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12 Best Quiz Makers That You Should Look for in 2024

Athira Unnikrishnan

Last Updated:  

31 May 2024

12 min read

Quizzes, quizzes everywhere, but not a good one in sight!

Worry no more. Here’s a list of the top free online quiz makers of 2024 and why you should consider them to create quizzes in minutes.

You could be looking for a quiz maker to generate leads, engage your audience with fun quizzes, or collect actionable data. Or you might be in search of a trivia maker to conduct a quiz for your employees and students. In all these cases, a quiz maker can be your weapon of choice.

Top-of-mind awareness, or TOMA is crucial for any communication. And when done right, a quiz maker can help you achieve just that.

12 Best Online Quiz Makers of 2024 – A Quick Overview

To make your job easier, we have shortlisted some of the best quiz creators on the web! Read through the 12 best quiz makers for 2024.

Opinion StageNo-code, AI quiz generator, smart logic, custom CSSUser-friendly$25 per monthQuizzes, surveys, polls, & forms

Quiz MakerKey FeaturesEase of UsePricingUse Cases
SurveySparrowChat-like quizzes, real-time reporting, AI-powered quizzes, multilingual, extensive templatesVery easy-to-use, intuitive UI designStarts at $19 per month, Free version & trialLead generation, educational assessments
Involve.meAI insights, Extensive question typesUser-friendlyStarts at $29 per month, Free versionQuizzes, Forms, Calculators
ProProfs100+ templates, 100,000+ questions, customizationSimple interfaceStarts at $39.99 per monthExams, surveys, assessments
Outgrow’s Quiz MakerInteractive, customization, integrationsModerateStarts at $14 per monthMarketing, data collection
Google FormsIntegration with Sheets, customizable themesVery easy$12 per user per monthQuick assessments, surveys
JotFormDrag-and-drop, real-time sync, pluginsEasy with flexibilityStarts at $34 per month, Free versionOnline forms, customized surveys
TypeformOne question at a time, variety, customizableAttractive interfaceStarts at $25 per monthSurveys, application forms
AlchemerCustom questionnaires, data analysis, multiple typesSteep learning curveStarts at $55 per user per monthCustomer research, in-depth surveys
Riddle Quiz MakerCustomizable, email captureEngaging interfaceStarts at $59 per monthSmall enterprises, marketing
CrowdsignalCustomizable polls and quizzes, data analysisUser-friendly$15 per monthPolls, feedback, engagement
ClassMarkerSecure, customizable exams, auto gradingProfessional focus$39.95 per monthCertification, educational testing

Top Quiz & Test Makers Compared (Pricing & Reviews)

Looking for tools to conduct quizzes and exams online for your organization? Here are the top contestants for the title.

#1. SurveySparrow


With a free online quiz maker like SurveySparrow, you can create and share highly engaging chat-like quizzes with at least 40% higher completion rates.

The fact that the tool can create highly interactive quizzes that mimic natural conversation makes them one of the best quiz makers out there. If you are someone looking to generate leads or educators looking to assess their students – then SurveySparrow is the right choice for you. It’s not just that, the tool will do great if you want to engage with the customers.

Here’s an example of how interactive quizzes can be with SurveySparrow

Central America Map Quiz Template

Key Features of SurveySparrow

  • SurveySparrow also lets you create and schedule shares. With this in place, you can send your quizzes at a time when your audience is ready to respond.
  • With a built-in drag-and-drop feature, this free quiz maker enables you to create a quick quiz in seconds!
  • It uses display logic & skip logic to add smart logic to your quizzes.
  • The vast library of templates (1000+) also becomes handy for those who want to conduct surveys from the get-go.
  • With its Expressions feature and answer scoring, This test maker helps you evaluate and classify your respondents using math formulas.
  • With real-time reporting, seamless audience management, and hundreds of integrations, this trivia maker goes the extra mile to keep the user experience pleasant and effortless.
  • The new AI features make the quiz generation much easier and interactive as well.

Pros of SurveySparrow

  • Very easy to use and set up
  • Best for lead generation
  • Conversational and engaging quiz
  • Pre-designed quiz templates

Cons of SurveySparrow

  • Timer is absent
  • Dependency on 3rd-party tools for certificate generation

SurveySparrow Pricing

SurveySparrow offers a range of plans to cater to various needs. Under Surveys, we have:

  1. Basic plan: $19 per month, personal use.
  2. Business plan: $79 per month.
  3. Professional plan: $249 per month.
  4. Enterprise plan: Custom-built for large organizations.

