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Top 12 Airtable Alternatives of 2024

Kate Williams

2 January 2024

10 min read

If you are using Airtable for project management, then maybe you’re already facing some issues with the app. There’s no doubt, Airtable is a simple, and popular project management tool. Still, recently a lot of users are complaining about Airtable (we’ve covered the reasons in the later parts of our blog, stick to the end to know more).

If you are having trouble looking for some Airtable alternatives, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to share with you a list of some advance alternatives of Airtable to help you work efficiently.

Top 12 Airtable alternatives to Check Out in 2023


These are the top 12 Airtable alternatives you can choose today to have a seamless workflow. So, leave all your second thoughts about Airtable behind and read on to know more about these most sought after Airtable alternatives 2023 has to offer. 

Airtable Alternative #1. SurveySparrow

Airtable alternative - SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow software is the all-in-one solution to provide an excellent experience to your customers and employees. With this software, you can collect data, measure employee performance, create assessment reports, easily. 

The best thing about this Airtable alternative is the integration feature. You can integrate this software with different project management software like Asana, Slack, Trello, Easy Projects, etc. Moreover, the workflows, webhooks, API, and Integration will help you to automate the business process. 

SurveySparrow - executive dashboard
SurveySparrow’s Executive dashboard gives you 360 degree insights.

Key Features:

  • Automation & Workflows: SurveySparrow can connect your everyday applications, schedule and automate surveys, and create workflows efficiently. With this, you can craft fast-productivity and recurring tasks in your organization. 
  • No Code Platform: In this Airtable alternative, you’ll get a hassle-free, no-code platform that saves you from the worry of coding. With the help of this tool, you can arrange the survey flow by one single click. 
  • 360 Degree Feedback: Measure and manage employee experience journey with 360 degree feedback software. Use the employee portal to track all the activities and performance of each employee in your organization.
  • Affordability: The pricing of SurveySparrow is much more affordable than Airtable pricing. SurveySparrow pricing starts at $19.00 per month for the Basic plan. SurveySparrow also provides a Forever Free plan with limited features and a free trial for testing the product.

Sign up here to try it out.

Airtable Alternative #2. nTask


This online task management software is known as one of the popular Airtable alternatives. From automatic interface to multiple workspaces, this app is a powerful tool to manage your projects, jibs, meetings, etc. 

Key Features:


  • Excellent users interface
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Integration with other software like slack

Airtable Alternative #3. Notion


Notion is another popular project management app that can make dashboards, publish reports, and connect to their data within minutes. With Notion, you’ll be able to save and share your data and collaborate with your team conveniently. 

Key Features: 


Airtable Alternative #4. Quire 


Asana is one of the popular project management tools that allow its users to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate efficiently. With Asana, you can track your tasks, upload attachments, and communicate with your team via likes, comments, and follow. Because of all these excellent features, Quire deserves to be in the list of top Airtable alternatives.

Key Features: 


  • Automatic inbox update
  • Customize programs
  • Task tracking

Airtable Alternative #5. Evernote


Evernote is a web-based application for project collaboration, task management, and scheduling. With this application, you can assign tasks, create project lists, collaborate with your professional team efficiently. The best part about this Airtable alternative is it can be connected to any device like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. 

Key Features:


  • Assign and manage tasks
  • Store images, notes, clips
  • Edit texts
  • Share feedback and ideas

Airtable Alternative #6. Quip


If you are searching for Airtable alternatives, then Quip is another option you must look out for. This easy-to-use app is best for creating documents, task lists, spreadsheets, in the cloud. You can integrate Quip with chats, spreadsheets, and docs. When it comes to project management, Quip is one of the best apps you can choose from. 

Key Features: 


  • Document sharing
  • Create tasklist
  • Connect with any device

Airtable Alternative #7. Zoho Projects


Zoho Projects can make your team collaborations effortless. You can make any changes to the project and tasks with this Zoho Project management tool. From reporting your projects to analyzing them, Zoho projects are a less complex project management tool. Let’s take a look at its features to know more about this app:

Key Features:


  • Efficient and affordable tool
  • User-friendly interface that offers cross-collaboration
  • It has resource utilization charts for excellent resource planning.

