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Top 3 SurveySparrow Alternatives You Can Use in 2024


18 April 2024

8 min read

Are you searching for some top SurveySparrow alternatives?

In this article, we answer the common questions people have when they compare our tool with other top alternatives to SurveySparrow such as QuestionPro, Typeform, and Qualtrics.

We’ll look into the features, ease of use, and pricing of each tool and give you some key reasons why customers choose SurveySparrow over other SurveySparrow alternatives on the market.

Top SurveySparrow Alternatives Compared

We’ll look at the top 3 alternatives to SurveySparrow—namely, Typeform, QuestionPro, and Qualtrics—in detail to see which is the best for your business.

Here’s a quick comparison of the 3 SurveySparrow alternatives:


Best ForCreating conversational surveys that yield better response rates and insightsCreating interactive forms that display one question at a timeVersatile tool to create surveys, polls, quizzesConducting large survey research projects
G2 Ratings4.
360 Degree Assessments
NPS Surveys
Mobile First Surveys
Insert Images & Videos
Conditional Logic
Payment Gateway
White Labelled Surveys
Custom Domain
Custom CSS
PricingBasic plan —$19/month (Free 14 day Trial)Starts at $35/monthFree plan available. Paid plan starts at $99/month/user$5000/month



surveysparrow home page

SurveySparrow is an online survey platform that lets you create beautiful, conversational surveys that people love to answer.

You get the ability to add images, GIFs, emoticons, and videos to your surveys to make them more interactive. Couple that with the ability to ask only one question at a time and you make it easier and more enjoyable for your audience to answer your questions.

Also, you can create website chatbots and embed them on your website to conduct chat surveys, which is a great way to collect accurate data and engage your site visitors.

SurveySparrow has a simple-to-use interface and lets you quickly create surveys with pre-built templates. No matter your use case, you’ll find a ready-to-use survey template from its extensive library.

SurveySparrow offers a free trial for users to test out the product. Sign up below. 


homepage questionpro

QuestionPro is a popular survey tool that lets you create different types of surveys, polls, forms, and quizzes.

Although you get access to survey software, research suite, and CX features, the tool doesn’t give you the ability to add images, videos, or any other interactive elements.

Also, currently, you don’t have an option to integrate with any payment gateway.

QuestionPro, on the other hand, not only lets you create surveys with images, icons, and videos but also lets you easily customize the appearance of a survey to match your brand.

A few clicks are all it takes to customize the colors, fonts, and media to make it uniquely yours.

While you can use our simple user interface to make your surveys look on-brand, you could also add your own custom CSS and HTML to change the look and feel of your surveys.


surveysparrow alternative 1

Typeform is another popular tool that lets you create beautiful surveys. It lets you create interactive surveys similar to the ones you can create using SurveySparrow and offers plenty of pre-built templates.

Yes, Typeform takes a similar approach to that of SurveySparrow—both tools allow you to enhance the aesthetics of your surveys with images and videos and let you serve only one question at a time.

But there are things that Typeform doesn’t offer that you might need and should be aware of.

Typeform doesn’t allow you to set up a custom domain of your choice. All your surveys will be served from their own domain. You can only pick a subdomain of your choice such as or

Also, you don’t get the option to add your own custom CSS to your surveys. This means, you can’t make any tweaks or adjustments to the existing CSS styles—or simply put, the survey’s default appearance—if you wanted to.

The big letdown, though, is that Typeform doesn’t give you the ability to create NPS surveys and 360 assessments — two important kinds of surveys that most businesses will need to conduct.

NPS surveys let you gauge the quality of a certain aspect of your business. And 360-degree assessments are important if you want to create a winning team, big or small.

Both SurveySparrow and QuestionPro let you create NPS surveys and 360-degree assessments.

Also, both the tools let you conduct offline surveys while Typeform doesn’t.

Among the three tools discussed above, SurveySparrow offers more robust survey reporting and analysis tools. It provides you with real-time reports and an executive dashboard.

You can easily cross-tabulate responses using the compare feature, schedule reports to your inbox at a convenient time, and export data as PDF, Excel, and SPSS.


Qualtrics is quite different from the aforementioned tools. It’s a survey platform used by enterprise businesses and educational institutions for large research projects.

You’d want to use Qualtrics if you’re looking to gather large amounts of data from a huge sample and need several advanced tools to analyze that data.

It’s unique in that it offers:

  • templates for use cases commonly encountered in large organizations
  • advanced survey analysis tools and reporting options
  • more options to create branches of questions based on logic.



SurveySparrow has recently updated its pricing plans to better serve its users. With 10 different plans, ranging from Basic to Platform, SurveySparrow has different pricing options for personal and business users.

  • Under Surveys, the Basic plan starts at $19/month and offers personal use, while the Essentials plan is priced at $49/month, and is designed for small teams.
  • The Business plan is designed for mid-sized businesses and priced at $99/month, while the Enterprise plan is custom-built for large organizations.
  • Under NPS + CX Suite, we have the CX Basic plan priced at $199/month, along with the full suite, customizable as per the business’s needs.
  • Under 360 Assessments, the Basic plan starts at $59 per assessment, while the Advanced plan is tailored to your scale.
    For large businesses looking for a customized plan & support, the Platform plan offers the right fit.
  • SurveySparrow also offers a Forever Free plan with limited features.