The platform also offers a Forever Free plan with limited features and a free trial for users to test the product. Sign up below to activate your free account.


Source: offers a user-friendly interface that lets you create layered quizzes. With these, you can easily interact with your audience, tell them more about your products, or collect leads.

Whether it is online forms, personality quizzes, or knowledge tests, the platform has your back. Plus, you need not have a coder’s brain to decode it!

Key Features of

  • Allows easy customization of forms to align with your brand.
  • AI-powered form generator helps you personalize the experience.
  • You can embed the quizzes to your website or automate emailing with the results.
  • There are various quiz types, including lead generation, product recommendation, personality, and classroom quizzes.

Pros of

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ready-made templates
  • AI insights that save time

Cons of

  • A bit pricey for those on a budget
  • Limited design features Pricing

  • A free version is available.
  • The pricing plans start from $29 per month.

Verdict is an all-in-one engagement, quiz maker, calculator, and survey tool that offers a variety of content. Though a bit pricey for those on a tight budget, the platform has an easy-to-use, no-code form builder. If you feel the tool doesn’t fit the bill, consider this list of Alternatives. 

#3. ProProfs Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker Software

This cloud-based platform lets you create quizzes in minutes using their 100+ templates. It also enables you to create quizzes from scratch with the help of 100,000+ ready-to-use, professionally crafted questions. What’s more, you can customize a lead capture form and add it to your quiz to gather the quiz-taker’s information, such as their name, email, phone number, and so on.

Key Features of ProProfs

  • White labeling your quizzes
  • By pre-scoring quiz questions it will generate instant results for you
  • The proctoring, shuffling, and other methods prevent respondents from cheating
  • It supports 70+ language interfaces
  • API integrations with 3rd-party tools are available

Pros of ProProfs

  • Assessments are very easy to make
  • Anti-cheating feature for secure quiz exams
  • Automated grading is good

Cons of ProProfs

  • Limited templates
  • Fewer survey question types

ProProfs Pricing

ProProfs offers a free version with 100 responses per month. For the paid plan, it starts at $20 per month (if billed annually).


ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a simple, clutter-free user interface. With the availability of ready templates and a huge question library, quiz creation becomes extremely simple. Quizzes you create with ProProfs can be protected with a password and shared via email, link as an embed on a website.

#4. Outgrow’s Quiz Maker

Create Interactive Content with Outgrow Quiz Maker

Outgrow’s quiz maker focuses on enhancing interaction. It enables businesses to create quizzes that engage their audience effectively. The tool provides advanced customization and branding capabilities, allowing you to maintain your unique identity. This tool empowers you to create engaging and branded quizzes tailored to your audience.

Additionally, the capability to collect user data, combined with seamless integration with popular email marketing tools, enhances your data-driven marketing efforts.

Key Features of Outgrow

  • Outgrow offers multiple customizable, pre-designed quiz templates
  • Apart from images, you can GIFs and videos into the quiz
  • It provides a detailed overview of the result in a graphical form
  • The created quiz can be shared through newsletters, emails, landing pages, and display ads

Pros of Outgrow

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Allows complex branching logic chains
  • No-code quiz maker

Cons of Outgrow

  • Responsive support team, but not always helpful
  • Too much effort to customize the templates

Outgrow Pricing

Outgrow provides a variety of pricing options to cater to different needs, offering both free and paid plans. For the paid plans, the starting price for Outgrow’s entry-level subscription – Freelancer – is $14 per month when billed annually.

For the Business plan, the pricing is like $600 per mont (billed annually).


Outgrow’s quiz maker is a powerful tool that empowers businesses to create engaging quizzes.

#5. Google Forms

Source: google form

Google Forms is a tool that runs within G Suite. This allows you to push the data right into Google Sheets for further analysis.  The free online test maker lets you build personalized questionnaires and gather information from your respondents. You can rely on it for crafting quizzes in “10 minutes”, claims Google Forms.

Key Features of Google Forms

  • Easily create surveys like creating a Google doc
  • You can customize color, font, and images to your liking
  • Visualizes the survey data in real-time with graphs for easy understanding

Pros of Google Forms

  • Very basic and simple UI
  • Integration with G-Suite is great
  • Easy to access data for reporting and sharing

Cons of Google Forms

  • Not customizable enough in terms of design and surveys
  • Not easy to add images and videos to surveys
  • White-labeling not possible

Google Forms Pricing

Google Forms is free to use. All you need is a Google account – which everyone has. However, the tool is now providing a new pricing feature for businesses. The pricing is just $12 per user per month.


