easily create forms without writing a single line of code. With JotForm, you can even collaborate with your team while creating forms for a major event.

Jotform Features

  • You can customize the way questions appear on the form.
  • It lets you collapse your forms.
  • You can use CSS to customize the visuals.
  • Its drag and drop feature makes it easy to create beautiful surveys.
  • JotForm is an extremely attractive online survey tool for those who do not code, thanks to the sheer number of templates it offers.
  • Allows for online and offline collaboration.
  • It is possible to add payment links on the survey form.

JotForm Pricing

It has Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers for its pricing. The Starter plan is free for all; although it has all the features included in it, there are restrictions on the number of forms you can create, available space, and so on. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers are priced at $24, $29 and $79 respectively if it is billed annually. The plans are applicable to both SMBs and enterprise companies.

 Alchemer Alternative #4: Typeform

Known for its minimalistic design and brilliant user experience, Typeform is one of the most popular online survey tools out there. The tool is great not only for small, medium businesses and enterprises but also for NGOs, freelancers, design enthusiasts, etc.

Typeform Features

  • Send NPS surveys at regular intervals. The NPS data can also be synced back to Salesforce
  • It has an intuitive survey builder with a rich interface
  • Allows for conditional logic
  • Create different paths according to the segmentation
  • Increase the conversion rate of your surveys with a conversion tracking
  • Typeform has integration capabilities with a lot of tools. Some of them are Coda, Zapier, EnjoyHQ, Chattermill, Google Analytics, Slack, Paymo, Airtable, Monday, Quip, Yalla, GitLab, Yammer, Neto, Ronin, Target, Eventbrite, and more.

Typeform Pricing

It offers three types of plans for its paid customers. The Essentials plan costs $35/month, but it comes with a lot of limitations. The Professional plan, which allows for 5,000 responses per month, is priced at $50/month. The Premium plan is priced at $70/month and has the most benefits. If you are looking for custom solutions, then you can get it by dealing with their team directly.

Alchemer Alternative #5: Google Forms

It is one of the most reliable tools out there as it comes from Google’s suite of products. When it was introduced, Google Forms was a basic tool where you could collect responses, but a lot of features have been added since then.

Google Forms Features

  • With the predictive analytics feature, it autocompletes answers of the respondents
  • It is one of the easiest tools to create surveys with
  • The tool has a lot of templates available using which you can create surveys from scratch even if you don’t know a line of coding
  • The Google ecosystem is powerful for businesses
  • Allows for easy collaboration and tracking
  • Use the skip logic condition and save the time of your respondents
  • It allows for unlimited surveys and unlimited responses for its free version

Google Forms integrates with Salesforce, Google Contacts, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Salesforce, Trello, Google Calendar, Jira, Asana, etc.

Google Forms Pricing

It’s free but if you are using G Suite, you will have to pay $6 per month.

Alchemer Alternative #6: Qualtrics

Started in 2002, it is one of the oldest online survey tools in the market. Acquired by SAP for $8 billion in 2018, it has more than 2 million users in 100+ countries. According to them, at least 1 billion surveys are taken using it every year.

Qualtrics Features

  • It has more than 8 question types and 15 questions per survey, according to your requirements
  • Allows for omnichannel distribution of surveys via SMSes, in-app surveys, emails, etc.
  • Pre-built templates available which make it easy to create surveys
  • Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps in survey creation
  • Offers question recommendation with its built-in intelligence feature
  • Target respondents based on 20+ targeting variables
  • Data security provided is enterprise-grade
  • Apply your own custom code to automate survey creation
  • Test your surveys in real-time

Some of the integrations that Qualtrics offers its customers are:, Stella Connect integration, SocketLabs integration, Idiomatic integration, Tableau, Facebook Messenger, Jira, Adobe Analytics, Sawtooth Technologies, etc. Qualtrics also provides more than 100 templates for many use-cases. Some of the template use cases are the following: Pricing survey, Feature prioritization survey, interview feedback survey, candidate experience survey, employee suggestion action survey, etc.

Qualtrics Pricing

It does offer a free account using which you will get the following: 100 responses, 8 question types, ten outgoing emails, unlimited questions, one active survey, randomization, survey logic, filtering, no expiration date, and summary reports. Qualtrics does have paid plans, but the information is not public.

Alchemer Alternative #7: Formstack

Started in 2006, Formstack has more than 27,000 customers spread across the world. You can create beautiful forms without even writing a single line of code when you are on Formstack. Create surveys of any kind with Formstack, starting from customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, student surveys, and so on.

Formstack Features

  • You can set permissions and authorize who can access your survey.
  • It is easy to collaborate while preparing the survey.
  • The process of form creation is extremely easy.
  • Allows for workflow automation
  • It has ready-to-go survey templates for faster survey creation
  • Reach your audience through different channels
  • You can use conditional logic to save the time of your respondents
  • Formstack has many survey optimization tools
  • You can use CSS tools to create branded themes
  • Boost your conversion rates by testing variations of your form

Formstack allows for integration with more than 260+ online tools. It will help you be more productive, reduce the time taken to create surveys, automate workflows, and so on. Some of the 3rd party integration tools available are MailChimp, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Sheets, AWeber, Airtable, AgileCRM, Applied Epic, Amazon S3, Autotask, and more.

Formstack Pricing

The tool has a 14-day free trial after which you need to shell out money to continue using it. They have four plans- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They are priced at $19, $50, $83, and $208 per month respectively.

