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Boost Your Blog: 8 Easy-to-Use Blogging Tools for a Smoother Experience

Vismaya Babu

Last Updated:  

9 May 2024

4 min read

You can take your blog to a whole new level by implementing some very simple software or blogging tools and integrating them into your blogs. These tools will elevate your blogs by adding a bunch of great features you may never have considered. 

Before we list some of the best ones we’ve discovered (and are frequently used by expert bloggers), let’s first take a look at how exactly your blog can be improved in the first place. Whether it’s planning, writing, SEO, or publishing itself, there are plenty of ways you can generate a wider readership.

How Can Software Improve Your Blogging?

Some of these tools are designed for blog planning, while others are excellent for publishing. We’ll also focus on some tools that help with the actual writing and SEO factors of your blogs. So, if you’re ready to blog like the experts do, check out these five best software tools to improve your blog. 

Presto Player

If you’re not adding videos to your blogs, you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential readers. Presto Player is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to connect videos you’ve uploaded onto YouTube straight to your website. So grab yourself some royalty free music and learn the art of YouTubing your content as well as writing it!

Topic suggestions will also help your blogs appeal to your audience, so conversation mining is an important skill to harness through tools that specialize in this. Professional bloggers use tools like these because certain processes are worth automating to increase post frequency and writing speed. After all, coming up with topics is sometimes harder than the writing process itself!

ChatPad is an AI tool designed for conversation inputs from your social media conversations. It analyzes those conversations and gives you a list of topics that are deemed relevant to your audience. If your followers are talking about something that is close to their hearts, ChapPad will provide you with topics that encourage interaction between you and your audience.  


If you are the kind of blogger who loves brainstorming new ideas that seem to come at the most inopportune times, then Notta is an excellent software tool to get your hands on. Powered by AI, Notta allows you to record a thought, idea, or experience you’re having and transcribe it into text for later use. 

It’s also great for interviews and meetings you might be having with experts on the topic you’re writing about. It may seem like a simple recorder, but the fact that it then generates content based on voice audio is an exceptionally useful feature! 

But the reason we really love Notta is the idea that you can record your own ideas whenever you want, wherever you are. All writers know that the best ideas come at times when we’re actually experiencing something and not necessarily when we’re sitting in front of our laptops. So, for the brainstormers, Notta is definitely a must-have. 

EMV Headline Analyzer

Your blog’s headline is what will catch the attention of your readers. For this reason, you want that headline to be as eye-catching as possible. EMV stands for Emotional Marketing Value because people tend to read articles based on how much emotion they stir up in them. Based on empathy, spirituality, and intellectualism, you’ll get a better idea of what emotions your audience is likely to experience based on your headline. 


Even though you’re probably already using WordPress, it does deserve a mention in this list because of its versatility. Blog writers can add an array of plugins (some of which are mentioned here) and elevate their blogs through search optimization or interactive elements. Social media buttons, customizable comment sections, and even pools can be added to your blogs to make users feel like they’re a part of your writing process (which they should be).  

WordPress is also easy to use when uploading your blogs. It gives you helpful SEO suggestions, scores your articles, and allows for easy formatting in terms of headings, links, and keywords. Get accustomed to using WordPress plugins, and you’ll see a huge difference in your readership. 

All-in-One SEO Plugin

We like All in One SEO because it’s so comprehensive and easy to use. While not all writers are SEO experts, search intent does play an important role in writing the type of content that gets as many views as possible. All-in-One SEO is a WordPress plugin. So, assuming you already use WordPress, you can simply add this to your WordPress setup and use it while and after you’ve written something. 

This plugin will help you with writing your snippets, implementing keywords, links (both internal and external), and even auditing your entire WordPress website so that you can improve other blogs already written. 

Poll Maker

We highly recommend adding a poll to almost every blog you write. Adding polls to your blog not only gives your readers a part in your writing process it also provides you with valuable information about what makes them tick. Poll Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up options your readers can vote on. 

This could be anything from what they want your next blog to be about to how they feel about what they’ve just read. With five poll types and seven different themes to choose from, you’ll create a fun interactive element for your blogs that involves your readers or customers in your creative process. 


People love reading statistics, and for statistics, you need access to a bunch of surveys. SurveySparrow gives you access to a hub of surveys by simply searching for the ones relevant to your topic. 

These include conversational surveys, NPS, CSAT & CES, and even employee assessments. This is a blogger’s go-to for the statistics you need to help your content carry more weight. 

Make My Persona

Yes, we saved the best for last. Make My Persona is a highly intuitive blogging tool that creates a version of your target audience so that you can reach your most desired outcome with your writing. This virtual audience member will tell you whether your content is reaching… well… them!

Simply follow the prompts and create your ideal audience. Then, evaluate their demographic, wants & needs, and trends they may be prone to. Once you have this hub of useful information, you can write your content accordingly. 

WP Statistics

Back to WordPress plugins, WP Statistics is a must-have if you’re trying to analyze your readership. Questions you may be asking yourself include:

  • What demographic is largely involved in reading my content?
  • Which blogs are being read more often than others?
  • Which blogs receive the most engagement? 
  • How many readers have been converted to customers?
  • Which blogs are attracting other demographics to my site?

WP Statistics measures these metrics and provides succinct data. This information will help you better understand your audience and deliver more content that drives traffic to your website. 

How Can Software Improve Your Blogging?

Get these tools and use them frequently to gain a larger audience for your blog. With just a few helpful algorithms on your side, how can you not see more success in return for your writing efforts? 

Vismaya Babu

Lead SEO - Growth Marketing at SurveySparrow

Marketing whiz and tech lover, always exploring the digital world with curiosity and creativity!

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