Google Forms are intuitive with multiple question formats. You can also share the quiz through various channels. But on the downside, you may not be able to produce sophisticated questionnaires or surveys. Also, the quiz maker lacks a robust interface and does not accept texts and images beyond a certain size.

These are some of the reasons why users are looking for better alternatives to Google Forms.

#6. JotForm

Source: Jotform

Though JotForm directly doesn’t provide an online quiz maker, the survey tool offers question types for the purpose. As a result, it allows users to craft online email and website quizzes. You can use the drag-and-drop mechanism of the form to create personalized and better-looking forms.

If any issue (like internet dropouts) hinders your workflow, JotForm enables you to start right from where you left off as your changes are synced on the go.

Key Features of Jotform

  • The live surveys (quizzes) can also be edited and updated
  • It supports multiple question types, including multiple choices, ratings, text responses, and so on
  • Customize the question flow through skip and branch logic, and randomization.
  • Users can do a variety of analyses, such as sentiment and cross-tab

Pros of Jotform

  • Easy-to-use with drag-and-drop option
  • The scheduling feature is handy
  • Can track sign-ups
  • 10,000+ templates to choose from

Cons of Jotform

  • Limited filters for responses
  • CSS designing can be tough without a developer
  • The storage is limited and non-expandable

Jotform Pricing

They offer a free version with limited features. The paid plans start at $34 per month when billed annually.


The plug-ins available in JotForm let you add new features to your quiz. But the questions are not as engaging as you expect them to be. Though neat, the blank text boxes give the quiz a rather dry, dull look.

#7. Typeform

homepage of the survey tool - typeform
Source: Typeform

With Typeform, you can create questionnaires and deliver them to the user following a ‘one question at a time’ pattern. Its survey features, coupled with engaging survey templates, make it easier for you to create online quizzes quickly. You can use this online quiz maker to choose from a wide variety of forms for the quiz and also white-label them.

Key Features of Typeform

  • 800+ in-built survey templates available
  • The quiz question flow can be customized with skip logic, branding logic, and question piping
  • The reports generated can be customized to the user’s requirement
  • Users can use restrictions on who can respond to quizzes

Pros of Typeform

  • It’s compatible with different devices
  • Easy to use for end users
  • Integrate with CRM for further data analysis
  • Good for engaging surveys

Cons of Typeform

  • Poor customer support
  • The designs on the forms are not flexible enough
  • the basic plan (paid) has limited responses compared to alternatives

Typeform Pricing

The pricing plan of Typeform starts from $25 per month.


Typeform’s test maker is a decent tool with a robust, attractive interface. However, filling out one question at a time can be quite annoying and time-consuming for users. Also, the pricey plans and unreliable customer support are disappointing.

#8. Alchemer (Formerly SurveyGizmo)


Alchemer, as a quiz maker app, has two different versions for small and large enterprises. The version for large enterprises focuses on customer-research-related quizzes and in-depth data analysis, while the one for smaller firms concentrates on ease of use.

Key Features of Alchemer

  • More than 40 survey question types are available
  • The reporting is flexible and customizable with sentiment analysis, crosstabs, conjoint analysis, and more
  • It is GDPR compliant and offers enterprise-grade level security with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications
  • Connect with more than 600 3rd-party tools

Pros of Alchemer

  • Attractive and modern UI
  • Data collection is easy
  • No limitation to responses

Cons of Alchemer

  • A bit expensive
  • Difficult to integrate

Alchemer Pricing

There is no free version of the tool, but you can request a demo. There are mainly three different pricing tiers, with Collaborator being the starting plan. The cost is $55 per user per month.


Alchemer has customizable questionnaires, multiple question types, and well-organized templates. But, it has a steep learning curve and is not as intuitive as it looks. Also, poor customer support and expensive payment plans may not make it the best choice for a quiz maker.

Suggested Read: 13 Best Alchemer Alternatives

#9. Riddle Quiz Maker

homepage of the quiz maker riddle
Source: Riddle

Riddle is a versatile quiz-maker platform that mainly focuses on smaller enterprises. With the Riddle quiz maker, you can customize and brand your quizzes. The platform also lets you capture email addresses. With this feature, you can gather data from your respondents and send it to your existing lists via tools like MailChimp.