Airtable Alternative #8. Hansoft


Hansoft is definitely one of the best Airtable alternatives. With scalable features, you can manage, plan, and track your projects using Hansoft. The best part about the Hansoft project management software is the advanced reporting feature that makes it an agile planning tool. 

Key Features:


  • To-do-list
  • Gantt charts
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Time tracking
  • Portfolio management

Airtable Alternative #9. ClickUp


ClickUp’s Table view and task relationships make it a perfect alternative to AirTable while staying familiar. However, the Table view is only one of the 12+ ways that you can plan your projects in ClickUp. Visualize your tasks in multiple ways, such as Kanban, Mind Map, and Gantt. With built-in Docs, native time tracking, and Chat, ClickUp is perfect for team collaboration of any size.

Key Features:


  • Permission controlled guests
  • Native Docs
  • Templates for repeating workflows
  • Sprints and Goals feature
  • Dashboards for project overview

Airtable Alternative #10. Zenkit


While searching for Airtable alternatives ensure the project management tools have a simple, clutter-free, and user-friendly design. Zenkit is one such project management app that handles task management, scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, and reporting effortlessly. Here we’ve mentioned some features of Zenkit, take a quick glance at these:

Key Features:


  • Collaboration
  • Project management
  • File sharing 
  • Offline mode
  • Product road mapping 

Airtable Alternative #11. Workfront


Instead of Airtable, another project management tool you can count on is Workfront. Whether you are planning to create a marketing campaign or a website design Workfront will simplify your work with its useful features. These are:

Key Features:


  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Issue tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Project budgeting

Airtable Alternative #12. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is probably one of the best among the rest of the Airtable alternatives. This management tool is trusted for managing every task, collaboration with the team, file sharing, etc. With this application, your business can manage everyday work like creating task lists, event schedule, customer information, and more. Here are some features of Smartsheet:

Key Features:


  • Dashboard
  • Gnatt view & Calendar view
  • Reminders
  • Attach files
  • Resource management

Now, you know all the details about Airtable alternatives and how they can help your business. If you still have confusion, whether you should switch your project management tool or not then here are some more reasons to convince you.

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a project control solution that provides a cloud collaboration service. With the Airtable app, you can target data organizations and collaborate within the organizations. You can consider Airtable similar to a spreadsheet, but it has various types like drop-down list, phone number, and checkbox. 

On top of that, you can integrate Airtable with services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. You can use this software as a CRM or customer relationship management, project planning, tracking inventory, and task management. 

Why Should You Look for Airtable Alternatives?

Airtable is a popular software for project management. It’s used and trusted by several companies all over the world. But, do you think popularity is the only metric to choose a tool? 

Well, certainly not! 

With time, lots and lots of people are complaining about the limited features and functionality of Airtable. 

Here are the main issues they are facing: 

  • Several customers stated that the features of Airtable are too generic. Airtable’s projects and task management features are limited. 
  • If you are looking for more of a data storage and visualization tool, then Airtable can be the right choice. But, when it comes to modern-day data organization, project management, and collaboration, you may have to give this app a second thought. 
  • You most likely won’t find the automation feature of this tool impressive. 
  • It lacks time tracking for projects- that’s another reason why most businesses are searching for Airtable alternatives. 

If you are using Airtable for a while now and getting frustrated with all the features, maybe it’s time for you to look for all-in-one Airtable alternatives. And, to make your search process hassle-free, we’ll guide you throughout this article with some valuable information about the alternatives.  

So have some patience and read on! 

Why Choose SurveySparrow over Airtable? 

We all know that Airtable is an easy-to-use project management tool with a simple interface. But, modern business needs more than simplicity; they need something extra. Small and large businesses aren’t just satisfied with just a project management tool; they need more. They need a tool that is able to help their employees, customers, and even their entire organization. 