The 49$ plan is the one we recommend for small teams. It gives you the ability to collect 15000 responses, add expressions, custom CSS, and HTML, accept payments, and validate your phone number for your surveys.


QuestionPro offers a free plan that lets you collect 200 responses per survey. And, similar to SurveySparrow, QuestionPro has different prices for personal and business users.

However, QuestionPro’s business plans are based on the per-user pricing model, so the cost quickly adds up.

SurveySparrow, on the other hand, has adopted a flat pricing model for its business plans. The business plans come with a set amount of users per plan. Also, the ability to add any number of users to a plan is provided as an add-on.


Typeform’s free plan lets you run 3 surveys, ask 10 questions per survey, and collect 100 responses per month. The paid plans start at 35$ per month.


Qualtrics offers a free plan that allows you to send 1 survey with a maximum of 100 responses.

Its enterprise tier account costs 5000$ per month.

Ease of Use and Set-up

Since Qualtrics offers a ton of advanced functionalities and complex capabilities, it has a steep learning curve and requires training before you can use the software.

Without educating your team on how to use the software, it wouldn’t be possible for them to gather data using it. So you need to be willing to invest time and effort into learning how to use the software.

Both QuestionPro and Typeform are comparatively much easier to use than Qualtrics.

Can you guess the tool that’s easiest to use among the aforementioned tools?

Yup, SurveySparrow. Even if you’ve never created a survey before, you’ll find it easy to create one using SurveySparrow.

While SurveySparrow provides you with some advanced functionalities, it does so while keeping the interface easy and intuitive to use.

With SurveySparrow, you just get the right features you’d need to quickly collect actionable insights. No need to navigate through a maze of features you’ll never use.

It’s why SurveySparrow is the highest-rated survey software for ease of use on G2Crowd.

You don’t need to talk to anyone or need any help to take it for a spin. The onboarding is entirely self-guided (with hands-on support if you need it!)

If you found other survey tools quite difficult to use or set up, that’s one more reason for you to give SurveySparrow a shot.

Why People Choose SurveySparrow Over Its Alternatives

Aside from the fact that it’s super-affordable, here are the key reasons why customers choose SurveySparrow

Achieve Higher Response Rates

Answering surveys don’t have to feel like a chore anymore. SurveySparrow makes filling surveys not feel like filling surveys.

SurveySparrow makes your surveys feel more like conversations. This leads to your surveys garnering higher response rates as more people would be willing to answer your questionnaires.

People who switched to our solution typically tend to boost their survey response rates by a whopping 40%!  Without any design knowledge, you can quickly create a high-performing survey that’s beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Our in-house designers and researchers have come up with questions and crafted ready-to-use templates for several use cases and industries. All you have to do is swap things to quickly create a meaningful survey.

Optimize the Complete Experience

SurveySparrow lets you ask all kinds of questionnaires throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer or an employee.

It is especially loved by teams that prioritize both their employee and customer experience as opposed to just the latter.

With SurveySparrow, you’re provided with functionalities such as:

You get all the survey tools you need to optimize both your employees’ and customers’ experiences.

Put an End to Siloed Survey Data

When you use multiple tools to collect survey data, you risk creating the so-called data silos.

When your data is in separate silos, you undermine the quality and credibility of that data.

Here are some disadvantages of data silos:

  • It decreases the accuracy of the data when it comes to decision-making.
  • And it hinders the process of gleaning deep insights from your survey data.

That’s why companies use an all-in-one tool like SurveySparrow.

Silos cease to be a barrier when your survey data is centralized and optimized for analysis.

SurveySparrow helps you remove this barrier so you can get a holistic view of your survey data.

Protect Your Brand Identity

SurveySparrow lets you create surveys that perfectly match your brand. You get pixel-level customization over all aspects of your survey. With SurveySparrow, you can:

  • Add your own unique brand logo, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Make your surveys look exactly the way you want with custom CSS.
  • Configure your survey URLs to include your own unique domain.
  • Add your own email address.
  • Customize your email surveys’ subject line, body, etc.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve answered your questions, which tool is right for your business?

For most businesses, big or small, SurveySparrow is an ideal option. It’s an all-in-one survey platform that lets you create all kinds of surveys with a simple drag-and-drop interface and ready-to-use templates.

That said, the best survey tool is the one that meets your unique needs and adds value to your organization. Most of the tools on this list offer a free trial for you to test them out and play with.

So take advantage of that and carefully consider whether a tool fits your needs.

If you’re looking to conduct modern conversational surveys, feel free to take SurveySparrow for a spin today!


I'm a developer turned marketer, working as a Product Marketer at SurveySparrow — A survey tool that lets anyone create beautiful, conversational surveys people love to answer.


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