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12 Best Typeform Competitors & Alternatives of 2023 (Free & Paid)

Kate William

2 January 2023

10 min read

“Man, I can’t use it anymore.”

“I seriously need to look for an alternative.”

“I’m sure we’ll find a tool better than this.”

If you’re currently using Typeform to conduct surveys and forms, and these statements sum up your experience with it, you’re not alone.

Typeform is a good survey tool but comes with enough disadvantages for people to look for Typeform competitors. So, we’ve compiled a list of 12 Typeform alternatives, both free and paid, that are any day a better choice.

12 Best Typeform Competitors & Alternatives of 2023

With no further ado, time to let the cat out of the bag and talk about the 12 alternatives to Typeform one by one.

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. WPForms
  3. Qualtrics
  4. Cognito Forms
  5. QuestionPro
  6. Zoho Forms
  7. Ninja Forms
  8. Formsite
  9. Microsoft Forms
  10. SurveyLegend
  11. ProProfs Survey Maker
  12. Alchemer

#1 SurveySparrow

typeform vs surveymonkey vs surveysparrow

Starting on this list is SurveySparrow. This survey software is easily one of the best Typeform alternatives around. Why? Two things:

  • First, it’s an omnichannel survey creating and managing experience.
  • And second, the valuable insights it brings out for companies.

This Typeform alternative, with its way better user experience and functionalities amps up your survey response rate by nearly 40 percent. Ain’t that mind-blowing?


Where do we even start here? There are so many powerful features of this survey software that it could form an entire article. But, here’s the ultra-compact version of SurveySparrow’s features and these will beat Typeform and most of its competitors by a mile. Here we go, then:

  • Conversational Interface: SurveySparrow’s interface keeps the survey creators and respondents engaged while boosting the results. It’s so interactive and easy to use that you’ll be hooked on creating surveys. And we’re not kidding!
  • NPS Surveys: Its NPS software is truly the best in the market, both in terms of functionalities and accessibility. Try it. You’ll agree, too.
  • Offline Surveys: In just a few simple steps, you can conduct surveys that don’t require an internet connection with SurveySparrow’s offline survey feature.
  • Unique Audience Management: SurveySparrow’s audience management features is truly best-in-class and unique. It allows you to send specific forms based on people’s profiles. You can segment that using the audience management dashboard of its form builder app.

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  • Powerful Tracker: When you’re conducting a survey, you want some crucial information. As such, it does make perfect sense to send each person an email with a unique survey link. Using the link, all responses and activities are tracked to give you information on who has completed the survey and who hasn’t. And this knowledge allows you to take necessary action.
  • One-click Share: Share all online and offline surveys in a single click using this survey software. How? Ask here.
  • Integrations: Typeform might make your surveys fancy, but it doesn’t offer much-needed integrations to applications like WordPress, Slack, Hubspot, or Zapier? SurveySparrow certainly does, making it one of the best Typeform alternatives to choose.
  • Mobile-Friendly Surveys: Using SurveySparrow, all your surveys are mobile-friendly, making it easy for respondents to fill in from anywhere and use any device they wish to.
  • 360 Degree Surveys & Reports: One thing that SurveySparrow takes pride in is its 360-degree feedback feature. Customizable 360-degree employee reports and emails, appraisals and performance reviews, assessment tracking in the employee portal, and a custom 360-degree feedback survey. All of this is quick and easy with this feature. Typeform doesn’t have this feature at all.
  • Polls, Quizzes, Chatbot: Lastly, the multi-channel data collection, polls, online audience panel, chatbot, and automated workflows, make SurveySparrow a no-brainer alternative to Typeform.


There’s a free plan to start with, while the paid ones start from $19 a month. Here’s a detailed comparison between the pricing plans of both Typeform and SurveySparrow.

#2 WPForms

When it comes to determining which Typeform competitor is the best WordPress form builder, there is no competition. WPForms stands out tall! It is the alternative you need when you’re looking to make fancy forms and do much more with them. Typeform doesn’t let you do that, but WPForms does. Some of its top features are:


  • They come with a very specific WordPress form builder tool.
  • It’s a tool ideal for someone new to survey creation.
  • WPForms come with drag-and-drop functionality for visual form building. Cool, isn’t it?
  • You can easily make all forms feel more human with this tool. To be honest, that is the only USP of Typeform!
  • The data analysis is great and effective in WPForms using smooth graphs and patterns.
  • WPForms has Captcha and additional levels of protection for combating spam.
  • Direct integrations with all key CRMs and email marketing tools.

WPForms truly is a multi-purpose form generator, but it functions only when WordPress is your content management system. If that’s not the case, you can go with SurveySparrow, or we have 10 more Typeform alternatives for you!


WPForms has no free trial with the paid plan starting from $39.50 per month for annual billing.

