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11 Best No Code Platforms to Look for in 2024


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25 April 2024

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We very well know how tiresome it can be to create applications from scratch. A couple of years back had we known that we do not have to write a single line of code to build apps, we’re pretty sure we’d have had a ‘eureka’ moment. But it shouldn’t strike as a surprise if we tell you that now.__

Yes, the future is here. Welcome to the no-code movement. Welcome to the future of no-code platforms.

So, what’s this no code all about? Well, no-code platforms offer you a visual environment that lets you build apps and designs using drag and drop, add/remove components, and other hassle-free features. In short, a no-code tool helps you build apps without writing codes.

11 Best No Code Platforms of 2023

These are the 11 no code platforms to automate your workflows without writing a single line of code:

Betty Blocks

1. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow as your No-Code Platform

If you’re on the lookout for a platform to build surveys, improve customer and employee experience, or to generate new leads, SurveySparrow is a great no-code platform. More often than not, a platform’s success stems down to a couple of crucial factors – on how it gets things done and how it solves real problems.

With SurveySparrow, you can create surveys, gather feedback, analyze extracted data, find pain points, and close the feedback loop without having to code at all!

Features include:

All these, without writing a single line of code!


  • For surveys, the Basic plan starts at $19/month for personal use. The Essentials plan at $49/month is designed for small teams.
  • The Business plan at $99/month suits mid-sized businesses, while the Enterprise plan is for large organizations.
  • SurveySparrow also provides a Forever Free plan with limited features and a free trial for testing the product. Sign up below to try it out. 

2. Zapier

one of the best no code platforms of the year

Zapier is a blessing in disguise to the tech world. Anyone who disagrees with the previous sentence either hasn’t heard of Zapier or doesn’t know what it does. Zapier defines themselves as the glue that connects different applications. It’s the patty to your burger and the Batman to your Robin.

We of all people know how exhausting it is to integrate one app to the other. Trust us; it’s like climbing the Everest of codes. Zapier makes this process easier. Integrating apps is now just a few clicks away. And that too, without having to code. This is why we’re big fans of Zapier, here at SurveySparrow.

Pricing: $19.99/month

3. Bubble

one of the best no code platforms of the year

Bubble offers visual programming like never before. They emphasize the fact that you don’t need to be a coder to turn concepts into reality, and that’s why it makes it to our list of top no code platforms. Bubble’s drag and drop features enable you to build prototypes and host applications at ease.

While traditional web applications require deploying your code to a web browser, Bubble manages this task for you. You can also design dynamic components and layouts without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

Pricing: $25/month

4. Thunkable

one of the best no code platforms of the year

To transform ideas into logic, and logic into codes, ‘think’ they said. Well, this no-code platform lets you ‘thunk’ it. Thunkable lets you build your own apps seamlessly with just a few clicks. Turns out, you don’t need to be a computer science graduate nor have years of coding experience to build functional mobile applications.

Thunkable lets you transform ideas and designs into realities by enabling you to build apps at a much faster rate. A very user-friendly interface, intuitive builder, drag and drop and other powerful features make Thunkable a reliable no code platform.

Pricing: $21/month

5. Airtable

Airtable - one of the no code platforms in the list

Imagine having the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the power of a database in a single frame. Yes, that’s exactly what Airtable promises to deliver. The platform brings spreadsheets and databases together to deliver projects, automate workflows, and organize tasks without writing any codes.

This no-code platform allows its users to solve a wide set of use cases without using IT resources, which is why a lot of organizations are switching from spreadsheets to Airtable.

Pricing: $10/month

6. Webflow

one of the best no code platforms of the year

When it comes to bestowing people with tools to build awesome websites, nobody does it better than Webflow. Gone are the days where you had to write thousands of lines of codes to create a website. With Webflow, you get pre-loaded templates, drag and drop, and a ton of other features to let you create any website – from an online t-shirt store to a SaaS website.

What’s more? Webflow development service is a visual website development platform that lets you build custom websites on a visual canvas from complete scratch without a single line of code, which means designers can also become developers. The web development platform has gained massive popularity over the last few years, and today millions of users from small businesses to large enterprises are using Webflow as their choice for hosting their website.

The customization offered, combined with its ease of use and flexibility, makes Webflow one of the most interesting and powerful no-code platforms out there. Webflow’s pricing starts at $12/month for the basic plan. You can take a look at their pricing guide for more plans.

Pricing: $12/month

7. Mailchimp

one of the best no code platforms of the year

We know that these guys need no introduction. Mailchimp has been associated with the marketing world over the years and has helped numerous startups gain an edge over their competitors. It lets you create custom domains, boost sales, generate new leads, and grow your existing audience without making you write codes.

A true savior indeed! Mailchimp helps you create beautiful landing pages to help you sell your products more efficiently. It also lets you create Instagram and Facebook ads for the same. This is why it’s high time for you to check out these low code vs no code solutions if you haven’t already.

Pricing: $10/month

8. Substack

one of the best no code platforms of the year

We all know that content is the king, and engagement is the queen. Let’s just say that Substack is both. The platform was built to make writers write more. Substack lets you create newsletters, build communities, and publish your writing, and get paid. That’s everything a writer could ever ask for!

With Substack, you get a complete website for all your posts, your own email list, audios, videos, images and gifs, and literally everything for you to get paid from your writing. The best part? You get all these without writing a single line of code. They take care of the details so you can focus on your writing. Go move the world with your words!

Pricing: Quote based

9. Betty Blocks

one of the best no code platforms of the year

Betty Blocks has been preaching about the wonders of no code for some time now, and it would be a crime if we don’t include them in the list. Betty Blocks lets you build applications at rapid speed, unlike the other app builders out there.

A citizen development platform for enterprises, Betty Blocks enables you to build complex apps using state of the art features, including visual modeling and drag and drop. Some drags, a few clicks here and there, and boom! There’s a working application. It really is this simple – all thanks to the no-code movement.

Pricing: $10/month

10. nocode platform

Looking for a no-code solution that has all your favorite apps in its integration list? Say hello to, a leading no-code integration platform that integrates with over 200 apps. Build simple bots between two or multiple apps and put your work on auto-pilot. Bots inside refresh at regular intervals unless you are manually pausing it. So, set up your trigger and action apps, and that’s it.

The drag and drop interface lets you create triggers and actions easily between apps. To get started with, you require zero development skills or know-how because everything is already pre-set inside this integration platform. In short, has an easy to understand user interface, is powerful and intuitive, and supports automated workflows between two or more apps.

11. Hostinger

Hostinger’s website design tool has been a strong advocate for the no-code movement, making it essential to include in this list. With Hostinger’s website design builder you can create websites quickly and easily, often faster than other designers.

This no-code platform lets you build and customize professional websites using tools like drag-and-drop functionality and AI-driven suggestions. A few quick drags and clicks, and your website is live. It showcases how simple and efficient no-code can be.

Winding up

This was our carefully articulated list of no-code platforms for you. If you aren’t using any, high time you adopt one trust us when we say this – no code is the future. Baking a cake for an hour, or baking one in 2 minutes – which one would you prefer?

Choosing the best platform from all these no-code platforms is trickier than you think. Make sure that the platform serves its intended purpose, checks your requirement boxes, and fits your budget.


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