With SurveySparrow’s awesome features, you can enhance customer and employee experience, build online surveys to generate leads. This no-code platform has some advanced features like NPS Survey, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 degree feedback tool, etc. You can use this tool without writing any codes. 

Airtable CRM vs SurveySparrow CEM

We’re well aware of CRM, right? CRM or Customer Relationship Management deals with customer relations, improves customer service, enhances communication between teams etc. In comparison, CEM or Customer Experience Management manages the entire journey experience of a customer within the company. 

Next time when you get confused between CRM and CEM, remember this- CRM is all about how a company views or understands a customer, CEM is about what a customer thinks about the company. However, the end goal of both the CRM and CEM is to make customers return for purchasing. 

So, now that you know the basics about CRM and CEM, let’s learn about why SurveySparrow CEM is one of the better Airtable alternatives:

Airtable’s Customer Relationship Management

We can’t consider Airtable as a proper CRM tool, even if it doesn’t advertise itself as a CRM software. But, Airtable CRM has multiple templates that can be used as a CRM tool. This tool is great for sharing data among the work-teams. 

Airtable has different CRM templates such as CRM for Sales, Personal CRM, CRM for PR, etc.

SurveySparrow’s Customer Experience Management

benefits of customer experience management

Perfect Chat Experience

If you want to boost your business ROI, then you have to build a stable relationship with your customers. They should be your main priority! But, let’s face it; it’s not easy to have a one-on-one conversation with each customer. 

And, this is where the CEM comes to the rescue. With SurveySparrow’s CEM, you can engage with every customer and provide them with an amazing cha-like experience effortlessly. You can also make use of SurveySparrow’s chatbot to add chatbot for websites

Engage with Your Customers

When you’re looking for Airtable alternatives, make sure to choose a tool that enhances customer engagement. The best way to engage customers is to know about their needs and expectations of your business and services. 

And, online surveys are a perfect solution to know about your customers. With SurveySparrow’s CEM, you can transform boring surveys into exciting and appealing messaging experiences. 

Recurring Surveys

Do you know the secret of engaging customers? Its “follow-up”. When you follow up with your customers regularly, they will remember your brand. But, it’s important to follow-up with your customers without disturbing them. 

With CEM software, you can set when and how frequent you want to deliver your surveys. You can use SurveySparrow’s customer pulse surveys to automate your survey taking experience fully. 

Share Efficiently

The best CEM software won’t restrict you from sharing your online surveys with your customers. SurveySparrow’s CEM will allow you to share your surveys through all social media platforms and embed it on your website. 

NPS or Net Promoter Score

With NPS net promoter score measured customer loyalty and brand advocacy easily. You can measure NPS by asking your customers the likelihood of recommending your service or business product to their family or a friend.

With its dynamic lists and segment feature, you can analysis your customer persona. You can set time, frequency, and automate the Net Promoter Score surveys according to your own choice. 

And, wait there’s more, with its sentiment analysis feature you can understand your customer sentiments efficiently. Even NPS survey allows you to reflect your brand personality, logo, and style name.

Get Rich Insights

You can gather reach inside about the valuable customer survey responses. With pie charts and histograms get a clear idea about your customer expectations and feedback to improve different aspects of your business. 

With SurveySparrow’s real-time encrypted data, you don’t have to worry about data privacy. From tracking performances to analyzing responses, SurveySparrow’s real-time reporting will help you to provide excellent customer experience. 

When you collect quality insights about your customers, it will help you to understand your customers, communicate with them deeply. With high-quality data, you can grow the bottom lines of your business for the future. 

Summing Up

Nothing is perfect, even if it’s software! You can’t blindly trust Airtable as a project management tool because it still requires some advancement. So here we’ve assembled all the Airtable alternatives you can choose, after doing some heavy research. 

However, we’re not going to mention one best tool among all of these. Because every company has different goals, expectations, team members, projects, and workflows, the best tool will only depend on your business goal and expectations. So, study the list patiently, give a trial to find the ideal tool for your business and projects. 

And finally, if you know any other alternatives of Airtable, then do share with us in the comment section below!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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