Key Features of Riddle

  • You can create various content types like personality and graded quizzes
  • It allows for lead collection and segmentation of customer data
  • The quizzes can be shared across various channels, including WhatsApp, FB, X, and more
  • It supports integration with 100+ 3rd-party tools

Pros of Riddle

  • Quick and easy to build
  • Good customer support team

Cons of Riddle

  • Very few templates
  • Can’t add images or videos

Riddle Pricing

The pricing plans start from $59 per month.


Riddle’s quiz maker app has customizable options and an engaging interface that is worth trying. Yet you may not find any provisions to import questions, and the features are limited.

#10. Crowdsignal

homepage of the quiz maker crowdsignal
Source: Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal enables you to create and embed questionnaires in emails and websites. You can segregate and analyze data and make reports accordingly. With Crowdsignal you can also export the reports to various other platforms like Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

Key Features of Crowdsignal

  • The results can be seen in real-time
  • You can customize quiz themes with your own CSS
  • The filtering option makes it easier to analyze and see where the responses are coming from
  • The quiz (survey) results can be exported in Excel, CSV, Google Docs, or XML format
  • White-labeling also available

Pros of Crowdsignal

  • Drag-and-drop option
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple and clear reports

Cons of Crowdsignal

  • Can’t optimize uploaded image
  • Poor customer support

Crowdsignal Pricing

The pricing plan starts from $15 per month.


Crowdsignal is an intuitive test maker. You can customize your questions and craft quizzes in multiple languages. However, you need a WordPress account to get started. Planning for the Free Version will be a no-no, as the features are very limited.

#11. ClassMarker

homepage of classmaker
Source: ClassMarker

ClassMarker is an online quiz maker dedicated to teachers and business organizations. You can create online tests and exams using the platform. ClassMarker also lets you customize and brand your questionnaires. You can analyze results with ease through real-time reporting.

Key Features of ClassMarker

  • The online exams can be taken on mobiles, tablets, or desktop
  • The tests (or quizzes) are secure and offer private options
  • The grading can be automated with real-time statistics
  • It offers powerful integrations with APIs and webhooks

Pros of ClassMarker

  • Great support team
  • Question bank
  • Versatility

Cons of ClassMarker

  • Steep learning curve
  • Basic UI
  • Limited customization option for certificates

ClassMarker Pricing

The Business plans start at $39.95 per month, while the Non-Profit plans start at $19 per month.


ClassMarker is a decent quiz-making platform, but its steep learning curve and pricing plans may not make it the best option. Also, creating quizzes from scratch can be time-consuming due to the lack of templates.

#12. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage’s quiz maker enables you to create professional and interactive quizzes that can help you grow your reach, boost sales, collect leads, and gain valuable insights – all without needing to write a single line of code.

To jumpstart your content creation, Opinion Stage offers customizable templates and an AI quiz generator. The tool also integrates seamlessly with your marketing stack and provides real-time visual analytics to track results. Plus, you can edit your content anytime, even after it’s published. 

Key Features of Opinion Stage

  • There are advanced customization options like custom CSS and a white-label option
  • You can also personalize your content using skip logic that dynamically responds to participants’ answers
  • Their AI quiz generator can create ready-to-use quizzes

Pros of Opinion Stage

  • No-code quiz maker that’s easy to use
  • 100+ templates to get you started
  •  Your content always looks great and loads fast on all devices  

Cons of Opinion Stage

  • The free plan is limited to 25 responses per month 
  • You need to register before you can try it out

Opinion Stage Pricing 

To get you started, Opinion Stage offers a free plan. For more advanced features, there are several tiers of paid plans, starting at $25 per month. All plans, including the free option, allow

Wrapping Up

Well, these are our top picks for the best quiz makers of 2024. So the next question is obvious: ‘Which is the best one for me?’ ‘Which one is the ‘ideal quiz maker‘ for my enterprise?’

Well, the answer largely depends on the type of business you are in, your goals, and, of course, your audience. Yet there are certain mandatory features that all great quiz makers ought to have: clear, engaging design, seamless data collection, insightful reports, and recurring questionnaires. With that much, consider your quiz halfway done!

And the other half? Collect data, draw conclusions, and respond accordingly.

Well then, that’s a wrap! Happy quizzing!

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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