#3 Qualtrics

Qualtrics is more of a Typeform equivalent than a Typeform alternative for its smooth user experience and survey flow screen. Both of which are one of the defining features of Typeform.

But there are some massive differences in features between the two survey software that make Qualtrics a better choice than Typeform. Here are those:


  • Their survey software fits according to your business needs, making the everyday work a smooth sail.
  • Ideal software for conducting advanced research.
  • Specifically designed to fulfill the needs of enterprises working on a large scale.
  • The user interface is fluid, as the block-based questionnaire design, logical branching, and other complex features make the survey creation process simple with Qualtrics.

For large organizations in need of a comprehensive solution for use of literally hundreds of individuals, Qualtrics is one of the finest Typeform alternatives. But that makes Qualtrics a costly option, too. One that will certainly be an overkill for small businesses and solopreneurs looking to test the market.


There’s a free trial that Qualtrics offers, but no free plan. And their prices vary based on your requirements.

#4 Cognito Forms

The primary reason Typeform got popular was that it had great templates for payment forms, and they were the only ones with such fancy templates.

Well, not anymore. Because Cognito Forms is a far better option for building payment forms that look more branded, and definitely more unique, than Typeform’s. Be it PayPal, or Square as your payment partner, Cognito Forms works great.


  • Effective and pleasing online payments forms are a cakewalk with Cognito Forms
  • Powerful conditional logic makes these forms smarter.
  • A massive pool of 150+ pre-built templates allows for a quick start.
  • The visual drag and drop builder helps to put out forms together with ease.
  • These forms can complete calculations at a great rate.
  • Cognito Forms connects with Google Analytics for analyzing the collected data.

There’s so much more to Cognito forms than what meets the eye. A Typeform alternative that should be tried once, for sure.


Cognito Forms is quite affordable, with a free plan and a free trial. The paid plans start from $15 per month. Their most expensive plan comes at $99 per month, allowing unlimited form submissions, and 100GB of storage space. Clearly a much cheaper alternative than Typeform.

#5 QuestionPro

Survey software with a multitude of features, QuestionPro has a solution for almost all your survey and research requirements. They have a very user-friendly website, with enriching articles, and videos to guide you through the entire survey creation process.

Plus, the focus on data security has helped QuestionPro get positive reviews from users. Some of its other features are:


  • Real-time data analytics to pivot and make changes on the go.
  • One of the best market research features you’ll find in survey software.
  • You get NPS, contactless, mobile, 360-degree feedback surveys, and more here.
  • They have a database of over 22 million respondents to serve your research needs.
  • 24 hours global support over chat, email, and even phone.


They have a free forever plan, and the paid one starts from $129 per month when billed annually.

#6 Zoho Forms

One of the best Typeform competitors you’ll find is Zoho Forms. Being a part of Zoho Office Suite, it’s very simple to integrate with the other company tools. And when compared to Typeform, it’s a free alternative (almost) because when you’re using Zoho’s suite of products, Zoho Forms comes free.


  • Zoho Forms collaboration solution allows teams to work regardless of where they are.
  • The Zoho Survey feature allows you to link to online surveys from inside Zoho.
  • The forms you create here can be immediately embedded in your website.
  • With their powerful form analytics, find patterns that matter.
  • Their advanced branding is a top-notch feature. You’ll agree after using it.

With over 200 pre-built templates, Zoho Forms is a great Typeform alternative to go with.


No free plan, but comes with a free trial. The paid plans start from as low as $7.5 per month for annual billing. Dirt cheap, right?

#7 Ninja Forms

If WordPress is your content management platform, Ninja Forms is a great Typeform alternative and one of the best Typeform competitors. It’s a perfect drag and drop form builder that has no learning curve.

The visual builder of Ninja Forms has a clean interface, making it easy to follow and use. And once the forms are ready, sharing with clients, customers, or target market is uber quick.


  • A visual drag and drop form builder makes the survey creation process smooth.
  • Import all your existing forms from here and install them on multiple sites.
  • You pay prices as per your needs. Nothing more.
  • Get a clear preview of your form all along the way until you’re satisfied.
  • Add the Google reCaptcha x2 option to advanced safety and authenticity.

Typeform will offer slicker templates, but not at the price and accessibility of Ninja Forms. The choice is yours.


No free plan, but you can take a free trial of the paid plans starting from $49.50 per year.

#8 Formsite

The fast-paced way in which surveys and forms are generated in Formsite makes it one of the best Typeform alternatives around. Like Qualtrics is for large businesses, Formsite generally is for the smaller ones.

With well over 100 templates to choose from, Formsite gives plenty of options based on your requirements. So, it isn’t bombarding you with all options, but carefully picking the ones you’re likely to choose from. A massive time-saver.