Alchemer Alternative #8: QuestionPro

QuestionPro makes the process of survey creation pretty simple. Create robust surveys and provide a delightful experience to your customers. With enterprise-level security, integrations, and collaboration, gathering feedback from your customers has never been this easier.

QuestionPro Features

  • It has technical marketing tools that help you solve unique problems with your forms
  • Up to date with data privacy and regulatory standards such as ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI/DSS compliant
  • Extensive resources for anyone to understand and use the tool better
  • Has more than 300+ free survey templates
  • They even offer customer survey services
  • QuestionPro has more than 22+ million double opt-in users who are ready to respond to your surveys
  • Offers 40+ advanced survey question types
  • Has a reporting dashboard that has comprehensive graphical representations and data analysis abilities
  • Apply various logic types to uncover deep insights

QuestionPro has over 350+ survey templates which include sample questionnaires and questions that are prepared to keep in mind the requirements of various industries. Some of the templates that are available are NPS score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction score, etc. Just to give you an example of how comprehensive it is, just for product surveys, it has more than 22 survey templates.

QuestionPro Pricing

The best thing about QuestionPro’s free version is that it offers unlimited surveys, unlimited questions and unlimited responses. The Advanced and Enterprise edition is priced at $85 per month while the latter requires your custom requirements to arrive at a number.

Alchemer Alternative #9: Paperform

Build flexible online forms with Paperform by embedding media and formatted text. It can create simple, customizable forms while allowing you to collect payments on the survey itself. One of the best things about Paperform is that it looks as attractive as a landing page.

Paperform Features

  • You can configure the fields according to your requirements
  • Paperform editor even allows you to customize the entire UI
  • Allows for payments from Stripe, Braintree, Square, and PayPal
  • It comes with a multitude of pre-loaded survey templates
  • Has conditional submission redirects
  • Control your customer’s experience by directing them to appropriate questions
  • Embed, share and analyze forms

You can directly integrate the forms with 3rd party apps, or you can use Zapier, Integromat, and webhooks to connect more than 3rd party apps. Some of the integrations available are Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, Slack, Trello, Airtable, etc.

Paperform Pricing

It essentially has three plans. The Essentials, Pro, and Agency plans are priced at $12.50, $32.50, and $82.50 respectively when paid annually.

Alchemer Alternative #10: 123 Form Builder

Using 123 Form builder, you can create free HTML forms for your business which can be sent to your customers. You can use a variety of templates to create stunning forms from scratch. It has an intuitive drag and drop interface that makes survey creation a breeze.

123 Form Builder Features

  • Personalize your forms as much as possible with the plethora of options available
  • Enable recurring payments if you have a subscription platform
  • Use branching and conditional logic to ensure that your respondents get the best experience when responding to the surveys
  • Get real-time results to take action on the feedback received
  • Has more than 1000 form templates
  • Integrate with digital tools to automate the flow of your data within the organization
  • Allows for cross-team collaboration

With 123 Form Builder, you can analyze surveys on the go. It allows you to use a variety of fields to make the survey as comprehensive as possible. The tool offers you the option of sending specific auto-reply messages. With 123 Form Builder, you are truly in the presence of a survey tool that lets you customize the survey as much as possible.

123 Form Builder Pricing

They have four tiers of pricing starting from Basic, which is free for everyone. Their Gold, Platinum, and Professional plans are priced at $24.99/month, $44.99/month, and $84.99/month respectively.

Alchemer Alternative #11: Wufoo

It is an online form builder with a cloud storage database that you can use to collect data, automate workflows and collect payments. With more than 3 million-plus users, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular survey tools available. It is known for its attractive interface, easy customization, galleries, templates, reporting, etc.

Wufoo Features

  • The online form builder it has is easy to use
  • You can process online payments on the survey through PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net
  • It even helps you collect signatures with DocuSign
  • Add all your brand elements into the form
  • Collect different types of file
  • Get real-time notifications as soon as someone completes a form
  • Thanks to its integration with Zapier, your form can be integrated with 1000+ apps
  • Set specific conditions for your respondents to offer them a great experience
  • Create custom reports

They promise that their data security systems are highly trustworthy. All the data on Wufoo’s forms are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. It has smart CAPTCHA integrations that prevent your forms from receiving spam.

Wufoo Pricing

They offer a free option where you can create a limited number of forms. The other plans available are Starter, Professional, Advanced and Ultimate. They are priced at $19, $39, $99, and $249 per month respectively.

Alchemer Alternative #12: Survey Anyplace

This Alchemer alternative you create surveys, quizzes, assessments, etc, which will return with personalized advice. By providing personalization, it helps businesses strike conversations with audiences that will result in a higher completion rate.

Survey Anyplace Features

Send unlimited questionnaires and questions for all types of plans.
You have a variety of question types that you can use.
Send Net Promoter Score surveys at the right intervals.
Use conditional logic to show only relevant questions for the respondents.
Form field validation available
Randomize questions to see the order that gives the highest response rates
You can even add a leaderboard.
Allows for multiple administration and collaboration
Restrict the surveys from landing on everyone. Choose who can see the end survey results.

Survey Anyplace Pricing

It has three plans; they are named Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and ReportR. The plans Essential and Professional are priced at $33 and $50 per month, respectively. The Enterprise and ReportR plans are available on request.

Wrapping up

We hope that the above 13 Alchemer alternatives helped you decide which survey software you should opt for. Some of them might have the same benefits, while others might offer extra. The onus is on you to find out the most suitable online survey tool that agrees with your business objectives and requirements.

Kate Williams

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