  • Drag and drop functionality to create custom forms.
  • Fully customizable features to change the look and feel of every form.
  • Powerful features to avoid spamming and keep your data safe.
  • Superb e-mail assistance from the Formsite team. They’re available 24/7 to resolve all your queries.

We must add that although there are no helpful wizards along with a complex UI, Formsite is still a better alternative to Typeform for your survey needs.


There are no free plans and the paid one starts from $25.24 per month on annual billing.

#9  Microsoft Forms

When looking for Typeform’s replacement, you may want one that simply connects with Excel. Microsoft Forms does that while being an excellent form-builder.


  • Microsoft Forms comes with a fantastic design and easy-going UI.
  • Perfectly compatible with Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and even Microsoft Outlook.
  • Drag and drop interface to create forms in the least possible time.

To say that Microsoft Forms is pretty similar to Google Forms won’t be entirely wrong. But in the former, you cannot upload files to your forms, and the analytics is much more powerful in Microsoft forms.


It offers a free plan and the paid one starts from $6.99 per month when billed annually.

#10 SurveyLegend

Next on this list, and one of the best alternatives to Typeform is SurveyLegend. This survey tool is dubbed the “next generation” of polling platforms. Why? Let’s see it in its features:


  • Desktop and mobile-friendly surveys and quizzes.
  • Appealing user interface.
  • The power to create a basic survey in the least possible clicks.
  • Powerful suggestions to fast-track the entire process.
  • Ultra-responsive customer support that never lets your work stop.

With SurveyLegend as a Typeform alternative, you’ll be in the right hands!


This tool comes with a free plan and a free trial, while the starting price is $15 per month on annual billing.

#11 ProProfs Survey Maker

One of the most multi-functional Typeform alternatives around, ProProfs offers 100,000+ professionally created templates to pick from. Yes, 100,000+! Users can also create their templates based on the requirements.

They offer question types like multiple-choice, rating scale, open-ended, and checkbox for your surveys along with a sophisticated analytics tool, which gives real-time insights into your collected data. You’ll see who filled out your form completely, what questions they answered, how many they skipped, and so on. Powerful, isn’t it?


  • Create intriguing and interactive forms in just a minute. In just a minute.
  • 100,000 ready-to-use questions for any survey campaign.
  • Easily and fully customizable colors, logos, themes, and pictures.
  • The multiple choices for sharing are form links, email, social networking, and even website embedding.
  • Easy integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, and WordPress.
  • Powerful analytics dashboard and advanced reporting.
  • Real-time notifications.

With this Typeform alternative, you can build a variety of surveys, quizzes, polls, exams, and evaluations along with basic forms. From intelligent reporting, and a customer-friendly interface to mobile responsive design, ProProfs Survey Maker has it all.


Starting at $0.05 per month (can you believe it!) for annual billing. ProProfs also has a free plan and gives a free trial.

#12 Alchemer

Last, but not least, Alchemer, previously SurveyGizmo, claims to provide a better experience than SurveyMonkey at a lesser price than Quatrics. We’re not too sure about the user experience part, but this survey software is still better than Typeform, and therefore, it’s a fantastic Typeform alternative.


  • They offer powerful customer experience automation to gather better customer data.
  • With their top-notch analytics, taking action on the collected data becomes easy.
  • You’re spoiled for choices with their variety of question types and templates.


Their survey software paid plan starts from $49 per user per month and goes up from here. No free plan here.

Why Look For Typeform Competitors?

We’ve given the 12 Typeform competitors & alternatives, but this question remains, isn’t it?

Typeform is a popular survey tool used to create customizable forms and surveys at any stage of the business. You can use Typeform for creating landing pages, business and payment forms, surveys, product feedback, and so on.

So it is a tool that offers quite many features and functionalities. You can even view the collected data in multiple formats for faster analytics. But with all due respect, many Typeform competitors are better, especially the 12 alternatives we gave. These are the reasons why:

  • Typeform always has a variation in their free and paid plans. People don’t like such surprises at all.
  • The prices for their advanced packages are just too high. Barely affordable even for mid-sized businesses.
  • To even use Typeform’s basic features and forms, users have to go through their super-difficult user interface.
  • Only one question is displayed to the respondent at once. Respondents don’t like that.
  • Their templates aren’t new and fresh anymore. They’re going redundant with every passing day, and the Typeform team isn’t doing much to change that and stay competitive.
  • Their customer support doesn’t resolve queries in a way people would like.

Time To Ditch Typeform!

Typeform is a great survey and form tool, make no mistake. But can you get better, both in terms of features and support? The answer is, yes. Every one of the alternatives we gave has its massive positives that trump Typeform, and you’ll find it better to work with them.

Now, which one of these 12 suits you the best depends on how you plan to use a tool. And for that, we suggest you start trying these tools one by one. However, start with SurveySparrow. You’ll find all that you’re looking for here. For any help, talk to us 24/7. Make the correct choice, and keep surveying!

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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